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Are Worm Farms Near Me?

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 Revealed The Top 7 Worm Farms To Buy Worms On The Net!

Worm Farm
Find A Worm Farm To Buy Your Worms And Start Worm Farming Today!

As we search on the internet for  worm farms near me the reality of the matter is worm farms are far and few between.

In my latest search I have ran across 3 in my state and the closest is over 100 miles away.

This becomes a problem when it comes to buying worms for starting your own worm farm from a local worm farmer in your area.

There no need to worry, we have listed several worm farms on this page to help you find worm farms near you to order your worms from to suit any purpose that you have in mind.


Where Do I Get Earthworms?

“Earthworms” is a very broad term considering there are literally hundreds if not thousands of species of earthworms that have similar but also very different roles in what they actually do. The purpose you would like to use the worms for has much to do with what type of worm you may want to get.

Earthworms in general can be found in any moist fertile area that stays cool  most of the time like under trees with plenty of leaves or undisturbed decaying organic matter. You can get them by digging them up in these types of areas. Earthworms are everywhere, you just have to look for them in the  right conditions where they love to live to find them.

If you are not interested in digging up earthworms, there are many worm farms below where you can buy many different types of worms for different uses.

For the scope of this article we are mainly referring to composting worms and some night crawler varieties in general but there are worm farms listed here who sell different varieties of  worms for many different purposes along with worm castings and worm composting supplies.

I am sure you can find the earthworms you are looking for on this page.


How Much Do Worms Sell For?

Listed here are the going price worms sell for at this time of writing, be sure to click the links to get more relevant information because the prices may change at any time.Worm counts per pound should average around 2000 worms give or take depending on the worm sizes. Keep in mind many online sellers are selling worms that seem cheaper but are selling smaller worm counts and not by weight. 

Red Wiggler Composting Worms sell for $37.00 per pound to $125.00 for 5 pounds from a trusted supplier. The more  weight you buy the less they cost up to 5 pounds and you can even get a substantial discount on a urban worm bag to house them in plus free shipping in the lower 48 states.

European Night Crawler Worms sell for $43.00 per pound  to $140.oo for 5 pounds. This night crawler variety is also a great composting worm but many people also use them for fishing bait worms because of their size. The same policy applies to these worms as above, the more weight your buy up to 5 lbs the less they cost per pound. same free shipping and special discount on a urban worm bag also applies. 

These prices were good during this update in November 2019, be sure to click the links above to see current prices after this month. All worms sell for around the same price but do vary in price a little from place to place. Prices are generally higher for smaller quantities of worms overall  that is why we recommend starting with a pound at least if its in your budget..

We highly recommend to buy your earthworms  from a local worm farmer if possible because of the satisfaction you get knowing the worms are healthy at the moment you purchase them.If it is not possible to do so we have recommended “links” to use listed here on this page of trustworthy sources you can use.

The safety of the worms themselves is something else we take into consideration. It is always best that we don’t purchase worms that have to be shipped long distances from marketers who don’t know anything about worms and peddle them to make a quick buck. I assure yo there are many of those out there and it’s not wise to buy from them. 

The reality is there are very few worm farms near you in most cases. It is still  very important to buy from a worm farmer that put the time into raising worms and understands them. They wont take a chance on harming the worms and normally can get them  delivered safely to your home without issue.


 How To Find  A Worm Farm Near Me

If you were fortunate enough to find a worm farm near you all I can say is good for you, Job well done you won’t have the issues many of us face.

Click Here To Discover How To Easily Make Your Own Low Cost D.I.Y Worm Farm Today!

We search the internet using this phrase and come up empty handed , search the antiquated phone book and nothing there. So what is the answer to the problem?

I believe I came up with a solution on how to buy live worms near me. No there not near me but the  shipping by the USPS has came a long way in the recent past and they can get your worms to you in plenty of time to get them settled in and get a healthy beginning. I have ordered worms many times in the past from worm farmers in other states without issue.

