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 Discover The Best Alternative Energy Sources For Homesteading Today


Reveal the best alternative energy sources to save huge amounts on your future energy bills.  Follow the advice on this page and the power companies will likely be paying you! Become more self sufficient starting today!

 alternative energy sources
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When homesteading. Like many of us you will always be on the lookout for ways to save money.

Saving money on monthly bills helps us become more self-sufficient.

You want to keep your home life running smoothly without a lot of issues.

One of the biggest issues with  country living away from the cities would be the aging power grid. 

 Many of us have noticed that the severe storms keep increasing every year causing power issues.

 The aging electric power grids are failing more often.

The more these obsolete power grids fail the faster your monthly bills go up.

Let’s face it the power company passes the expense off to you every time there is an outage which requires patching up.

Everyone has to keep  pitching in to keep the power companies profits up.


Is There A Solution To High Energy Cost?

Yes,  there are affordable solutions to high energy costs for those who don’t mind doing a little work.

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First ask your yourself the question.

Are you tired of high power bills because of the worn out system we are forced to pay for while the power companies rake in the millions?

Today we are going to offer solutions for the continuously rising usage fees for having electricity running into your home.

You can also cut out the amount you have to pay for the actual power that you use over time. 

To take control over your power bills, keep reading to the end of this post to find the solutions.

 There are alternative energy sources you can learn about to drastically lower your bills without breaking your bank account. 

 There are several different types of alternative energy sources that are readily available for use in  homesteading.

Before we continue it would be a great time to answer a couple of popular questions concerning alternative energy for those who are unfamiliar with the term.


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What Is Alternative Energy? 

 Alternative energy is energy which is generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment, especially by avoiding the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power. (Reference Google Dictionary)

There are many alternative energy sources but only a few like sun power, wind power and hydro power with water would be suitable to run power for your home.

Solar panels and energy  windmills are by far the most popular and widely used alternative energy systems for homes today. There two systems used together can have the greedy power companies paying you.  


What Are Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy sources are energy which is obtained from a particular source. This energy sources do not pollute the environment.

The most common alternative energy for homes used today would be;

  • Solar Power Systems
  • Residential Wind Turbines
  • Hydro Powered Systems

Below we will list the energy sources with a brief explanation of how they are used.


 Solar Power Systems 

The Sun’s energy is collected through the use of solar panel arrays to generate energy.

The energy collected is ran through a system of  battery banks and converters to supply electricity for homes.

The mega corporations are having a tough time finding a way to scale the solar power process up enough to monopolize on it.

With less control over the systems home owner can still save money using generation of solar power.

So, it is still a good candidate for home use at a reasonable cost when you do it right.

There many D.I.Y. courses which allow you to build these systems yourself for a fraction of cost. 


 Residential Wind Turbines


Residential wind turbines are a great alternative energy source. 

The energy of the wind was harnessed years ago through the use of energy producing windmills.

These energy windmills were generally found on homestead farms of the past.

They were primarily used to pump water and generate electricity.

The modern versions of today are called wind turbines.

The wind turbines collect the power of the wind in simple steps.

At the top of a wind turbine propeller type blades connected to a shaft. As the wind gusts rise, the shaft turns which is connected to a generator,

The spinning action turns the generator, which then produces electricity.

These energy wind turbines for home are available to suit many different applications.

The size of the unit varies depending on how much power you want to generate.

You also find commercially  used wind turbines to generate electricity in large scale generally found on wind farms all over the world.

The process is exactly like hydro power, but with wind acting as the energy source instead of flowing water.

 Wind power is slowly on its way out of reach as they form their monopolies to control its availability. As as of today you can still set it up to use as a part of a home energy system. 


 Hydro Powered Systems

The most popular alternative energy source using water today would be the use of hydroelectric dams.

This is where a concentrated water flow is used to turn huge generators to generate electricity.

 These hydroelectric dams are all owned  by the federal government while being controlled by some states and major  corporations.

The electric power that is generated is sold to electric service providers that again resell to the public.

 Although throughout the century the use of water has always been a popular method generating alternative energy sources, it has been monopolized by the feds and their major corporations for profit. 

Hydro power can still be used on private land while homesteading today (where it is still legal) with a proper flowing water source like creeks and rivers.

Although hydro power is still a great alternative energy source it is not a credible source for most homesteaders in America.

The reason is because they don’t have creeks or rivers running on their property.

 The lucky ones that do have the waterways, they are owned by the federal government which you no longer have user rights to.

Do your research before tapping into them.

Now that we have a better understanding about alternative energy we can continue on with the most popular alternative energy sources for homesteading.

  Let’s move on to find the solutions to save hundreds of dollars a month on your high power bills.


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Alternative Energy Solutions For Homesteading

  We will now concentrate on alternative energy sources like solar and wind power since they are accessible to most Americans and great solutions for use at home.


