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Worm Castings Revealed Learn The Secrets To Enhanced Natural Gardening!


Discover how to supercharge your soil to quickly grow all garden plants to full potential with worm castings!

 Amazing Vegetable Plant Seedlings Grown With Worm Castings
Learn How To Start And Grow Your Garden Plants Like A Pro Using Worm Castings

Worm castings revealed is a short simple  guide for creating the best soil for growing the best plants possible for your yard and garden landscapes.

If you love organically growing plants, you will need to learn how to use worm castings for a soil amending fertilizer to insure enhanced growth and stamina for all of your garden plants!

In my opinion worm castings are hands down the best organic fertilizer around for growing gardens of all kinds. 

After years of growing vegetable gardens using worm castings I am convinced this is the way to go for growing healthy organic vegetables which can not be bought at the grocery stores. 

Throughout this website we will discuss all sorts of gardening topics where worm castings are used so be sure to stick around to absorb all of this cool gardening information.

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Now that is out of the way we can continue on to learn about worm castings and more.

, You can actually enhance the look and performance of any plant in your natural gardening landscape using worm castings.

For instance look at the image on the right to see what kind of growth rate is possible right at 3 weeks from the germination date of these vegetable garden seedlings.

It’s Amazing how well this all natural  gardening system works by using worm castings.

You can learn everything you need to know about this amazing natural gardening system by following the information posted throughout this website.

Some of the same garden plants that were started and grown using worm castings shown here are in another image further down on this page in a raised garden bed a about 6 weeks of growth!

Be sure to read to the bottom of the page to check them out.

With all the uncertainty that comes with using basic commercial animal manures as home garden soil amendments that is available to buy these days worm castings are most certainly becoming the most  popular choice for  enhancement of  garden soil worldwide.


Why Worm Castings Are Safer Than Cow Manures

Worm castings are the key ingredient for growing nutritious vegetables plants in  gardens everywhere which can benefit your families health and well being.

In my opinion which was formed from the research that I have done,

some animal feeds have become tainted that are used by commercial farms that feed their animals products derived from feed crops that has been fertilized with human waste from their local sewer plants.

There is evidence that a majority of these commercial crops fed to animals also contain powerful GMO herbicides and pesticides which could also transfer health issues that we could have to deal with in our daily lives .

I believe these practices have led to contamination of the animal feed that after being consumed by livestock and excreted by the animals eventually becomes commercially packaged manures that  home gardeners buy regularly.

These type of crops like alfalfa  and  corn along with other chemically laced  agricultural products are made into feed which is  fed to the commercial livestock and then they excrete it making manure.

This animal manure is then gathered, dried and packaged then sold to you the home gardeners as “organic” fertilizer products.

Could these practices be safe?

Healthy Tomatos Grown  Using Worm Castings As Fertilizer
Grow Tomatoes Like The Pros Using Worm Castings As Your Fertilizer!

Has anyone here noticed the fresh vegetable recalls alone in the recent past that are   being infected  by e-coli and a list of other dangerous health issues recently?

Common sense tells me the feed the animals are consuming is coming out as contaminated manure and then being used to grow our vegetable crops on a commercial scale.  

Manures have always been a favorite for use by organic gardeners but these days it seems a little risky to use them as a vegetable garden soil base.

 These days you may want to know exactly where these manure products are coming from and what the animals were fed before using them in your home gardens to avoid a potential risk of health issues or potential crop damage that could occur from using some of these products that may contain residual herbicides.

Natural gardening products mentioned on this site that you can make at home are a safe, clean and sustainable alternative to any commercial manure based soils.

You can use these home based garden soil products  to provide your  garden with a safe organic plant growing  medium which produces excellent growing  results.

The composting methods using worm castings discussed here on this website produce a clean enhanced soil mix for growing gardens that you can now discover for yourself in several articles located on our website blog.

Isn’t it time to grow a healthy food supply without all of the worries and potential health issues that may arise from using some commercially packaged fertilizer products?

On top of that just think of the savings involved from not having to go buy all of those gardening products every year.


Discover the secrets of how to make your own quality raised bed garden soil now!


If you want to know the simple but powerful “secrets” that the professional plant growers has known for years then keep reading the natural gardening ideas we write about  while using worm castings contained on our blog.

