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Find The Best Deals On Home Gardening Products At American Worm Castings Garden Center Today!

find great deals for your home garden. 

Choose the best deals on products from vendors all over the web.

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Garden Center Products

Get the gardening tools and information you need to succeed right here on this page.

Many of the home gardening products are being sold at discount prices at this time so  right now is the time to buy these product for your garden!

Shop & Save for home gardening products now to successfully start out your next gardening season.

The garden planting season of 2020 has come and gone.

I’ve seen reports from all over the web of gardening failures, Yet no one seeks advice from the professionals.

Here at our garden center you can find quality garden seeds along with all the professional written information you need. Buy and use these products to enhance your gardening knowledge starting today.

Indulge yourself to become the expert in your gardening field. Get the products you need to to make it all happen!


Navigating Our Garden Center 

Just click on the “Green links & Images” below under the gardening topics that interest you.. Find information and details on how to buy the garden products that help you the most.

Find many gardening products that are “on sale now” marked with the red lettering. These are time sensitive and may be taken down at any time.

Products on this page will be rotated frequently as new items become available and old deals expire, so check back frequently.

Just click the links of interest, create your account at the site you are visiting and buy your products!

Watch for the extra discounts and other promotional offers offered by these vendors while on their sites.





Landscape Design Guide

If you are looking for landscape and garden design ideas, products and information then check this page out.

Look no further we have a page already devoted to this subject so be sure to visit our page!

Outdoor Water Fountains

 Water Fountains make a great centerpiece for any landscape or garden designs.

Find one of the largest water fountain collections online where you can shop and compare to find the perfect piece to buy that suits your own unique  garden design theme.

Garden Design 

Get great garden design ideas, products and information to create a amazing beautiful garden at our own garden design blog post.

Find great gardening ideas and products to help you reach your garden landscaping goals now.

Click the link above to get what is needed to create your first awesome garden design today


Get Only The Best Top-Rated Yard & Garden Design Items at Plow & Hearth Now!




Browse this section to find garden plants online and buy garden plants online.

 Fruit Bearing Organic Plants

Enjoy delicious fruits and berries grown in your own garden for years to come.

Find multiple varieties of fruit bearing plants like blackberry, blueberry, goji berry, raspberry, honeyberry, huckleberry and japanese haskap that can grow in multiple growing zones.

Find over 30 different varieties of plants.

Browse the site and pick your zone to find some varieties specifically to grow in your own garden this year then order now.

Start enjoying tasty healthy berries this growing season from one of the largest most trusted online plant nurseries today.


Find Premium Worm Castings For Sale & Worm Castings Fertilizer For Your Garden Plants  On EBay Now!




Become the gardening expert you always wanted to be.

I understand that most people think they know everything when it comes to growing gardens but I assure you you don’t know it all and never will.

Gardening can be learning experience that takes place 365 days a year.

You will need study proven techniques and keep up with constantly changing events to learn new ways to work around the issues for a successful garden.

Browse and buy some  garden products like

  • Gardening Books
  • Downloadable Gardening E-books
  • Downloadable Gardening Courses

written by the experts in the field to help you enhance your gardening skills today!


Going Green With Diatomaceous Earth How To Tips

Get a copy of Going Green With Diatomaceous Earth on eBay. Enjoy low prices with fast easy secure payment processing!

This product is an easy to read 166 page guide that explains what diatomaceous earth is and how it can be used as a safer alternative as a natural food grade insecticide.

This Eco safe products use is well suited for homes, gardens, animals, birds, grains, farms, crops, orchards, buildings, along with  the environment.

The guide also includes practical consumer tips, recipes, and methods.

The garden guide contains over 101 easy ways to “go green” with Diatomaceous Earth.

Only 10 copies left so get yours using the link above today!


The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

Get a great deal on a copy of the complete compost gardening guide on eBay today as low as $4,60.

This Composting Guide turns the compost bin upside down on it’s head with this natural six-way compost gardening system.

This composting  system is designed to keep compost heaps right in the garden plots, rather than in some dark corner behind the garage.

This book contains great information for those who have small yards or can not have compost piles due to  property restrictions. On Sale Now As Low as $4.60 Per Copy While Supplies Last


The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook

The 384 page paperback “Herbal Medicine Maker’s Handbook” provides a complete text of natural home herbal remedies which are easy to understand and accessible to the novice and by the professional experts alike.

Subjects in the book include how to grow, harvest, and prepare herbs in your kitchen along with specific recipes for various ailments and conditions.

This handbook also teaches you ways to incorporate herbs into your diet to maintain daily health.


