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 Homesteading Get The Keys To Starting Your First Homestead!

Homesteading is a lifestyle that is sustainable and  self sufficient with very little reliance as possible on the outside world .

Discover What Homesteading Is And How You Can Start For A Better Future Today!

Homesteading is a stable simple way of living which most young families seek and desire.

Many homesteaders create their own food supplies by  growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs in homesteading  gardens.

Many homesteaders also take part in raising different types of livestock on their property in order to increase their food supply while  cutting food costs to become more self sufficient.

 Most involved in homesteading choose to use self reliant practices on their property by,developing micro farms to raise their own healthy homestead gardens and various animals while canning and preserving their own food.

 Most often home schooling of their children can be part of this homesteading lifestyle.

In this article we are going to reveal the key points to get started in this rewarding homesteading process.


What Is A Homestead?

A homestead is a dwelling on a piece of property which every young american family desires to own at one time or another in their lifetime.

It is a place to safely raise their upcoming family and spend the rest of their lives known as a place we can call “Home”.

Most homesteading properties are located outside of major cities away from the everyday rat race in a  peaceful community country type setting where it is still possible to create a self sufficient style of living.

Most  of us can remember a childhood home place from our earliest memories that supplied us safety and left us with our fondest memories of family which we all have a desire to recreate.

Owning a home is the american dream and a homesteading tradition where the ideas of “american as apple pie” and “little white picket fences” originate from.


What Does Homesteading Mean?

These days homesteading means to learn new concepts to  take control over your future financial lifestyle.

The main concept you will have to  learn is to live your homesteading life by treating it in a way which is very much like a business.

You will have to find ways to keep your  monthly expenses below your monthly income level in order for homesteading to work in a positive way for you.

What homesteading all comes down to is  making the decision whether you want to feed your family and keep them safe or keep feeding the major corporations which have control over your life today. It is just that simple.

Many real homesteaders create multiple small income streams that they produce directly from their homesteading property to generate more than enough income to cover the monthly expenses.

So to sum up what does homesteading  mean is to learn how to think in a completely different way than you were taught growing up by our commercial public school systems which the information how to do this  can be found in good homesteading books and courses.

The word homesteading is taken from the word homestead which is defined by Random House Websters College Dictionary 1992 edition  is as follows;

“A dwelling with its land and buildings occupied by the owner as a home and exempted by homestead laws from seizure”.

This definition published in 1992 may have had some meaning back then  but as for 2019 is quite watered down.

These days the homestead definition  means very little but homesteading is still a better option than the alternative of someone else completely controlling your living situation.

As you can see it says if a man filed for a homestead exemption according to this definition that his home and property should be protected from acts of seizure.

Something has gone terribly wrong somewhere because even the homesteading property that I own  in Texas has been subject to this very clause in the recent past.

We will discuss a some major pitfalls about seizure most potential homesteaders are not aware of when buying their potential homesteading property below.


Pitfalls To Avoid By Doing Proper Research On Your Potential Homesteading Property

Thanks to some self serving state and local bureaucrats in our past over time they have managed to legally manipulate this homesteading law definition to were corporations can indeed seize your property for just owing debts depending on the state were you reside.

This is the very reason we as homesteaders have to take on a new way of thinking to learn new methods for generating multiple streams of income from our homesteading properties to cover these mandatory expenses.

Homesteading in Texas at this time we still have some protection against private corporations seizing property because of debt.

There are other predators lurking in the shadows to be aware of that will put a kink in your homesteading plans.

For instance do not ever miss a school or county property tax payment because they will quickly take legal action to seize and auction off your property at your local courthouse in many states.

Also be aware your  friendly bankers can pay these overdue taxes so they can take over control to  resell the property for a profit.

Lets face it from time to time everyone has debt issues for some reason or another normally having to do with an unstable or weak economy in the area you live in.

We just need to be aware of what entity is lurking in the back round to steal your homesteading property and find ways to avoid these issues.

Always figure in extra money in advance to pay these taxes on your potential homesteading  property.

I do believe in paying your property taxes because some of the funds go to a good use.

Everyone needs to contribute but I believe these taxes  need to be regulated to cut out the overspending.

