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 Discover Benefits Of Growing Fruits And Vegetables Organically When Homestead Gardening

Natural gardening is the best way of growing organic fruits and vegetables when your homestead gardening.

 Homestead Gardening Naturally
Discover Natural Homestead Gardening Today!

This homestead gardening method uses things only found in nature.

Gardening with this method lets nature do most of the work for you.

There are many benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables this way.

Organically grown foods are more nutritious and taste much better than produce bought in the stores.

Although they didn’t look as glamorous as grocery store produce they are chemical free and healthy to eat.

Read to the end of this post to find inexpensive effective ways to grow your homestead garden!


Homestead Gardening Naturally

Homestead gardening  naturally is safe and easy when you know how.

Your gardens will become more productive when incorporating these natural gardening principles mentioned below.

No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in natural gardening which allows us to avoid potential health risks..

This main benefit allows us  to grow fruits and vegetables at home that are safe and healthy to eat.

Keep reading to reveal more benefits listed below.


Benefits Of Organically Grown Food When Natural Gardening

The first benefit of organically grown foods are not sprayed with any harmful chemical pesticides.

Harsh chemical pesticides are off limits.

That means less health harming chemicals on the food that you and your family consume.


Why We Don’t Use Toxic Pesticides In Natural Homestead Gardening

Keep in mind that pesticides are created with only one purpose, to kill insects.

The problem with this is;

Pesticides don’t target just insects.

Pesticides are toxic to all living things in nature, including people.

Chemical pesticide protection is dangerous because pesticide  residue never goes away.

It continuously works its way into all natural ecosystems.

Pest control applications must be handled with utmost consideration to safety for plants, animals and humans.

The toxins used to create pesticides are extremely harmful to pets and children.

On average, a child ingests more cancer-causing pesticide residue from foods than an adult.

This can lead to various health issues later on in life.

Medical science has linked a whole laundry list of health problems with toxins used in pesticides.

Illnesses such as:

  •  Learning disorders
  •  Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Birth defects
  •  Toxicity of the central nervous system

These are just a few listed, there may be many more.

Worst of all, contamination from pesticides into the world’s water supply has already taken place.

According to The Environmental Protection Agency, 38 states have cases of contaminated groundwater.

It is our job as parents to ensure our children eat healthy nutritious food and drink clean water.

Read on to learn how to make that happen!

Listed below are more benefits of natural gardening.


 11 Benefits of Homestead Gardening

  1. With organic natural gardening, we remove these pesticide issues from our lives for better long term health.
  2. Applying these methods below also lessen the devastating effects on our fragile ecosystems.
  3. Growing foods organically can protect the topsoil from erosion which is excellent for our ecosystem.
  4. As an addition, it has a great residual effect on groundwater.
  5. Organically grown foods when homestead gardening are more nutritious.
  6. They taste much better than the average produce bought in the grocery stores.
  7. Although they may not look as glamorous as grocery store produce they are chemical free and healthy to eat.
  8. Growing your own fruit and vegetables at home is a great way of getting closer to nature.
  9. The independence and satisfaction that can come from growing your own food is as rewarding.
  10. Gain peace of mind when you know exactly how the food was grown.
  11.  Save money by growing your homestead garden using natural organic methods.


Natural Pest Repellents
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Beneficial Money Saving Techniques For Homestead Gardening

Hundreds of dollars a year can be saved by organically growing your own food when homestead gardening.

There are a few gardening ideas listed below to get you stated.

The overall beneficial savings come from these alternative methods;

  •  Soil for organic gardening.
  • Organic pest control
  •  Organic Fertilizers

You don’t need to buy any expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides when natural gardening.

Besides, the main purpose of taking care of vegetables in organic gardens will be defeated if “tainted” with chemicals.


Soil For Organic Gardening 

The main beneficial ingredient in our organic gardening soil is compost.

It is highly recommended that you learn how to make your own compost.

Commercial store bought soil products have a very high risk of containing harsh chemical and pesticide residues. This is why we suggest making your own.

Many of the materials they process may come from unknown sources. When you must buy your soil, Buy only OMRI certified soil products. This way you know they are only using natural products when making their soil.

Compost is made using a mix of kitchen vegetable waste and common yard debris you dispose of anyway.

Building a compost pile with a variety of organic materials in layers is the simplest method.

These must be kept damp and turned occasionally to keep air in them to avoid compaction.

Organic vegetable food scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells and banana peels can be added to make compost.

All of your yard waste accumulated throughout the year can be added while  composting.


Organic Pest Control For Homestead Gardening 

In natural gardening, pest control relies on a series of strategies, not on highly toxic chemicals.

I am sure you have already heard about  the insecticidal soaps, Neem oil sprays and diatomaceous earth applications.

We will mention a few other techniques that work

In natural gardening we plant various companion plants from all plant families beside our vegetable crops.

These plants attract beneficial insects to help out with pollination and insect control.

For example, you can companion plant suitable flowers to attract pest’s natural predators.  Wasps, Lacewings, Bees and other beneficial insects are attracted to your garden when companion planting.

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Another tactic for battling bugs is to introduce certain beneficial insects into your garden that eat other bugs.

Buy beneficial insects like ladybugs, lacewings, praying mantis to release into your garden. These Insects will take care of many insect pest issues for you.

