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    Extreme Weather How To Prepare For Weather Extremes

    Extreme Weather – Over $ 6 Billion In Damages What They Are Not Telling You Targeted extreme weather events have severely impacted the growing capabilities of  the  farmlands of the mid western states throughout 2019 while the future forecasts are predicting more extreme weather  for 2020. In this article we will be  we will be covering extreme weather that took place during 2019 and provide a useful guide on how to prepare for the upcoming weather extremes for 2020. Extreme weather has played a huge role for some major infrastructure damage throughout some large farming communities in the U.S. during 2019. The extreme weather damages devastated  areas from Nebraska all…

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    Hurricane Dorian The Killer Hurricane Of Our Century

    Could Hurricane Dorian Be The Storm Of The Century? Hurricane Dorian is unlike any other hurricane we have seen in our past! There will more than likely be some headlines about Hurricane Dorian in the media similar to this in the next few days. I am sure we could add this monster storm to all the rest of the extreme weather events of 2019 into the record books of the most costly storms of all time.  Could hurricane Dorian be the strongest hurricane recorded in our history of keeping track of storms in the U.S.? We will see! As of the 11 am update today on bp earthwatch.com  on September…


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