A Beginners Guide To Growing Heirloom Vegetables

Get the beginners guide to growing heirloom vegetables on sale now at eBay for as little as $5.02 while supplies last!

In this guide discover which 100 heirloom vegetables are the easiest to grow and best to eat.

Reveal the secrets of how to cultivate each heirloom vegetable successfully today. Used Copy With Signs Of Wear. On Sale Now!


Medicinal Herbs – A Beginners Guide

This 224 page paperback guide shows you how easy it can be to make your own herbal remedies for life’s common, everyday ailments.

This medicinal herbs guide  profiles 33 common healing plants and includes advice on growing, harvesting, preparing the herbs.

Reveal closely guarded secrets of using herbs in healing tinctures, oils, and creams.

The guide offers over 100 recipes for brewing teas, blending salves, making tinctures, oils and creams, pills, and more which is perfect for  beginners!


Practical Permaculture

Get a copy of practical permaculture today on eBay for a savings of 16% off regular price.

The practical permaculture book provides home gardeners with all of the skills they need to start their first long term permaculture garden.

This great  permaculture guide is also used  to further gardeners current involvement with permaculture gardening.


My Survival Farm

My survival farm is a A to Z guide on survival gardening that is packed full of information but still easy to read and understand.

This permaculture gardening course is perfect for times of economic downturns where social chaos exists.

It is is a great gardening solution because of a food crisis like we see today.

My survival farm is full of photos, diagrams and step by step advice on how to plant over 125 plants together in a permaculture garden setting.

Learn permaculture designs that can potentially keep your family fed for life with much less effort than a traditional garden.

This downloadable permaculture  gardening course comes with 6 awesome bonus products.

It comes with a solid 60 day money back guarantee if the product does not suit your needs.

My Survival Farm is surely a great buy so click the link above to get complete product details now.

Get your permaculture gardening course today!


American Worm Castings Natural Gardening Blog

Visit our very own gardening blog homepage to find dozens links to blog posts which cover many natural gardening related topics and more.

Find gardening information, gardening products and unique ideas to use for your garden today.


Home Gardening Ideas Guide

Get loads of ideas for how to start your first garden. Beginners who want to start gardening can learn everything you need to know about the basics of successful gardening. This free resource from our very own blog is great for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.


Find The Best Prices For Garden Hose,  Expandable Garden Hose And Garden Hose Repair Kits On Ebay Now!




Get your garden seeds and related products here to get ready for next years gardening season now.

Due to severe crop damages in 2019/2020 seeds supplies are running short.

Seeds are selling out quickly so don’t hesitate order your favorite  garden seeds today!

Just use these links below to find large selections of garden seed and supplies for any type garden you wish to grow now.


Botanical Interests™ Organic Garden Seeds  

Get your garden seed from a leading online supplier of high quality non GMO organic vegetable, herb & flower garden seeds along with garden tools and supplies.

Request your free seed catalog, download a free seed starting guide, free garden planner and more!


 Hoss Tools™ Premium Garden Seeds

These garden seeds come from a top supplier of AAS winning non GMO high quality heirloom and hybrid vegetable garden seed varieties which were chosen for best performance and flavor.

You will also find multiple  varieties of the most popular top quality garden seeds you would want to grow

These  Quality garden seeds are also available in bulk quantities while supplies last.


 Medicinal Herb Garden Seed Vault

This unique medicinal herb garden seed vault supplies you with 10 varieties of open pollinated non GMO heirloom medicinal herb seeds.  These seeds can store up to 5+ years with high germination rate.

This is a high demand product and sells out quick so get yours now!


Fruit Garden Seed Vault

This  fruit garden seed vault consists of 10 different kinds of fruit seed varieties including melons, strawberries, pumpkin, watermelon.

This garden seed vault stores well up to 5 + years with high germination rate. Apply coupon at site to get an additional 15% off!


Micro Green Seeds

At Botanical Interests you will find 11 popular varieties of vegetable and herb micro green seeds for your indoor micro green gardens.

Get basic garden seeds of any variety and  mixed seed collections available here.


Find A Wide Range Of Seed Starting Supplies Now On EBay Now!




Ferti Lome™ 5-1-1 Fish Emulsion Fertilizer Concentrate 32 oz.

Ferti Lome Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer
AD – Click Here To Stock Up On Fish Emulsion Fertilizer For Your Garden Now!

Give your leafy green garden plants the necessary nutrients required for explosive growth.

Increase yields of garden all plants.

Supply all of the essential nutrients for the development of green foliage and vigorous root systems .

Stock up now and enjoy this special purchase price of $9.99 per quart today. Get fast free shipping on select orders of $35 or more.

