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Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds

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Reveal The Top Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds For Easy Home Gardening 

  Discover many benefits of  raised garden beds and the secrets to easy successful gardening!

Raised Garden Beds
” Raised Garden Beds” They Still Grew Well During The 2019 Texas Flood Season!

 Learn the reasons why raised garden beds  are superior to common row gardening methods.  

There is no need for tillers here to follow along on this path to this easy no till gardening method.

 One of the main raised garden bed benefits is no soil compaction.

This allows your plants roots to expand as needed for healthy fruitful plants

Raised bed gardens out performs traditional gardening methods overall.

These garden bed system require much less effort to maintain  on your part once they are set up.

Raised garden beds are becoming more popular by the day.

Due to the heavy rains and flooding over the past few years throughout the country crops are failing.

Most people living in storm ridden areas are failing to grow their traditional gardens in the dirt.

Their soils have been compacted from the rains and depleted of necessary minerals for plant growth.

 Through all this, these raised garden beds are still growing plants exceptionally well.

That’s the first of the many benefits of raised garden beds that you will find here!

Now lets get into even more of the benefits of growing in raised garden beds that will  make your gardening experience less costly and much easier.


Are Raised Bed Gardens Better?

After years of experience growing in raised beds the answer in my opinion is yes!

 Raised Bed Garden Growing Healthy Tomatoes
Grow Tomatoes Like These Better In Raised Bed Gardens!

Where soil is of poor quality and drainage is inadequate raised garden beds are the  solution.

Raised bed gardening methods make it simple to create gardens of fertile, well-drained soil.

All plants can thrive and be maintained in these beds much cheaper than amending your existing soil.

Amending existing soil requires massive amounts of dirt work  and the cost of new top soil being trucked in.

 The cost of mechanical gardening equipment required to continuously maintain earth garden beds is another added expense .

 Raised garden bed growing systems will save money as well as time and labor when set up properly.


5 Reasons Why Raised Bed Gardens Are Better 

1. You are able to create your own fertile custom soil mix using free recycled yard waste debris from around your home. This gives you total control over what your vegetable plants are growing in.

Benefits Of Raised Bed Gardens
Raised Bed Gardens Are Better For Growing Healthy Vegetable Crops!

With this soil you can now grow more in less space in your raised garden beds.

2. Weeds are no longer an issue when using raised garden bed containers. They don’t have a way to spread into your growing area which is now above the ground. this requires much less weeding and soil  maintenance.

3. Gives you more food production because your plants are no longer growing in compacted oxygen and nutrient deprived soil, which allows you to plant more plants in less space getting much better results

4.Growing in raised garden beds eliminates soil born disease which manifests in poor earth garden soils full of bad bacteria and now that your plants are above the  original soil base line.  

 5.Yard pests that tunnel around your garden plants roots and eat them are no longer an issue because you can now place a barrier between them and your garden plants root zone.

 Want to know more?

Continue reading below to get the top 8 benefits of raised garden beds!


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Top 8 Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds 


1. Create Your Own Custom Soil Mix

The First of the 8 benefits of raised garden beds is that gardeners has complete control over what soil you want to grow in for your specific plants needs .

There are dozens of the best soil combinations you can use,  just keep it simple using the instructions for a sustainable low cost soil you can make provided  on this site and enjoy your gardening experience.

You can always amend it to fit your plants needs later if needed.

I use a basic compost mix made on site along with peat moss for water retention and worm castings which can be made on site or purchased as the soil amendment and fertilizer.

This sustainable soil mix will grow any plant you wish to organically grow

Raised Garden Bed Soil
Discover How To Fill A Raised Garden Bed Cheap With Your Own Custom Soil Mix You Create On Site!

without having to rely on high cost chemical fertilizers which overuse overtime will destroy your growing medium.

Keep your growing medium as natural as you can when growing in raised garden beds to lesson soil contamination issues. 

The compost based soil mix you can easily make yourself does not compact and allows roots to expand easily which allows plants optimal growth in order to flourish.

Your plants are now are allowed to feed on the minerals and beneficial nutrients supplied  from the living life forms created by the live composting system.

The beneficial  result is that your garden  plants will be able to feed on the abundant nutrients that will allow the plants an ample food supply to thrive.

The custom soil mix you create will easily provide a bountiful harvest while growing in your raised garden beds.


2. Weeding Is No Longer An Issue

 The second of the benefits of raised garden beds is that weeding your garden is a breeze!

DIY Home Project Plans
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Weed seeds will make it into the raised garden beds from wind, mowing and other natural sources but are now easily removed by hand.

