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Discover Awesome Backyard Landscape Design Ideas With Fire Pits!  


If you are looking for backyard landscape design ideas with fire pits you came to the right place! 

Backyard Landscape Design With Fire Pit
“Backyard Landscape Design Idea With A Fire Pit”

When creating a backyard landscape design there is a lot to plan for.

Learning about these awesome  backyard landscaping ideas with fire pits would be time well spent.

Fire pit areas added into your backyard  gives you a great looking center piece to layout the rest of your landscape design around.

A backyard fire pit gives you a very useful space for entertaining your family and  friends all year long for years to come.

Fire pits come in many shapes and sizes with various price ranges to meet any budget.

There are huge amounts of  benefits associated with fire pits which provide multiple uses all year long. 

This makes them the top choice for your backyard landscape design ideas which we discuss in this article. 


Where Should I Put A Fire Pit In My Backyard Landscape Design?

The most popular placement area in your yard and safest place by far is to put your fit pit  in the center of your backyard.

Brick pavers or gravel are then placed around the fire pits forming a patio area where outdoor furniture is placed.

This creates a outdoor living area for entertaining friends and family second to none.

Create plenty of room for for gatherings of friends and family for backyard cookouts.

Although this is the most popular idea for backyard fire pits they can also can be set up anywhere in your yard.

Set up locations also include decks and patios with proper safety accessories.


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 Common Sense Approach To Designing Your Backyard Fire Pit Area

Fire pit safety is your first priority.

When planning your backyard landscape design, allow enough room for your fire pit to work properly.

Wood burning fire pits cause sparks and embers known to  catch things around them on fire.

Keep your fire pit away from fences, tree limbs and structures that possibly could catch fire. 

A good rule to follow is to keep the fire pits at least 10 feet away from materials which could catch on fire.

 Don’t use a wood burning fire pit under low hanging tree limbs or wooden backyard patio covers that can ignite.

For confined covered  patio areas built of wood you need to choose from the propane or gas burning fire pits.

You want to take into consideration placing your fire pit in an area where you can provide plenty of room.

Backyard Landscape Design With Fire Pits
AD – Choose Your Fire Pit Now For Your Backyard Landscape Design Today!

 Pick the proper type of fire pit for the area of your backyard that you choose.

Follow some simple safety precautions when in use.

If possible fire issues concerns you be sure to purchase a spark screen for the wood burning pit that you already own.

 You can also buy wood burning fire pit kits with the spark screen included in the package.

Many fire pit accessories and safety  products are available to buy using links on this page.

Be sure to use your  fire pit safely in any backyard landscape design you choose. 

Outdoor gas fire pits are a good option for areas of fire concern.

These areas may be  backyard patios, gazebos and other structures which have low wooden roofs. 

 Outdoor fire pits provide many benefits for families throughout the year.

They make one of the best options for a great backyard landscape and   backyard patio areas.


Why Outdoor Fire Pits For Your Backyard Landscape Design?

 Wood burning pits provide a sense of calmness  and warmth on cool  evenings when your backyard is at it’s best.

Having a backyard fire pit lets us escape the stress that we all have to deal with daily.

There is something about the dancing flames which calms our spirit.

In my opinion there is no better way to gain peace and serenity in your life than what the flames of a camp fire can provide.

Humans are social beings by nature and the need for gathering with others is crucial for our mental well being.

fire pit cooking grate system
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Backyard  fire pit areas provide a great place for gathering with family and friends to have a backyard barbeque while socializing.

Fire pits also make excellent backyard grilles.

If you have never had a backyard burger cooked over an open flame you are missing out!

Lets face it,  everyone  enjoys a good backyard burger while gathering around a campfire!

Gathering around a backyard  fire pits campfire is the place which great memories are made.

Friends and family alike will enjoy it.

Get rid of the cell phone and do actual face to face conversation while relaxing .

Try cooking some hot dogs, hamburgers or a good steak on the open flame of your  backyard fire  pit. 

I recall some of my best memories in life socializing around a good backyard campfire.


Sports  Season Is Around The Corner!

What a great idea it would be for everyone gather around your gas fire pit   while watching or listening to their favorite teams game on your backyard patio.

This is a  great idea for folks to stay at home away from the bars and stay out of trouble.

Create a great backyard landscape design with an awesome fire pit this year,

Host a gathering at your house around your backyard fire pit area.

Set up a TV on your patio to watch sporting events while enjoying the great outdoors.

Everyone attending will enjoy it while saving some money at the same time!


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Tips For Recycling Wood Ash Into Your Backyard Landscape & Garden Areas

Did you know that all hardwood ashes from the wood you burn can be recycled back into your yard as a natural fertilizer?

This is another good reason why to have a good wood burning  fire pit. 

By spreading the wood ash lightly over your lawn area minerals are added back into your soil creating  a beautiful lush lawn.