Worm castings are the base product that many commercial growers use to grow the beautiful garden plants everyone loves to buy every year at the garden centers.

Plant starts being sold all over the country are generating huge amounts of cash every year so why not get in on the action and learn how to grow them yourself?

Follow the information provided here and take action on what you learn then you will also be able to start and organically grow strong beautiful healthy plants of all kinds for your own garden using worm castings for fun & profit!  

The goal of this website is to bring awareness to the amazing world of worm composting also known in latin as vermi composting.

Discover how this safe sustainable soil enhancement system using worm castings is used to produce one of the the best low cost soil amendments available for starting and growing amazing nutritious garden plants today.

Might I add these worm castings are good for organically growing vegetable gardens but also landscape plants to boot.

Worm castings which are derived from worm composting operations on larger scales have to be one of the best most self sufficient ways to get good fertile soil that is perfect for all of your homesteading gardens.


How Do You Get Worm Castings?

Worm castings come from a process where a popular breed of composting worms known as “red wiggler worms”  that are placed in containers known as worm composting bins or “worm farms”.

The worms are raised for several moths to reproduce and create large populations 

Worm Composting Post Link
Reveal How To Use Red Wiggler Composting Worms To Make Your Own Worm Castings

As the worm herd grows they will excrete more worm castings as time goes on.

The worm castings can be harvested and used for a fertile soil amendment used  for growing healthy plants throughout your yard and gardens

The worm castings come from the worms as a manure derived from the common household kitchen vegetable scraps, decaying organic matter and shredded paper products

When the worms are fed kitchen scraps and other organic matter while being maintained properly they can multiply very quickly producing large amounts of worm castings in a short amount of time.

Worm castings are an organic soil amendment and light fertilizer many  home gardeners speak so highly of.

Some say worm castings are a fertilizer but in reality they are a highly powerful soil building amendment with a wide range of nutrients and minerals which are essential to feed all all plants.

This soil amendment with  multiple fertilizing capabilities which when applied along with fresh compost can create a “super soil” which has the capability of growing strong vigorous plants of all kinds.

You can buy worm castings as a bagged product from most garden centers as well as other online  suppliers like real worm farmers.

You can also buy some worms from real worm farms so you can raise the composting worms yourself to save money and get the best worm castings possible.

Are you ready to try some worm castings for growing your plants without raising your own worms?


Get Worm Castings For Sale On eBay To Use In Your Home Gardens Today!


Are Worm Castings High In Nitrogen?

No, worm castings are not high in nitrogen as a matter of fact most are less than 1 percent.

Most plants do not need large amounts of nitrogen unless your aim is for an extremely tall plant with a lot of large leaves.

As a matter of fact there is normally plenty of nitrogen already in your garden soil and what you lack is the other minerals mentioned below that are supplied by the worm castings.

Many commercially sold worm castings products contain enhancement products like other organic fertilizers as an additive to make up for the lack of nitrogen.

The worm castings do contain large amounts of humus which helps retain moisture within the soil around the plants that you apply it to while still remaining about neutral in the ph levels.

Raised Garden Beds
Raised Garden Beds Are Better For Growing Healthy Crops While Using Worm Castings!

Worm castings supply low amounts of nitrogen along with high amounts of potassium, potash, magnesium and calcium which are the necessary nutrients consumed by all plants that helps with strong vigorous growth.

Fresh worm castings mixed with fresh compost supply living organisms to your soil around the plant roots.

These organisms help break down the nutrients in the soil to continuously feed and maintain the plants good health when maintained properly.

This is why we recommend that you make all of your own compost because you need these living organisms in your soil. 

This process reduces the need for harsh chemical fertilizers that could damage the soil and plant health overtime because of continuous overuse of the products.

Fertilizers contain high amounts of salt and with continuous use over time will destroy all the natural living organisms within your soil which are required by all plants to maintain healthy plant life.

Pesticides use is now limited because the plants are much healthier and in most cases no longer attract many of the invasive predator insects that can destroy your garden.

Pesticides used in your yard and gardens not only kill the predator insect pests but also greatly reduce the numbers of beneficial insects which are required to help your yard and garden plants flourish.

It is always a good practice to limit the use of these chemicals and the organic gardening system described on these pages allows for that.

Try to use more organic pest control methods in your garden and less pesticides for best results.