 The loose fertile soil you are now using to grow your garden plants within your raised garden beds allows you to just reach into the soil and pull the weeds by it’s roots.

No special tools are  required just your hands in most cases.

All you need to maintain these beds are a set of top quality gardeners hand tools  in most cases.

No need to to buy a huge arsenal of gardening tools to manage the weeds anymore it is all done by hand inside these raised garden beds.

This alone will offset the cost of the raised bed by not having to buy all the tools it takes to do traditional in ground gardening.

Raised gardens are great for seniors and those with back injuries, they are a real gift.

No more need for tilling, digging, hoeing or raking like in traditional gardens


3. Get More Food Production

 You can plant more vegetable plants into a smaller area in a raised garden bed resulting in more food production .

If your soil mix is right you can use the square foot gardening technique to

Growing Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds
Grow More In Less Space With Raised Garden Beds

grow more plants in less space.

The weather disasters and flooding going on in this country and the pending food shortage because of it are about to make raised bed gardening a necessity!

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When growing in raised garden beds your garden plants will no  longer be competing for the nutritional resources. They have all the minerals they can use supplied by the living soil. 

These resources include minerals, good beneficial bacteria and basic soil life forms that the plants require to flourish.

In the traditional dirt gardens where these resources are limited the garden plants do not grow as well without the application of  additional supplements.

Plants grow much larger in raised garden beds compared to using conventional gardens.

With a little practice you will get this down!


4. Eliminate Soil Born Diseases Commonly Found In Earth Beds

The forth of the benefits of raised garden beds is you will see a huge reduction of soil born diseases on your garden plants.

Soil born disease is a huge hindering factor found in traditional earth bound  garden plots.

Poor soil is the main cause of crop failure which allows the bad bacteria to grow and thrive in your soil causing your garden plants to wither and eventually die.

Raised garden beds allow you to  raise your plants up and away from the bacteria ridden contaminated soil surface eliminating the soil splash during heavy rains that cause disease problems.

Soil splash is the main cause of disease such as blight that severely damages many vegetable plants especially the tomato plants.

It is recommended for growing vegetables that your raised garden beds be at least 12″ deep or more.

This height allows for good root development and excellent drainage for about any plant you want to grow.

By lifting your plants above the ground in these raised garden beds the soil splash stays outside of the beds preventing many diseases like early and late blight and many other soil born diseases.

These beds having open bottoms also provides superior draining capabilities preventing soil contamination from bad bacteria building up due to the soil being saturated over long periods of time.


5. Eliminate Gopher And Mole Problems

 The Fifth benefit of raised garden beds is yard pest will no longer be an issue.

Many of us in the past have had issues with gophers, moles and other yard pests that inhabit their tunnels.

Compost attracts worms which attract moles that feed on the worms.

These pests tend to get in around the root system of the plants.

Moles create extensive  tunnels while feeding on the compost and earth worms that have accumulated.

Have you ever noticed when watering in your conventional earth garden beds that the water stops accumulating around your plants?

If the answer to this question is yes you may have gopher or mole issues.

An easy way to tell is if you have dirt mounds  pushed up in your yard you have gophers issues. If your see tunnels pushing up in your lawn surface areas you have moles.

Both of these intruders will cause a lot of issues for your garden if your not growing in raised garden beds.

When they are present you will find that the water is moving away through their tunnels they have created under your garden plants.

 The plants die off due to the lack of moisture required to sustain them during the warm growing season.

Another issue that I have personally experienced is the underground pests will eat the root ball killing the garden plants. 


Hardware Cloth Is The Solution To Underground Pests In Raised Garden Beds

There is an easy way to stop these pest issues without poisoning your soil with pesticides of any kind!

Growing your vegetables in raised garden beds gets the plants feeder roots out of the dirt. This allows the plants to grow and feed in  healthy fertile soil.

Attach 1/2″ hardware cloth  found at eBay to the bottom of your wooden raised garden beds. This keeps the pest away. It places a barrier between your garden plants and the ground which eliminates the underground pest issues.

This practice is always best if  applied before filling your raised garden  beds.

When not using wooden raised garden beds you can still place the hardware cloth between the ground and whatever type material you wish to use.

 Build your raised garden beds to protect against these plant damaging pests. 

  Gophers and moles can no longer get to the worms that maintain the healthy soil around the garden plants roots.

This allows a much healthier soil for the garden plants to live in.


6. Locate Your Garden Almost Anywhere

The sixth of the benefits of raised garden beds is you can place your  garden all most anywhere.

Did you know that raised garden beds can be located about any where you wish to grow..