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Solar Power Energy For Homes 

The most popular of the alternative energy systems used on homesteads today has to be solar power energy.

Solar  panels have become much more effective through recent years of breakthrough technologies while becoming much cheaper to access.

 Solar power systems produce electricity for heating, cooling and running appliances in your home.  Large solar panel arrays will power to your entire home.

Although solar energy is getting more popular these days it is still extremely expensive to have it  professionally installed.

Solar panel systems have limits which brings us to using wind as an additional alternative energy source.


Alternative Energy Sources Harnessing The Wind

Wind power is  a great renewable alternative energy source which does pollute.

Latest studies report at this time only 3% of the world’s power comes from wind power but the push is on to monopolize the industry as quickly as possible to control the use & profits.

Wind powered generators only produce when they are running.

 Wind Turbines have limitations with power storage. Resolve this limitation  by installing a battery bank.

The batteries will store the electric power it generates for lasting power. 

The cost of operating a wind generator is extremely low after the initial set up.

  When you have one or more installed professionally it could be pretty costly just like solar power arrays.

Experts say a small 1.5 kw wind turbine generator can meet the needs to power an average home that uses 300 kw a month.

 Wind powered generators require placement in areas that has a 14 mph daily wind to meet standards.

Learn more here  OpenEI Small Wind Guidebook.

Wind power is also a great alternative energy source for farming homesteads.

Check into them it would be well worth the time. Both of these options are great to help save money or eliminate your power bill.


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 Solutions To End Your Overpriced Energy Bills

This all sounds good right? I thought so too until I started pricing these systems to see what they would cost to get them installed.

You see using just one of these is not a fix all end all problem solver because both systems have limits.

Do you want to really save money and make the power company pay you every month?

If the answer is yes you will need to employ both of these solar and wind power systems.

I know it could take literally thousands of dollars to do this but there is a solution.

 You can build both these alternative energy systems yourself. Use the easy to follow directions for quick amazing results.

Building these systems at home allows you save thousands of dollars and become more self sufficient.


D.I.Y. Home Energy Course

 There is information I have recently accessed while doing my research into the alternative energy systems for my home.

There is an amazing product called D.I.Y. Home Energy Course. 

This course allows us to easily make 3 amazing alternative energy sources for home.

D.I.Y Home Energy contains 20 step by step lessons and 3 hours worth of In depth training video.

This course teaches you how to make a solar panel system and your own residential wind turbine generator for home use.

It teaches you how to set them up and then scale them up to use it within different alternative energy applications.

As a bonus the D.I.Y Home Energy course teaches you how to make your own working solar oven .

D.I.Y. Home Energy also comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee.

Build both systems and get them in working order for a fraction of the cost of  one professionally installed system.

Go watch the video now if you want to get off the worn out power grid.

Stop paying the greedy power companies now!

What do you have to lose other that an overpriced power bill?

Visit D.I.Y. Home Energy Now For Complete Details On How To Get Your Course Today!


Smart Solar Box Power Bank

I understand not everyone has room or solar panel arrays and wind turbines on their property.

Here is another alternative energy solution to cut your power bill 50 to 75% overnight.

The Smart Solar Box is a portable solar power bank you can easily build for around $200 in 4 hours or less following the easy step by step plans.

Compare that to similar commercial battery power banks weighing in at a hefty $1400 price range.

You can build 6 smart solar box units for less than the price of one ready made unit which allows for more power generating capability.

6  Smart Solar box units could power your entire home .

This Solar power bank has the ability to run any appliance in your home for 18 hours or more on a single charge.

It only takes up less than 20 square foot which makes it perfect for use in small living spaces.

This unit makes a great emergency power supply to keep things running when the lights go out after severe storms.

You can take the Smart Power Box solar power bank with you anywhere you go because it is light and small enough to fit in the trunk of your car.

Get details now on how to get the easy to follow plans to build  this cool Smart Solar Box solar  power bank by visiting their website link below.

Act fast to take advantage of a very special offer while it is still up.

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There you have it, the 2 best alternative energy sources for homesteading.

We have shown your a couple of awesome products to cut your power bill and keep your family safe.

You now have a clear understanding on how to save money on your electric bills for years to come.

Do you really want to get off the aging power grid and stop paying greedy power companies?

If your answer is yes then you need to get the D.I.Y. Home Energy Course or the Smart Solar Box course.

Buy the best alternative energy course that suits your needs then build it to get started saving money today.

To lower your power bills you will need to learn how. Do these simple tasks explained in the course you choose to purchase.

This unique information in these courses  are not free on the internet.

You have to invest.

To get the plans  buy the course that suits your needs best. Complete the simple D.I.Y. projects described with in it.

This is the most important D.I.Y. project at home you will ever do to become self reliant.

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