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Fall Gardening Tips With Ideas For Growing Plants Indoors

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Get The Best Tips And Ideas To Get Started Fall Gardening And More!

When summer is coming to a close and your spring crops are finishing up for the season it’s the time to start your fall gardening projects.

Fall Gardening
Is It Time For Fall Gardening Yet?

For many regions throughout  the country with short growing seasons the outdoor gardening window is closing but in many states in the southwest there is still time to get another crop in for fall gardening.

For those of you who have an extended growing season you might want to start planting around the end of June  for your fall gardening project. 

For those who do not have enough time for fall gardening before heavy frosts set in you may consider growing indoors.

Most of the leafy green garden vegetable plants can be grown indoors as baby greens in a well lit room with the help of some grow lights.

You can actually have a continuous supply of fresh salad greens all year long using today’s latest indoor growing technology. 

You can start your plants in containers outdoors and when the frost sets in move your plants indoors to continue their growing cycle.

You could also create a self watering wall garden planter system in a well lit area of your home to grow  your baby greens and  have healthy food all year long.

You can grow plants indoors even if you don’t have the floor space for planters by building a beautiful indoor garden on your wall!

What a cool twist for fall gardening!

Just imagine not having to worry about the crazy weather conditions outdoors or the soaring food prices we are about to experience.

This is a great option for those who have limited space to grow many of  their vegetable plants indoors when fall gardening and throughout the year. 

I have just ran across some self watering wall hanging planters to buy on eBay  that you can get to create you first indoor garden.

Just put together your self watering wall garden system, add some grow lights and you are good to go for growing healthy food for your family while adding a beautiful home decor attraction  to you home.

Gardening in East Texas in the spring for the past few years has been a challenge to say the least. Constant rainfall and severe storms since the early  fall of last year has put a damper on growing a vegetable garden.

Maybe this fall will bring us different results. Many gardeners do not even consider fall gardening because of the winter frosts that might make an early appearance.

It seems the growing season is at least a month behind and should allow ample time to get your fall gardening projects started if you act now.

My experience in past years has shown me that fall vegetable gardens provide excellent vegetables and will extend crops long after spring garden plants are finished.

Vegetables produced from fall gardening are usually sweeter and milder than those grow in the early spring into summer and offer a better tasting vegetables for the most part.

What you choose to grow in your fall garden will depend on your available space and what you like to eat. My advice is to only grow what you like unless you want to grow it to give away.

When fall gardening just make sure and pick the vegetables with the shortest growing season so they can be fully grown and harvested before the first frost arrives.

You might want to consider picking garden plants that are frost tolerant.

There are many vegetable garden plants to choose  for fall gardening that do well growing over winter.


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 List of plants we grow for fall gardening (East Texas zone 7B)

(Courtesy of farmers almanac)

  • Bush Beans
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumber
  • Leeks
  • Kale
  • Swiss chard
  • Georgia Collard Greens

Leaf lettuce and spinach is recommended to start indoors which are not only light frost tolerant plants but also both great varieties for growing indoors with a little help from some grow lights through out the winter months.

Plant quality seeds directly into the soil at this time or you can pick up plants at your local garden center to transplant. There is no reason to start the seeds indoors at this time.

All others not in 7B growing zone, In order to know exactly when the best time to start fall gardening, you must know about when the first hard frost will hit your area. One of the best ways to tell this is by doing a search at Farmer’s Almanac.

They will give you accurate dates and are rarely wrong, they have been at it for a very long time. For more information about using Farmers Almanac see our  gardening post.

To get your soil ready for fall gardening you must first remove any leftover spring garden crops and weeds from your growing beds.

This would be an excellent time to start a compost pile for next years garden using the garden plant debris and yard waste that starts accumulating in the fall.

Crops leftover from the spring (if you have a garden now) or the last growing season may wind up spreading bad bacteria and disease if left in the garden soil. You will need to remove all garden debris at the end of each growing season.

Spread a few  inches of finished compost over the garden bed soil to increase the nutrients that the new plants that you plan to grow while fall gardening will need for feeding.

Always remember to purchase garden seed that has been tested from a quality  garden seed provider and don’t go for the cheapest seed out there to prevent hereditary seed viral contamination and crappy seeds in general that barely make a plant.

if you want cheap seeds many quality seeds are on sale now to buy at reduced prices.

To get an idea about whats to come in our near future and get more great gardening information see our survival gardening post!


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Throughout this article we have given you some tips on fall gardening and even some ideas for growing food indoors,

We have also supplied “links” to gardening products you may be interested in  and other gardening pages to help you get a better  understanding of our gardening process.

Click on and use these “links”  to get the most out of this fall gardening article.

Today’s technology now allows us to grow indoors year around if the extreme weather issues continue to arise like they have in the past few years.

I have recently discovered a incredibly cool wall mount, self watering gardening system that you can use indoors in any room of your home or apartment that allows you to grow all your garden greens indoors.

Just think about it no more pots taking up all of your floor space!

This self watering wall mount gardening system adds beauty and functionality to any room of your home or apartment. Mount the system modules on your wall, get some led full spectrum grow lights and your good to go!

Depending on how much room you have, Along side this wall garden system you also may want to tryout some seed sprouting and mushroom growing to get more nutritional products to go with your salad greens and other cool weather vegetables you will be growing in the fall.  

With our current weather conditions that have taken place over the past few years this system would be a great investment for growing healthy food year round indoors for your families nourishment and well being in the future.

There is still plenty of time for fall gardening outdoors for some of us this season and for the ones who can’t, we have recommended several other options to strongly consider, just follow the links supplied on this page and use your imagination.

It seems our growing seasons have become shorter now and it may become worse in the near future.

Prices of the food are already going up and shortages are coming due to over 19 million acres unable to be planted in the U.S. this year caused from the extreme storms..

Needless to say the acreage that were able to be planted in our mid-west  farm belt and neighboring areas are no longer producing as expected.

Despite all of this we still have options for growing our own food no matter what happens with the prices in the grocery stores.

Consider what we have discussed here and get creative with fall gardening.

For those of you who lost out on gardening in the spring, Take a shot at fall gardening you may like the results better.

Don’t just read about it, buy some gardening supplies on eBay to get started on your fall gardening project  now!

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