What Are Worm Castings Used For?

Below I have put together a short list of what worm castings can be used for with a general description. Feel free to use these ideas to brainstorm new ideas about how to use worm castings to start and grow your gardens today.


Use Worm Castings To Grow Vegetable Garden Plants 

  • Add Worm Castings to seed starting mixes to improve vegetable seed germination rates and promotes healthy growth of the seedlings.
    How To Use Worm Castings
    Discover How To Use Worm Castings To Grow Beautiful Garden Plants Today!
  • Apply to planting holes when transplanting seedlings into your garden beds to  give them a healthy vigorous start.
  • Work in around the plants base soil of existing herb and vegetable plants to promote vigorous plant growth throughout the growing season.
  • Use as a worm tea to spray on plants leaves to reduce insect attacks while feeding the plants. 
  • Water in your garden plants once a week or so with the worm tea  made from worm castings to supply necessary nutrients for promotion of healthy plant root systems to  accelerate and enhance plant growth  during growing periods throughout the year.


Use Worm Castings To Enhance Landscape Plants 

  • Enhance the growth & look of your landscape plants by working worm  castings into the soil around the base of your landscape plants and water in for best results.
  • Apply worm castings to bad areas in your lawn to help promote new growth.
  • Apply around trees and shrubs and water in to promote healthy growth.
  • Mix a batch of worm castings tea and spray on your shrubs and landscape plants to promote good health and lessen insect attacks.


Use Worm Castings To Grow House Plants 

  • Add worm castings to potting mix while re-potting houseplants and you will see amazing changes.
  • Add to the top soil and work in to existing house plants that need a boost for amazing growth.
  • Use when propagating new plants, just add to the soil you are going to grow in.
  • Water your plants once a week with worm tea and watch them flourish.


Use Worm Castings To Grow Flower Bed Plants 

  • Add Worm castings to seed starting mix for fast flower seed germination and healthy vigorous growth.
  • Apply directly into the planting holes when transplanting into your flower beds for enhanced robust growth.
  • Water with worm tea to help feed the flowers and continue healthy plant life ad resist insect pests.

Worm castings have multiple uses for growing any kind of plants including your lawn and trees.

Making a custom soil mix to use in your garden and around your landscape plants using various other materials like compost, peat moss, coco coir and more are widely discussed within  our blog.

This is just a small list of possible uses of worm castings, so get creative!


Can I Use Worm Castings As Soil?

No, It is not recommended to use worm castings as a stand alone soil because of the fact that it does not help plant growth as well when it is used in a large concentrations.

Through my research and  testing on this matter, I found there is no benefit at all in using over 25% worm castings by volume.

I found they work better when used solely as an amendment and not a growing medium.

I also found during my experiments  that any amounts used over a 25% ratio to the amount of soil used seemed to stunt the plants growth rather than enhance it.

You can learn more about how we use worm castings for  our exclusive garden soil recipe by visiting our raised garden bed soil post.


What Does Worm Poop Look Like?

Worm poop or also known as worm castings look like small pellets or balls of

This is what worm poop looks like!

moist dirt after being screened and cured for their final use.

You can see a close up by clicking on the image on the right to see the screened worm poop after the curing stage so you will know what you are looking at.

There are also many other images you can look at throughout this website with worm castings present in their natural state within  worm composting bins during the worm composting process.


Interesting Facts About Earthworms

Did you know that worms may be the of the oldest living species on earth according to some scientists.

Just think about that for a minute and let the statement sink in.

Worms live and operate at the very core of our existence and are responsible for maintaining all the organic waste materials on the earth.

Worms constantly consume  decaying materials on the ground then excrete the material known as  worm castings a rich fertile living soil that we call dirt.

The dirt they produce in turn grows the vegetation we all see around us that  helps create the breathable air that we all need to survive.

Without the worms maintaining nature by way of their worm castings we would not have any of the trees, grasses, flowers and all the green living things growing naturally that make the world a beautiful living place.

If we didn’t have the worms to maintain all the the living plants that help create the air we breath everyday the fact is  we would not be here.

Take a look around at what worm castings do for the world we live in,

The more worms we have maintaining our soils the better chance we all have to survive.

If you are not raising yours today isn’t it time to get started?

After all it’s a win win situation!