Enjoy fast easy checkout process with most major credit cards including


Click the image to access the product details to buy now.

Limited supplies so act fast!






Click & Grow Indoor Garden Kits

Easily grow small gardens year around on a counter top or any area of you home or apartment with some grow lights.

Even if you have never grown a garden before this simple indoor growing system is great for a year around supply of nutritious food no matter what the weather is doing outside. If you can run a coffee maker you can run this simple indoor garden system.

There are a few different garden kits to choose from to grow fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables 365 days a year in a small area of your home.

Click the link above for complete details about these amazing indoor garden growing systems and order yours today




Life & Home™ Lawn And Garden Tools

Find great prices on quality lawn and garden tools and gardening accessories at Life & Home™. Shop for over 1300 Items on sale now.

Find tools like:

  • Axes And Handles
  • Wood Splitting Mauls And Wedges
  • Wheelbarrow & Garden Cart Parts
  • Bulb Planters
  • Garden Rakes
  • Shovels For Garden, Yard And Snow
  • Garden Hoes
  • Garden Tool & Axe Handles
  • Tool Sharpeners
  • Pruners & Loppers
  • Weeding Tools
  • Spreaders
  • Garden Forks
  • Hedge Sheers
  • Hand Garden Tools
  • Hand Cultivators
  • Hi Wheeled Garden Plows and much more!

There are 55 pages of yard & garden tools listed here which are too many to mention here. Click the link provided  above to get great deals on tools and hard to find accessories at Life & Home. Take advantage of savings coupons at their site and fast free shipping on products marked “free shipping over $35”.


Quality Garden Tools And Garden Supplies At Hoss Tools™

Get your tools from our leading supplier of quality garden tools and products that help your garden grow.

wheeled Garden Hoe
AD -Get A Unique 2 Wheeled Garden Hoe For Easy Garden Maintenance Today!

Here you will find gardening products like;

  • Unique Wheeled Garden Hoes
  • Wheeled Garden Seeders
  • Large Selection Of Long Handle Garden Tools
  • Premium Garden Seeds
  • Garden Irrigation Systems
  • Pest Control Products
  • Garden Plant Supports
  •   Garden Fertilizers
  • Food Preservation Supplies. and much more.

Be sure to check out their sales page to find dozens of great products on sale.

This company is international sales capable and provides free shipping on orders over $99.00.


 Garden Shed Plans

Get 12,000 amazing shed plans in digital format at Ryan’s Shed Plans.

Save money now by building your own shed using these complete, detailed, step by step building plans that can be easily customized for building any type of garden shed you choose.

Click the “garden shed plans link” above for complete details now!


Get The Best Top Quality Essential Gardening Tools

Get only the best top quality essential gardening tools at Garrett Wade.

If you are tired of using junk garden tools that bend or break when you use them, here is your solution,

Shop from vast selection quality garden tools designed to last you for years to come.

Find quality garden tools like:

  • Axes
  • Harvesting Knives
  • Digging Tools
  • Ratcheting Pruning Tools
  • Saws
  • Weeding Tools
  • Watering  Accessories and much more.

All Garden Tools have a  90 day guarantee with free returns. Free shipping on orders over $125.00.


Save Up to 50% On Fall Yard & Garden Clean Up Tools At eBay Today!


Organic Pest Control For Your Garden


Natures Mace 100% Natural Organic Pest Control Products

Find 100% natural pest control repellents for you home & garden that have no harmful chemical additives to worry about.

Get rid of:

  • Rodents
  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Deer
  • Squirrel and more.

Use these pest repellents without harming them or any of your pets.

Find a wide variety of organic pest control products to rid your home, yard and garden pests.

Rid your property of;

  •  Mosquitos
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Bed Bugs and much more.

All of these pest control products are American made with your safety in mind.

All products have a 100% money back guarantee for home users and you can also get free shipping on all orders over $25.00 within the continental U.S.

To purchase these natural pest control products to rid your home & garden of all these pests and more. Click the “Green Link” above to get complete details.


Victor™ Out O’ Sight Mole Traps

Protect your yard gardens from destructive moles with mole traps.

Victor Mole Trap
AD – Buy Your Victor Out O’ Sight Mole Traps Here!

Get rid of moles quick with this easy to use medium snap animal & mole trap.

  • Easy To Set Up
  •  Kills Moles Fast
  • No Bait Required
  • Reusable
  • Weather Resistant

Click the image to get complete details to buy this must have pest control tool today.

Enjoy Life & Homes fast, secure easy checkout.

They accept most major credit cards Including PayPal.

Fast free shipping on select orders for $35 or more.


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