I currently live in a county were the school tax rates swing widely to high levels from year to year any time they decide they want some new toys and the residents just have to pay for it.

This is a mistake I made while purchasing my potential homesteading property  and a mistake you can avoid by doing proper research.

You will never own your home or property within this country, sorry but that is a fact.

You will always be told that you own it but in reality you will have to rent the purchased property from your county tax assessor and school districts which  is a sad fact about homesteading these days.

Buying property for homesteading does offer some freedom you would not get  from your current landlord as long as the potential homesteading property that you decide you purchase has no restrictions attached to it.

To find out about restrictions you will have to do a title or deed search at your county deeds office in advance to find out if the property is clear.

For instance the property I own now has one restriction registered at the county of that I can not own hogs on the property were I live.

For example the property I own now which is used for homesteading is located in a suburb with housing all around me that was very spread out  when I moved here.

The only restriction attached to the property is that I can not raise hogs on it.

To be honest being raised as a kid on a farm working with hogs, I wouldn’t want them on this property anyway the yard is not big enough.

This is just a good example of homesteading restrictions you can find when you look for them.

Deep research into your state and county homesteading laws will be required to see if homesteading is still possible where you want to live.

Be sure to research the tax rates over a period of years to see if you can afford them because soaring tax rates can be hard to cover when things get tight.

Don’t be misled by the  bunch  online with deep pockets bragging about what they have while telling you how wonderful homesteading is.

The fact is that you will need to learn a new way of thinking far from what many of  us were taught growing up to make homesteading work out for you.

The decision to accept  the homesteading lifestyle  can be very rewarding especially if you are raising a young family because the pros will outweigh the cons in the end  if you decide that you want to make it work for you.


Is Homesteading Still Possible?

Yes,  homesteading is still possible and you can get started from anywhere you are in your life.

Homesteading is nothing more than some self sufficient and sustainable principles of a lifestyle that we all need to learn and apply in our lives today that the public school systems do not teach us.

Even if you are still living the city life in a apartment living paycheck to paycheck, you will just have to get the right information necessary in front of you and apply it to become more self reliant.

Cutting  expenses to get out of debt are usually the first steps taken in order to help make some life changing decisions about what you want to achieve in the future for the well being of your family.

I need to mention some basic facts here before I dig into this homesteading topic.

I am not intending to upset anyone here but there is something you need to understand.

If you are not serious about making your future lifestyle better and not willing to invest the time and money for researching  to learn new ways to get ahead in the future, you may as well not waste anymore of your time and leave this page now.

You will need to get serious and start running your life like a business by investing money into some reliable resources from professionals and others that made homesteading work well for them.

These homesteading resources are available to buy in  the form of books, e-books and courses of different kinds for which you can find links throughout this homesteading article.

This is how you can get get quality accurate information that has been proven to work for others which I am sorry to say is not free.

I understand that you have been taught everything on the internet should be free but trust me it is another  fictional belief  that you need to forget.

It takes a extraordinary amount of time and costs money to run these websites and by no means is the most important homesteading information ever going to be free.

Most websites rely on financial support from their visitors through donations or other means like purchasing products on their sites including the big authority sites.

These big authority sites on any subject which hire ghostwriters to produce content that only give you a small  limited amount of information at best.

Lets face it the reality of figuring out this complete homesteading system on the limited information available for free is very slim.

You could spend years experiencing set backs and failing to to make it work out for you when you don’t have access to all the important information.

The rest is up to you to seek out the proper expert written homesteading information that works whether you buy products online or not.

If you chose to stay that’s great,  lets get started with some great homesteading ideas!


How To Start Planning Your First Homestead

There are many different levels of homesteading and you can begin planning at any time in your life no matter where you are living, even if you live in an apartment in the middle of a city.

Here are some great homesteading skills and related topics to get started researching so that you can apply them in your new life long journey to become more self reliant.

Learn some  great homesteading skills and homesteading ideas by clicking the “green links” and images below.


Depending on where you are at in this process, picking a homesteading subject for what you want to learn about first  would be your personal priority.

Getting out of debt or finding a some easy side income that will allow you to pay your way out of debt would be a great place to start in your homesteading plan.