You can also mix the ashes into our compost pile after they cool as an amendment to replenish minerals to your garden beds.

Hardwood trees store their minerals taken from deep in the earth in their branches and leaves.

After burning the wood the minerals remain in the ashes, just add them back to your lawn or garden beds.

These tips above are another good reason why everyone needs a good fire pit area in their backyard landscape design.


 Fire Pit Ideas For Your Backyard Cookouts 


 Gas & Wood Burning Fire Pits For Sale To Use In Backyard Landscape Design
Find Top Quality Gas & Wood Burning Fire Pits For Your Backyard Landscape Design Now!

Buy the type of fire pit that suits your design theme the best and set it up.

Be sure to choose one that has all accessories for cooking. 

When choosing a fire pit ring set up, install a swivel cooking grate system to get the most use out of it.

Get some outdoor patio furniture to place around your fire pit area.

Get ready to enjoy the cool weather outside the right way!

They’re calling for cooler years coming up so it would be a plus to have a fire pit with a cooking grill.

 Backyard fire pits are good to have in your yard  so you can still cook during power outages.

Plus it is a great idea to have a backup cooking device while you a re grilling for large gatherings.

Cooking for large crowds tends to take more time than expected but kids are always hungry.

Send them to your wood burning fire pit table with some hot dogs or hamburgers to cook.

They can cook these their selves to hold them over while allowing them enjoy the cookout too!

Find a large variety of fire pits to use in your backyard landscape design in the next section.


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Fire Pit Kits For Your Backyard Landscape Design 

There are many different types of fire pit kits that you can buy to fit any backyard landscape design and theme.

All of them serve the same purpose but are just different types, designs and styles to suit your needs.


Fire Pit Rings

Fire pit rings are inexpensive to purchase for your backyard fire pit.

These can be built in with some kind of brick paving stones for a beautiful backyard landscape design feature.

 These are great project ideas for you D.I.Y. people who enjoy building things.

The built in fire pit rings can make a nice looking structure for your backyard landscape design that will be there for the long haul.

Fill in around the area with the same stones or some type of gravel to make a pad to set your outdoor furniture on .

You will have your own little piece of heaven right in your own back yard.

For those who are not so ready to take on a project like this free standing fire pit rings are also available.


Chimnea Outdoor Fire Pits 

 Chimnea fire pit kits are available to easily assemble to enjoy more quickly with less effort. 

These fire pits have a chimney attached which are mainly used for heating.

Although, select kits do have accessories in the kit for cooking.

Chimneas come in classic and modern designs which can fit well into any backyard landscape design theme.

If  you are looking for a “classy” backyard landscape design these fire pits are for you!


Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowls

Fire bowls on stands are very popular these days and the least expensive out of all the  pits.

The best reviewed fire pit for the past years are the cast iron fire bowls.

They are praised by people everywhere for being the longest lasting fire pit out there.

Just like all other  pits you need to clean them out after use and cover them in rainy weather.

Store them properly to maintain long lasting usability.


Gas Burning Fire Pits

For the people who have partially enclosed areas like patios with covers that may be a potential fire danger there are many options to choose from with the outdoor gas fire pits and fire pit tables.

Most of these pits run on propane gas with lava rock or glass balls to intensify heat and don’t produce sparks. These gas fire pit tables come in several sizes and BTU’s to suit your needs

These gas pits are also good for those who have a no burn regulation policy in their cities, check with your city for the specific code information before making a purchase of any fire pit.

You can be fined pretty heavy if you don’t know the rules.


Fire Pit Accessories

Fire Pit Accessories For Backyard Landscape Design With Fire Pits
AD – Find Fire Pit Furniture And Accessories For Your Backyard Fire Pit Here!

Click the image on the right to check into some fire pit accessories.

On the fire pit accessories page you will find;

  • Fire Pit Covers,
  • Outdoor Fire Pit Area Furniture,
  • Cooking Grilles & Grates
  • Tripods
  • Log Handling Tools
  • Fire Pit Pokers

and other great related products to use with a fire pit in your backyard landscape design.


 Get Great Ideas For All Of Your Backyard Landscape Design Projects Now!




Everyone that is planning a backyard landscape design project needs a outdoor fire pit in their plans to build around.

Backyard fire pits are priced to fit any budget.

Fire pits provide a lot of value for your money along  with years of use when properly maintained.

Use links provided here to buy yours today!

Landscaping pictures, plans and helpful tips will give you all of the inspiration that you will need.

Get landscaping plans today to come up with the most gorgeous backyard landscape design ideas!

If you need even more backyard landscape design ideas you may want to visit our garden design post.

Here you will find many other design ideas that interests you.

If you need help getting started with the basics of your backyard landscape design feel free to visit our landscaping post for more great ideas to create a beautiful yard or garden.

Be sure to click and follow all of the “green links” and “Images ads”  Provided to get more great fire pit ideas for your backyard landscape design today!

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