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My name is Ben and this is my gardening story.

This about me page  explains a little about gardening issues I’ve had over the years and some simple fixes I have discovered along the way that work well which I felt could help others.

For years I have been composting for my home garden in attempt to repair badly damaged soil, with minimal results. If you’ve read about a method of composting, I’ve already tried it!

After many years I had finally found 2 methods that actually worked well for growing healthy garden plants.

Compost made on site placed on the top of the my existing garden soil was a huge breakthrough!

Most of my vegetable plants with small roots systems loved it and grew extremely well, but so did the weeds. Boy did the weeds love it, They even took over, garden plants and all!

The bigger vegetable plants with large root systems were still struggling.

Between the hard naturally compacted soil caused from continuous heavy rainfall and my tilling of the soil,  my garden soil was badly damaged.

Below the compost in my garden beds that I had applied the rich soil mix to suddenly became infested with moles that were attracted to it due to the earthworms coming in to feed on the living compost that was now in the soil.

This now has created another issue, the garden plants couldn’t get water due to the moles tunneling under my plants eating the roots. The water was now being detoured elsewhere through their tunnels causing lack of water to the plants.

I couldn’t get the plants to grow to their full potential because the soil life was dead, they couldn’t get enough  water and the roots were now damaged due to the moles feeding on them.

After many years of these trial and error gardening episodes had eventually led me to an experiment of  growing in some raised garden beds.

This technique allowed me to control the soil mixture, safeguard my plant’s roots and avoid the weed and mole infestations. It was the fix I was looking for!

In my now-obsessive search for the perfect gardening conditions I stumbled across an article regarding the use of worm tea, which lead me to purchase worms to make worm castings, which lead to here to share my discovery with you!

I don’t know everything about gardening and will never claim to, I just know what worked out well for me over the years.

I’ve got news for you, gardening is forever changing and the need to adapt and change the way you do things along the way  is always present.

Anyone who tells you only their way is the right way, well it would be best to walk away from them because they are full of it.

There are basic methods to follow but every ones gardening situation is somewhat different due to climate and weather issues and how this impacts the soil health. 

My goal here is to help others with similar issues find a simple solution for growing a healthy abundant garden without a bunch of hassles.

One thing that I found with my situation is that no certain composting methods worked as a stand alone system. They all helped to a certain extent but also presented new problems as I went along trying new things to repair my soil.

As mentioned earlier I had discovered a combination of different methods of composting that do work well together and applied inside of a  a raised garden bed was the keys to my success.

I do believe the system I am now using can be applied almost anywhere and work well for anyone. 

I am now growing in raised bed gardens, combining worm castings along with fresh compost made on site along with some other ingredients that I’ve made into a special mix that getting amazing results.

Worm tea made from my own worm castings are applied to the garden plants periodically in my raised beds that shows near-instant amazing results.

Worm castings added into my seed starter mix improved seed germination and seedling health producing much healthier, stronger plant starts.

That’s just a few things that’s changed in the way I garden!

Well that’s my story, feel free join me as we journey into the amazing world of gardening and discover what worm castings can do for you and your garden.

Whether it’s to build rich soil to grow healthier plants or just trying to find a way to earn some extra cash, worms can help.

If this interests you then I ask you to join me at our American Worm Castings Blog.

 I will see you on the inside  soon!

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