Learning about these homesteading skills on the list of topics above like the “EZ battery reconditioning course” will not only save hundreds a year of your your hard earned cash but could also become a much needed new high income source to help you reach your homesteading goals to become  self reliant.

Think about this a minute and imagine if everyone these days needs batteries in their lives to run everyday tools and appliances while everyone’s batteries eventually go dead.  How much money could you make restoring these batteries as a side job with these simple methods you can learn from the E Z battery reconditioning course?

Anyone anyplace in the world can restore most batteries around their home and in their cars back to life and this would be a top pick for adding into your homesteading skills arsenal from the very beginning.

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Be sure to watch the short video to get complete details about how this battery reconditioning  course can help you get ahead.  Get your course today so you will  never have to buy batteries again!

That is not the only great homesteading skills course out there though, as a matter of fact I have also ran across another great complete homesteading course called ” Autopilot Homestead” which you can access by clicking the image link on the right

Auto Pilot Homesteading Course
AD – Get This Complete Homesteading Course To Learn & Apply Homesteading Techniques In As Little As 7 Days Guaranteed!

Visit their site today to look into this high performance homesteading skills course containing easy to follow videos and PDF e-books now so you can get your homesteading activities up and running in as little as week.

The auto pilot homestead course has a money back  guarantee so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you buy it now.

Why not cut out the learning curve to homesteading and make a small investment to fast track  your families future security today?

The list of links above will give you some great homesteading ideas of where to start to make homesteading possible so click the link to a subject that suits your needs the most and get started today.

We highly suggest getting out of debt to start off with this will the the key to sustainability.

There is another inexpensive book called homesteading for beginners on eBay which you may want to get. This homesteading book covers mini farming, self sufficiency, gardening and survival topics which you may want to learn about to apply to your homesteading plans.

If you already know about some of these homesteading subjects you are already ahead of the crowd.

You don’t have to own property to begin this homesteading process,  that can come later after you start applying some of these basic lifelong principles which help you cut expenses to start saving money to get ahead.

You can also make a list of priorities that fit the level in life that you are at right now. Set some goals of where you want to be at in the near future.

Many parts if not all of the homesteading process consists of setting goals to make your life better one step at a time.

Most goals would likely be to get out of debt. so “debt relief and personal finance budgeting” would be a great place to start which you can find a link to get a great product in our list above.

This list you create may be of things in your life now that you can actually do without and eliminate or reorganize them to find more cost effective ways you can still keep similar services without staying broke.

Cutting your food bills is another way you can cut excess spending out of your budget.

By limiting the times you eat out  at restaurants could save money and you would see considerable savings start to pile up each and every month which you can start applying towards your homesteading efforts..

survival gardening methods
Get Survival Gardening Ideas To Use In Your Homesteading Garden Here!

In the near future the cost of buying your groceries at the local supermarket will start to skyrocket because  of a looming food shortage that has been created by the extreme weather issues in our country in the last few years.

Learning to grow much of your own food supply and preparing  it at home from scratch will allow for many of these these major expenses to be avoided.

You can really save a lot of money for many years while using these homestead gardening skills.

As a matter of fact we have just released a new e-book to help you get started with the whole process of setting up and growing your first homestead garden.

You can get a free copy of our own vegetable gardening secrets exposed e-book at no cost to you today by using this link provided.

Starting a small easy to grow herb garden for  medicinal purposes could save you a lot of money from routine trips to the doctors office on a regular basis due to common illness.

Medicinal herbs introduced into your diet can help you build up your immune system to help avoid many of these trips which costs a bundle over time..

Plants in the herb family have always been used to aid in healing by boosting your immune system from the earliest times of human existence.

Learn About Medicinal Herbs
AD – Learn The Healing Secrets Of Herbs and How To Grow Them In Your Own Homesteading Garden Now!

Herbs have been used medicinally for centuries by some of the oldest cultures  on earth.

Herbs have been used to successfully maintain their good health by building up their immune systems without the need of modern medicine that we use today.

It may be well worth your time to learn about how to grow medicinal herbs and the proper way to use them especially if you have young children who are prone to illness.

There is a course you might be interested in just click the image on the right to get more information about it.

You can get a good supply of medicinal herb seeds here while supplies last.