If a issue may arise with the shipping time the worm farmer will let you know in advance unlike the profiteers on the big websites selling other peoples worms.

Before you order worms be sure to have a home ready for them to reduce the shock of transporting. Check  out our worm composting guide for complete details.


Use The Internet To Bring Worm Farms Near You!

I searched the term scouring through several pages to come up with a list of worm farmers that actually live through out the U.S. putting them within safe shipping distance for most of you wanting to start worm composting.

This list is not re -sellers that are only in it to make a quick buck selling someone else merchandise. These are actual worm farms from several different  states.

The concept here is to be able to order your worms to start your worm farm and be able to get them in the shortest amount of time possible during the different seasons in good health.


Top 7 Worm Farms That Ship To All Over The U.S.

Pick One Nearest To  You To Buy Your Worms!

Best Buy Worms – Location Florida


Best Buy specializes in African Night Crawlers, Hybrid Red Wigglers (Alabama jumpers) , Red Wiggler Composting Worms, Garden Mix  (all 3 worm varieties). You can also buy Worm Bedding, Worm Food and Composted Worm Manure.

Green Greg’s Garden and Worm Farm – Location Toney, Alabama


Greg specializes in Red Wiggler Composting Worms. You can buy small quantities to very large quantities of composting worms here. Free how to guides included with all worm purchases.

Mid West Worms – Location Missouri


Mid West specializes in Red Wiggler Composting Worms, European Night Crawlers, African Night Crawlers and a Compost Worm Mix. Worm Castings and more available here.

Texas Worm Ranch – Location Garland Texas


Texas Worm Ranch Specializes in Red Wiggler Composting Worms, Worm Castings, Worm Wine, Worm Farm Kits and much more.

The Worm Farm – Location Durham, California


This California Worm Farm Specializes in Red Wiggler Compost Worms, European Night Crawlers, Worm Castings and Compost Mixes.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm – Location Spring Grove Pennsylvania


Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm is probably the biggest and oldest all around worm composting supplier on the net.

Uncle Jim’s specializes in Red Composting Worm Mix, Super Red European Night Crawlers, very large assortment of worm composting supplies, worm farm kits and information products.

Worm Farming Revealed – Location Spring Hill, Kansas


Worm farming revealed is a great site that sells several types of worms for multiple purposes along with  educational products and lots of free information on raising worms. The worms you can buy and their purpose are listed below. 

Composting Worms –  Buy 3 types of composting worms like Red Wiggler Composting Worms, European Night Crawlers  and African Night Crawlers.

You can also buy Alabama Jumper garden worms

Buy  fishing worms like Canadian Night Crawlers and European Night Crawlers.

Worm farming revealed is also the home of the highly recommended advanced worm farming to gardening book worm farming revolution!


How Do I Start My Own Worm Farm?

Start Your First Worm Farm
Click Here To Learn How To Start Your First Worm Farm

Starting your own worm farm is a simple process and if your have made it this far into this article I am sure you know the reason why you want to begin in this venture.

 There are a lot of reasons you may want to do this  like to raised composting worms for your garden or raise some  night crawlers for fishing. You can even raise worms to sell and make a profit!

Starting your own worm farm is easy but there are some things you need to consider and things know in advance. We have a series of articles you can follow to easily get you started.

There are “Green  links And Images” throughout the articles on this website which will take you to the next steps, all you have to do is click them to get more information on what you are interested in.  Click  on the image on the left to learn how to start your own worm farm today!



The above list is the top 7 worm farms and more that you can order several

Urban Worm Bag
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different breeds of worms to suit many purposes along with supplies required for raising them.

If You don’t find what you are looking for  know there are more resources below in the amazon images. just click on any of them to get started shopping.

Just pick the nearest worm farm to you type their the web address into your browser. You can also click the links and images supplied on this page to purchase your worms from our suppliers.

Many of these companies have  a huge amount of experience shipping worms and do it very well, Just order and in a few days your worms will arrive.

Follow the links on this page to get even more information about worm farming.

Happy Worm Farming!

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