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Spray your plants to feed with a worm casting tea about once a week for great results.

The application of worm tea makes your plant healthier to resist insect attacks. Visit our organic garden pest control  post to learn more now.


Organic Fertilizers For Vegetables 

In natural gardening you need to spend your time creating and maintaining healthy soil.

Fruits and vegetables grown in healthy soil have a very high resistance to pest and disease attacks.

Rich compost with living life forms is a start and adding worm castings to your garden bed soil mix is the top priority.

This will supply your garden plants with everything they need to thrive.

Organic composted animal manures can be added occasionally to feed the soil during your growing season.


Worm Castings

Earthworm Casdtings For Sale
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The top source for a great soil amendment and fertilizer for home gardening is worm castings.

Worm castings come from a process where composting worms are raised in simple worm farms for their manure.

This process of raising worms is called worm composting.

Today literally thousands of people are using this soil amendment when gardening while having excellent results.

Worm castings soil amendment provides your plants with a small amount of nitrogen.

They provide generous amounts of potassium and phosphates which are what is important.

Potassium and phosphates contained in the worm castings cause the garden plants to flourish.

They are great for accelerated plant growth and protection against predatory insects as well.

Get the complete details on how to use worm castings  while homestead gardening now.


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Worm Composting

Worm composting is a method we use to get worm castings.

The worm manure collected is a sustainable stable  source of organic fertilizer for homestead gardening.

Worm castings can be costly when purchased commercially.

It would be beneficial for you to learn how to raise your own composting worms at home.

This will help  to save money on fertilizers plus keep harmful chemicals out of your families garden.

Worm farming is easy and very inexpensive to get started. You can learn more about starting your first worm farm here.

Raising your own composting worms can save you a bundle during every growing season.

Learning about worm composting  would be an excellent choice for home gardeners.


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Animal Manures For Organic Fertilizer 

All animal manures from plant eating animals are  great for the garden. Do not use dog or cat manure just because they eat plants.

The small animals listed below are the easiest and least expensive  to raise for most homesteaders.

Small animal manure like these listed below are excellent for growing vegetable gardens organically.

These small animals also don’t take a lot of room to raise which is perfect for small homesteads.


Chicken Manure

Out of all animal manures chicken manure would be the best high nitrogen organic fertilizer.

Be aware his manure will burn your garden plants. Compost raw chicken manure until it breaks down and cools.

That doesn’t matter because you would be composting anyway.

This is why chicken manure comes in #2 on our list.

Bagged forms of chicken manure are getting to be the same as other animal manures when it comes to being tainted with harsh chemicals.

It is best to raise the birds yourself.

If you must buy it, buy the manure from someone you know personally or only buy O.M.R.I. certified products.

You will need to know what they have been fed to avoid chemical contamination.

Raising chickens can get expensive but keep in mind that that will

  • Provide you with a high grade fertilizer
  • Keep the insect populations down when free ranging
  • Turn your food, yard & garden scraps to usable fertile mulch
  • Provide you with a alternative food source after butchering
  • Give you free eggs to eat with the right type of birds

Chickens would be well worth the price of raising when done correctly.


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Rabbit Manure

Rabbit manure is coming in as a close 3rd in this list.

Rabbits have some of the best all around organic fertilizer on the planet. It works extremely well for homestead gardening.

Rabbits eat many of the same organic vegetables and fruit that we do so keeping the fed is less expensive.

They not only provide an excellent fertilizer but also supply you with another food supply when processed for their meat.

Rabbits are a little more difficult to raise.

Take special precaution when it comes to their safety.

All predators including domestic pets love to attack rabbits.


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Organic Fertilizers Form Around The Home

There are many items that you have in your home kitchen which act well as organic fertilizers for homestead gardening.

One example of organic fertilizer that you could make use of is as simple as stale coffee and coffee grounds.

Sprinkle some spent coffee grounds around the base of your plants once a month  for a slight nitrogen boost.

Pulverized eggshells are a great calcium boost for the soil. Calcium loving plants growing in your homestead garden will thrive.

Top dress the soil with eggshells and work them in slightly.


Trench Composting

When preparing your garden beds in the fall,  bury your vegetable scraps where the planting areas will be.

Continue this trench composting technique all winter.

Organic matter added to the soil will become extremely fertile.

This technique is a great  method for those who don’t have compost piles.


Organic Fish Fertilizer

Save fish heads and  guts from cleaning your fish on your next fishing trip.

Raw fish buried in your garden beds is a great nitrogen boost before planting.

Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer
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Many folks use sardines when planting their plants.

Be aware that this fish method may attract digging pests that will dig up your garden beds.

When digging animal pests are an issue try using fish emulsion fertilizer.

Fish Emulsion Fertilizer is a liquid natural organic fertilizer made from discarded parts of  fish. It has a 5-1-1 NPK and is an excellent choice for homestead vegetable gardening.

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This approach to pesticides and fertilizers is more time-consuming than buying prepared chemicals.

It is a rewarding activity when it comes to your health over time.



These homestead gardening tips described above will cause much less harm to the environment.

Revealed here are the many beneficial natural gardening techniques for growing your food organically.

Use these techniques make your families life better by improving their health starting today.

Congratulations!  You are now participating in in safeguarding the future of the next generations.

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