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American Worm Castings Blog Homepage

Welcome to the american worm castings blog the home of natural gardening!

Many folks throughout our country think that gardening is easy, which it can be if you know how. These new gardeners think you just go buy some plants at the local garden center stores, dig a hole and plant them. After watering them a few times you will get this amazing garden.

If you are using this method you are setting yourself up for failure so I have created this blog to get you past this way of thinking.

I assure you these days it is not the case because there is much more to growing a garden than that and that is why I created this blog. 

On this  natural gardening blog you will learn easy and successful natural gardening techniques for growing the amazing garden you have always wanted.

American Worm Castings Blog
Discover Natural Gardening Techniques That Will Make Your Garden Plants Thrive At The American Worm Castings Blog!

Discover the secrets posted throughout these blog pages of how to use  natural resources located right on your own property to turn your garden into a high performance plant growing machine in no time.

Just follow the advice on this natural gardening blog to have a successful garden over time. 

I am an experienced home gardener with many years of  experience with all types of garden soil regeneration and soil amending techniques.

Over the years I have learned quite a few secrets of how to make gardens perform exceptionally well using natural gardening techniques which I discuss later on this blog.

My gardening success only got better after I sold my tiller and started working with nature and not against it using only no till gardening practices.

The purpose of this blog is to share these  natural gardening secrets with you to make your gardening experience more productive and much easier.

After many years of landscaping and terracing my hillside property to  create well functioning garden beds on the property I continuously experienced failures.

I attempted to amend my lifeless, compacted East Texas sandy soil numerous times with various composting methods without good results.

I needed to find a solution.

Raised Garden Beds
Raised Garden Beds Are Better For Growing Healthy Crops. Learn More Now On Our Blog

If you have experienced similar issues I feel your pain and I am here to help.

This is the reason I created this gardening blog.

Don’t continue gardening practices that supply fair results at best no matter what your grandpa says, this isn’t your grandpas garden!

Follow the guidelines on this blog and you should  began to grow amazing gardens just like I have in no time. 

Dealing with compacted soil from tilling and heavy rains, blight and plant disease issues along with mole infestations because of adding compost to the lifeless soil, I knew something had to change.

I finally realized one day it would take a lot more compost than I could ever produce to gain the quality soil that I desired.

 The useless soil contained in these garden beds I worked so hard over the years to develop was still poor at best.

I figured out one day that I needed to try a new gardening approach.

It was time to build raised garden beds to start using some permaculture gardening techniques I had learned about.

Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds
Discover How To Grow More In Less Space With Raised Garden Beds On Our Natural Gardening Blog !

I hoped this would be the answer after months of research! I wanted healthy beautiful plants like I had seen in other gardens.

Healthy plants meant healthy nutritious food to eat for better health!

I built some raised garden beds out of scrap wood materials and metal I already had on site.

Following the build of these raised garden beds, I filled the beds with compost and peat moss mix, amended the mix with worm castings and discovered a whole new successful natural gardening experience.

Now growing in raised beds filled with a custom soil mix that made on site and amending the mix with worm castings, I am now able to successfully grow about anything I like.

Combining the two composting systems from seed starting to harvest time, I no longer have any of the the issues I had before.

I had found the solution to my issues because of natural permaculture gardening techniques I had learned about!

Raised Garden Bed Soil
Potatoes Thrive In A Permaculture Gardening Style Leaf Mulch Garden Bed Using A Custom Made Raised Garden Bed Soil Mix Which You Can Learn How To Make On Our Blog.

Worm castings have played a critical role in growing a healthy stress free garden even through all the storms with heavy rains we have continuously experienced the past few years.

While others in my area are still tilling and plating in their earth gardens and getting lousy results at best. these raised bed gardens are still growing well.

The natural gardening knowledge shared on this blog is not new, as a matter of fact most of these gardening ideas and methods have been successfully used for thousands of years.

These methods shared on our blog post were mainly used before the chemical farming methods took hold in the late 40’s through the early  50’s.

The chemical farming industry hype was the tool used to suppress this knowledge and bury it.

The truth is the chemical farming methods used over the years has caused severe damage to the soil creating more demand for the very chemicals that they sell.

If you have been paying attention which most people don’t, you would see a decline in production taking place in our commercial growing industry as a result

These types of sustainable gardening techniques mentioned on this blog has been tried and proven successful for many years for growing healthy garden plants in home gardens of all kinds.

You just need to learn about these natural gardening techniques on this blog and develop your skills to be a successful home gardener.

Many of the topics we discuss in these blog articles are gardening skills you can learn to be a successful gardener with any type of  garden.

Once you master these natural   gardening skills you not only can feed your family nutritious healthy food but also you might even turn a profit teaching others what you have mastered.

Feel free to join me on our blog to discover the sustainable, self sufficient methods of producing beautiful healthy garden plants .

On this blog we will discuss raised garden beds,  how to compost, how to use worm castings along with many other natural gardening tips , tricks and many other no till permaculture gardening styles here.

You can find links to all the gardening subjects which we discuss on this blog  below.


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Vegetable Gardening Secrets Exposed E-book –

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For a limited time we are giving away a free copy of our “Vegetable Gardening Secrets Exposed E-book that you can download at no cost to you in a pdf format.

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