There are nurseries around the U.S. and private individuals alike that have leased old abandoned parking lots. They placed raised garden beds on concrete and pavement to grow about any plant they desire in them.

That’s right, You can put raised  gardens beds almost any place and grow a garden even roof tops.

There are literally hundreds of people growing on roof tops of high rise apartment buildings all over the world.



Don’t Put Garden Beds On Your Home Roof

I don’t recommend putting these growing beds on the roof of your home by any mean  Many home roof structures are not  designed to carry this extra weight. a It wouldn’t be a good idea in my opinion.

So don’t try this at home. 🙂

When using rented spaces and you decide to leave,  just unload the  garden beds soil and relocate them to a desired location and refill them.

No soil testing,  tilling or weeding required!

So for those of you that don’t have room for a garden, look around you may be able to use a empty neighborhood lot close by to grow your garden.

Maybe get some neighbors involved and start a community garden!


7. Raised Garden Beds Are Beneficial To All Types Of Organic Gardening 

The seventh of the benefits of raised garden beds is their versatility.

What ever type of gardening you are into,  these raised garden beds can enhance it.

Like we said previously you have the control over making your own custom soil mix and creating a perfect growing environment with in these containers for all plants.

  • Flower Gardening
  • Vegetable Gardening
  • Herb Gardening 

  These are just a few common gardening types that can benefit from this type of container gardening. Any and all plants organically grown throughout your yard and gardens can benefit as well. 

One of the garden plants that I personally  have seen benefit the most from  growing in these raised garden beds would have to be tomatoes. They now growing larger, stronger on yield more than ever.

Growing in raised garden beds has eliminated the vast majority of the issues commonly found before when using conventional gardening methods.


8. Turn Your Raised Garden Bed Into A Mini Greenhouse For Winter Use

The  raised garden beds can be easily fitted with a PVC hinged plastic cover. This allows you to extend your growing season for months during the winter.

Build an inexpensive PVC hoop cover to fit your bed.

Hinge it to your raised garden bed frame.

The hoop cover allows you to easily start and grow your plants year round with this method. This low cost mini greenhouse would be ideal for cold wet climates with short growing seasons.

Change the plastic out for an insect net during  the spring to control invading insect pests.


Reveal How To Get The Best Compost For Your Garden In 7 Easy Steps!


Tips For setting Up your Raised Garden Beds 

Just be sure when setting up these raised garden beds that they are somewhat level.

Make sure they get an ample amount of sunlight and have a water source close by and good healthy soil and you are ready to grow. 

There are a couple of factors to consider when setting up on pavement or concrete or any other  non draining substrates .

You will need to shim up the bed slightly to allow for drainage.

Elevating the bed slightly up off the surface will allow space for excess water to drain through away from the beds. This is important during heavy rains and watering sessions.

Drainage will eliminate any chance of the soil mix becoming anaerobic.

Poor drainage issues can deprive oxygen in the soil damaging the plants root system.

This can cause bad bacteria to build up in the raised garden bed which is not good for the plants.

The second factor to consider is you will have to give the plants  ample depth in the bed to grow in.

Most flower and herb plants grow well in beds that are around 8″ deep.

Many vegetable plants require 12″ depth or more.

Do your research about the plants that you want to grow and give them the required space to grow in.

As a rule I have adopted that all of my raised beds are built to be at least 12 inches deep.

This depth allowed me to grow any vegetable plant I desired to at this point and time.

My beds are on a dirt base and not concrete so the roots have the ability to grow freely.


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There you have it!  Our Raised Garden Bed Benefits list. 

Your gardens will now thrive providing you give them what they need using these raised garden bed tips.

Compost Pile Making Compost For Raised Garden Beds
Learn The Simple Process Of How To Make Compost to Benefit Raised Garden Beds Here

Get an easy step by step method to create your own compost.  Use it to make  your own custom soil mix like we mentioned above.

 Click the image on the right to visit our how to compost page now.

These raised  garden beds are great for young  beginners which don’t have the capital to invest in an arsenal of expensive gardening tools.

Seniors with mobility issues can benefit alike being the beds are much easier to work in, much better than using traditional gardening methods.

The benefits of a raised garden beds are many and we just covered a hand full of them here.

 Don’t you think it is time to start using this gardening method?

Do you want to build a raised garden bed? Check out our raised garden bed plans post to get great ideas.

Get started today buy your favorite garden bed below ! 

 Click on  the “green links” and “Images” provided to our other posts and products. Get more information related to raised bed gardening you may be seeking.

The weather disasters and flooding going on in this country and the pending food shortage because of it are about to make raised bed gardening a necessity!

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