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Unique Gardening Ideas For Your Backyard Growing Edible Flowers!


Get the best unusual gardening ideas right here today growing edible flowers.

Edible flowers
Find Out What Edible Flowers You Can Grow At Home!

I’ll bet you never thought of growing edible flowers have you?

Planting edible flowers in your backyard vegetable garden to help control insects and weeds is today’s exciting gardening idea.

I bet it sounds crazy but all it comes down to is companion planting to provide you the most beneficial gardens ever.

The twist to this gardening idea is that the edible flowers have multiple uses that can benefit you and your garden.

Edible flowers are not only beautiful and smell great but some also carry many culinary and medicinal qualities.

Why not mix these amazing easy to grow flowers into your vegetable garden plots?

You have worked hard at establishing your garden and yet the work just seems to continue.

Have you experienced this issue?

Well there is a solution!

The rich fertile soil which you have created to grow your vegetables in just became a food source for multiple other weed sources that also have come to love your garden plot.

Weeding your garden plot becomes an issue in the hot sunny summer days.

The heat issue causes a neglectful attitude in the gardener, weeds are left unchecked and multiple pest varieties show up to feast on your prize garden plants.

Now we have 2 issues to deal with pests and the weeds.

This scenario is all to common with home gardeners including myself.

No one really wants to chop weeds out of their garden in the heat!


Gardening Is Supposed To Be Fun Right?

Well gardening can be fun if you plan it out a little differently than your average gardener.

Get More Gardening Ideas To Help Create Your Own Beautiful Garden Design Now!

I am sure you have seen the images of beautiful gardens with all the flowers and plants mixed up and growing  together.

When you think about it, there may be a very good reason for this.

Now you can make gardening fun again by creating a place of pleasure, peace and serenity in your garden area by adding edible flowers.

Instead of hard consistent labor of weeding and pest control issues try planting edible flowers in and around your garden.

As a fact when it comes to nature,  anywhere soil is exposed mother nature will always fill the exposed soil areas with her own ground cover in the way of weeds and grass to protect the living soil.

All we need to do as gardeners to get ahead of this weed issue is to plant our own ground cover plants like edible flowers in the place of mother natures weeds and grasses.

The use of creeping ground cover plants is a great idea for many areas.

I do recommend using it in your walkway areas but today I’ll be talking about other plants that are quite beneficial to you in your vegetable gardens.


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Grow Beautiful Fragrant Edible Flowers In Your Garden

Planting edible flowers is a great way to cover the ground to reduce weeds and add an amazing mixture of fragrances to your garden area.

Edible flowers also help control pests in your garden while at the same time many have extremely useful medicinal benefits.

All varieties of  flowers draw in pollinators and beneficial insects to combat the plant eating insects while making your garden area a serene beautiful place to be.

Most marigold flower varieties are exceptionally good at repelling insect pests while being  extremely easy to grow.

Marigolds  make good companions for mostly all of the vegetable plants in your vegetable garden.

This is known as companion planting in most gardening circles.

You should take some time to learn more about it to find out how it can benefit your garden.


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Benefits Of Growing Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are extremely beneficial and easy to grow.

Most varieties are sow and grow which means you prepare your soil and cast them down into the soil and water them in.

Most varieties are drought tolerant and don’t require a lot of maintaining.

Most edible flower types act as a pest magnet keeping the chewing insects away from the plants that you like the best while drawing in the beneficial insects which take care of your pest issues.

They also draw in beneficial pollinators to help with the basic tasks keeping your flowering plants pollinated for better production.

Flowers are great for filling in bare areas in and around your garden space covering the soil which help keep the weeds at bay.

These flowers are heavily sought after and serve many useful culinary and decorating purposes.

There are literally thousands of people searching and wanting to buy edible flowers at any given time   for cake decorating for weddings.  

Why not get into this massive industry by growing edible flowers yourself  for profit.


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Edible Flowers To Grow At Home 

What edible flowers can I grow?

Here are a list of edible flowers to grow at home we put together for you. 

Below you will find 18 edible flower types to grow at home in any of your yards flower beds, vegetable gardens, container gardens and patio gardens to grow for fun or profit.

Edible Flowers For Organic Pest Control
Get Organic Pest Control Ideas For Your Garden Using Edible Flowers And More.
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Bee Balm
  • Borage
  • Calendula
  • Nasturtiums
  •  Violas
  • Marigolds
  • Zinnias
  • Hollyhocks
  • Snap Dragons
  • Bachelors Buttons
  • Carnations
  • Sweet Williams
  • Lavender
  • Feverfew
  • Pansies
  • Echinacea
  • Amaranth
  • Sunflowers

There are multiple varieties of these edible flower types, in fact over 49 that I counted last from my valued  source which is  many more than I can list here.

These edible flowers grow different heights and diameters.

 These flowers can serve multiple purposes around your garden areas.

The main benefits is that they  draw the pollinators in as well as they provide a home for the beneficial insects to live.

In turn the beneficial insects protect your garden plants against the chewing insects pests that feed on your plants.

Most of these edible  flower varieties are easy to grow and are drought resistant plants. 

I have left a link at the bottom of this article to access edible flower seeds for sale.

This website that you will be sent to is where you can  get more complete information about planting and growing them.

Brighten up your garden and living areas and impress your friends with these gorgeous edible flower varieties.

Be sure to visit our new garden center page to find sources for  garden seeds, garden plants and other gardening products and information that you will need for your garden.


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Most of these edible flower types are sow and grow varieties, just remove the weeds and cast them straight to the soil and water them in.

Most of these organic seed varieties can be used for patio container gardening as well, while some will even grow indoors.

Need some help finding ideas for your garden design?

Visit our landscape design guide soon to get ideas and products to design your awesome edible flower garden today. 

Be sure to add  mulch to garden areas heavily after they are up and growing to reduce or eliminate any weed growth and help retain soil moisture.

Use your imagination and have some fun wit this unusual gardening idea for your backyard garden!

Take a look around you might find some others willing to buy your flowers, from what I’ve seen many varieties are very popular and could bring  a good extra profit into your homestead.

For those of you who want to get involved in the massive flower growing industry but just don’t know where to start we have found you a special offer on a great must read book The Flower Farmer that will reduce the learning curve for growing flowers

This book could get you off to a successful start in a cut  flower  growing business in no time. This is a limited time offer so act now! 

To get started click the link below to get more growing information and buy seeds!

Having trouble finding edible flower seeds?

No worries there are 90 varieties of edible flower seeds for sale here   along with their growing information.

 Now all you have to do is click the links provided above to get growing information and  buy your choice of edible flower  seeds now.

Get started now and enjoy your  edible flower garden this year!

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