We all need to do our part in cleaning up this place that we were given to live.

In the mean time we can also enjoy a extremely healthy food source from the gardens we grow using the castings to make healthy soil for our vegetables to grow in!

 We need to give these little guys some credit for maintaining this world since the very beginning that gives humans and all other animals the gift of life!

As humans were given the gift of special knowledge that no other mammal has which is the ability to create material things we need to survive, grow and maintain our own food supply

We also have the capability of understanding the world around us and how it all works together among other things. 

Use This information and resources on this website to make your gardening experience easier and more effective to better your life starting today!

Starting Your First Worm Farm
Want To Find Out More? Click Image To Learn About Starting Your First Worm Farm!

Worm castings go by several names like

  • Worm Dung
  • Worm Poop
  • Worm Manure
  • Vermicast
  • Vermi Castings

 And probably a few I am not recalling at the moment. just know all the terms listed above have basically the same meaning.


 What Is American Worm Castings All About?

American Worm Castings is not just about worm castings, that is just the beginning of your journey. It’s all about about gardening and different ways to do it that save you money and gets results.

It is our goal here at american worm castings to educate folks who love gardening about natural but effective ways to grow your plants while being frugal doing it.  

This website is about sustainability and simple self sufficient practices to save you by cutting your homesteads gardening expenses .

Worm castings used in your garden soil mix is about growing beautiful healthy plants full of life which will flourish throughout your landscape with less reliance on expensive harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

If you are into growing healthy organic tomatoes, you may be interested in our most recent blog post companion planting for tomatoes which gives you an overview of companion plants for tomatoes.

Companion plants are surely to help out with many issues you have experienced while raising your tomatoes this year.

You may want to check it out using the link above.

Not only the outdoor garden plants thrive but even your house plants can benefit and flourish by using this natural gardening system as well.

Worm castings used for creating healthy soil is where it all begins.

We will also be discussing more homesteading and gardening topics since all of the information is directly related to safe cost effective ways of growing healthy organic gardens and lush beautiful yard landscape plants. 

Landscape Design Guide Page Link
Visit Our Landscape Design Guide To Get Great Landscaping Ideas And Products!

Besides learning how to grow your plants you will also need to know how to prepare your existing property for your future growing beds.

 Landscaping is another topic that we cover.

You need to get your property in order before you can have the beautiful yard or garden design you have always wanted.

Be sure to check out our landscape design guide for great landscaping ideas and garden  decor products to help you reach your garden design goals.

Throughout this website you will discover sustainable soil building practices like composting and worm composting.

Through these articles you will learn to  how to use the soil building practices for use in various gardening projects.

You will also find information about using recycled materials from around the home to build the best soil available to use in raised garden beds as a very effective alternative to conventional gardening methods.

Although we strongly suggest using raised garden beds as the best growing platform, the soil building and amending  techniques we discuss here.

You can learn more about the many benefits of raised garden beds now by following the link provided.

Learning how to compost will also help your soil greatly in your existing conventional garden beds if you choose to continue using that gardening method.

There are multiple subjects I will be covering on the website blog related to composting with worms and the importance of using worm castings along with how to make compost for use  in your yards and garden beds.

At the American Worm Castings Blog here are some of the many interesting topics you can learn about 

  • Composting
  • Companion Planting
  • Gardening
  • Homesteading
  • Organic Pest Control
  • Sustainability
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Weather
  • Worm Castings
  • Worm Composting
  • Worm Farms
  • Landscaping

There is always new topics and content being added so be sure to click the link listed below on this page to visit the american worm castings blog.

You may also access our blog by clicking the drop down symbol on the main menu blog link and a drop down menu will appear. just choose your category there.


American Worm Castings Products

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Visit The American Worm Castings Blog

Discover how to transform your everyday household garbage, vegetable scraps and ordinary yard waste that you would normally send to the landfill into an amazing soil amendment for organically growing all of your plants .

Reveal the simple list of ingredients when applied together  create a custom soil mix that will grow healthy vigorous garden plants of any variety with little effort that you can get started creating for little to no cost today!

Find garden design & decor ideas long with information about weather related issues plus a whole lot more!

Click the link now to visit the american worm castings blog home to find out more about all the natural gardening and related subjects  that we discuss and so much more!


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