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Easy D.I.Y. Worm Farm Guide How To Make A Worm Farm

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Discover 3 Quick Easy Steps To Make  A D.I.Y Worm Farm!

The d.i.y. worm farm described here in this article is the least expensive to set up and it takes a small amount of time to prepare.

D.I.Y. Worm Farm
Discover How To Easily Make Your Own Low Cost D.I.Y Worm Farm Today!

When starting out most people do not want to spend a load of money on these worm composting bins until you learn the ropes when it comes to raising worms.

You can make several d.i.y. worm farms for what you pay for one commercial made unit making it much more economical to set up your first worm farm in the beginning.

The supplies to put these d.i.y.worm farms together are cheap and normally easy to find.

The plastic  totes used to make these d.i.y. worm farms are light weight and easy to work with.

I might add the worms love them too.

Plastic totes are the best worm composting bins when starting out. They come in multiple sizes and very reasonably priced.

I am currently using a 10 gallon,  18 gallon and a 30 gallon totes for my own indoor worm bins because they work so well.

Keep reading if you want to learn how to easily make a worm farm below


Why D.I Y. Worm Farms?

Red wiggler Composting worms foe D.I.Y. Worm Farms
AD – Buy Red Wiggler Composting Worms To Raise In Your New D.I.Y. Worm Farm Here!

We build these d.i.y. worm farms to house the worms  for use in the  worm composting process to get a great soil amendment and to raise worms  for fishing bait along with other purposes. 

You can save a lot of money starting out by making your own d.i.y worm farm out of a plastic storage tote. 

The most popular method used which is  the process where you house red wiggler composting worms to feed our kitchen food scraps and other household paper products to in order  get their worm castings which is a nutrient dense organic soil amendment and fertilizer for use in growing plants of all kinds.

To find out more about the worm composting process visit our complete guide to worm composting. 

These  d.i.y worm farms can also be used for raising the European night crawler variety and other similar breeds of worms which are primarily used for fishing bait worms for personal use or to sell the worms to others as a business venture.


A Step By Step Guide To Create A Single Tote D.I.Y. Worm Farm

One of the first things you might want to consider for your d.i.y. worm farm is whether  or not you have the room to set up a large worm bin (30 gallon or larger) or a small bin (18 gallon).

The larger worm bins can get extremely heavy and will need to be set up and left in place while the smaller can be moved more easily.

Preparing your D.I.Y worm farm using a plastic storage tote is easy if you have a few tools and are handy with them.

Things you will need for this project are;

  • Drill
  • 1/4′ drill bit
  • Sharp Knife
  • Piece of drain line
  • drill bit slightly smaller than your drain line
  • Glue or Silicone

Lets get started creating your first d.i.y. worm farm by following these 3 simple steps.

Step 1

First after you have your tote you will want to drill air vent holes throughout the center indented part of the lid about 4 inches apart using a 1/4″ drill bit. Do not drill holes in the part of the lid that seals against the tote itself.

Step 2

Take the totes lower half and drill a line of air vent holes along the top part under the the ridge below the lid seal area.

(This is the part of the tote that is wider and rests on top of the bottom totes when they are stacked inside each other).

Drill the air vent holes all the way around right under this ridge of your your tote about 2 inches apart.

Take a knife an clean up the plastic burrs inside all holes you just drilled in the lid and the tote until the holes are clear. This will be adequate ventilation.

Step 3

Install a drain tube on the lowest part of the end of your tote.

You will need a way to drain off the leachate or worm juice that forms inside your worm bin.

This fluid forms when feeding a lot of fresh vegetable and fruit scraps to your worms.

If you let the fluid build up in your worm bin it could cause harm to the worms inside over time, so it is best to drain it occasionally.

Pick up a piece of nylon tubing or hose from your local hardware store, cut it to the length you desire and install it.

Cut a hole in the bottom of your tote on one end in the lowest area slightly smaller than the diameter of your drain line or hose you purchased so you have to slightly force it though the hole.

Glue it in place using a strong glue or aquarium silicone on the inside and outside of the tote.

Now your drain line is installed.

You will need to place a bucket or something to catch the leachate that drains out under the bin after the set up.

For the length of you drain line you may want to keep it short enough so you can probe a rod through it easily because they will stop up.

Mine is about 4 inches long and I can easily probe it with a screwdriver to clear it from the outside while placing a bucket to catch the fluids underneath it.

Congratulations! If you followed these easy steps then you have just created your first d.i.y  worm farm!

If you are not interested in making your own d.i.y worm farm I understand.

I have provided links to shop for and easily purchase ready made worm farm kits below to get you stared today.



Making your own d.i.y. worm farm when starting out can save you a considerable amount of money in the beginning.

Start Your First Worm Farm
Click Here To Learn How To Start Your First D.I.Y. Worm Farm

Follow the easy  3 step process above and in less than an hour your d.i.y.worm farm will be ready to use.

2 level d.i.y. worm farms  as seen in the image on the right can also be made basically the same way by following the directions above and also adding 1/4″ holes to the bottom of the top tote for drainage into the bottom tote.

Instead of using a drainage tube in the bottom tote, I added a spigot instead to see if it worked any better.

Bricks were added to the bottom container of this d.i.y.worm farm give give it adequate area for drainage and to give it enough space for the vent holes around the top edge to work properly.

Not much difference has been noted between the 2 types of d.i.y. worm farms to date but I have noticed no build up in moisture in the 2 level worm bin itself which is an improvement.

There are many other styles of these d.i.y. worm farms can be made just by using some brainstorming and creativity. 

Be sure to click on all the “green links” and “Images” provided on this d.i.y. worm farm post to find more relevant information on other pages you may be interested in to continue your research.

If you might be interested in a long term business venture with worms be sure to check out our worm farming for profit post to get some ideas on getting started on your new worm farming business venture.

I understand not everyone has access to the tools or may not have the place to do this simple d.i.y. worm farm project.

If you do not have the tools or do not want to build this d.i.y worm farm project, you can buy popular worm farm kits and accessories on eBay that are  all ready to set up with all the necessary  supplies ready to go.

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