There are  many  techniques that you can learn and  use to cut costs which will allow for extra money to start the process of getting ahead to a point of  planning  your new homesteading lifestyle.

All these money saving self sufficient methods  can be used for the rest of you life creating a less stressful more prosperous lifestyle.

Learning and applying a few money saving techniques on a regular monthly basis to save your hard earned cash will start to add up over time helping you out of debt before you know it.

Learning about  everything provided on the list above above is part of the homesteading process.

Choose a subject from your list that negatively impacts your life the most and research it.

Find out how you can become more self sufficient in the area of your life which is the weakest.

Take small steps and learn what you need to improve in your lifestyle then  start applying what you have learned to move ahead in your homesteading process.

Once you complete a task move to your next priority.

There are a lot of great resources you can purchase on the web or you can go to a public library near you and check out some great books on these topics to get started.

I prefer personally to keep the important subject matter on hand which applies to daily to homesteading life for future reference if possible.

Lets face it no one can remember everything when it comes to homesteading and it’s always good to  have the information in front of you when you need it.

There is  quite a bit of free sustainable gardening resources already on this site you can use at will by checking out our other blog posts  through out this site, so help yourself you may find some great ideas for starting your first homestead garden.

One of our most recent posts you might be interested in deal with a overwhelming issue for some new homesteaders which is how to dispose of yard waste which can be a issue when buying distressed properties.

You may want to visit our yard waste disposal post which reveals several cost effective  ways to recycle yard waste including tree debris to create some beautiful and useful low cost landscapes and gardens.


Find Great Homesteading Books To Enhance Your Lifestyle On eBay Now!


What Does It Mean To Have A Homestead?

What it means to have a homestead is first off would be security.

It is secure for reasons like being able to grow your own natural food supplies for a healthier lifestyle, eliminating debt that is holding you back from a simpler lifestyle and moving your family away from crimes associated with the cities just to name a few.

The security of knowing that now that you own your property is the biggest reward.

Knowing that your landlord can’t throw you out at random or make it  no longer affordable to live in their dwelling by jacking up your rent is a stress reliever for sure.

There is nothing more stressful than your family to have to pull up roots and move because of some greedy landlord..

Buying a homestead can be a solution to many of our life issues.

Following these suggestions in this homesteading guide you can put you in a position to get your future homestead property in no time.

Since most homesteading properties  are in a country setting you no longer have the threat of groups of people with nothing better to do than stealing or tearing up your property and belongings while you are away which occur quite often in most cities.

When in the country most people have better things to do with their time and are overall very nice people that have respect for others.

If you chose the right  homesteading property with no restrictions as mentioned above you now have the ability to create a homestead garden to grow most of your own healthy nutritious food supply which can not be purchased in stores.

Whether you want to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit trees or livestock,  you can choose to raise all of them at will with good homesteading plans.

Remember to take it one step at a time to master each step in your homesteading plan to avoid  overwhelming yourself and getting discouraged.

You don’t need 30 to 40 acres of land because  a lot of meat and produce can be grown on a small piece of property providing huge savings on your food bill yearly.

You now have the ability to make your property work for you by producing food and other useful items you can now sell or trade to help cover expenses of your property which is not allowed in most cities.

You are now allowed in most states to make necessary repairs to your home and property without costly permits and expensive building contractors to deal with.

Because you own the homesteading property you are allowed by law to make your own repairs.

As a general rule most country school districts have better schools with lower student populations and are much easier for your kids to participate in school activities and functions.

Due to less populations your kids won’t experience as much trouble with other students  that is associated with large school populations.

Exceptions do apply to this rule so be sure to check out how good your school district really is in advance prior to buying property.

Your kids will have a place they can one day call a home place were they can remember all the love and family functions along with childhood  memories associated with simple living while growing up that they just cant get in noisy crowded cities.

If you really want to know what does homesteading mean;

Join the premier community of people making their own medicine, growing their own food, & becoming extraordinarily healthy at The Grow Network. 


How Do I Get A Homestead?

In order to get a homestead, your homesteading plans should be well thought out developed and on paper.

At this stage you know exactly what type of property you are looking for and how large the property should be to fit your plans.

There are some questions you may ask yourself;

  • How are your finances?
  • Have you revealed multiple new homesteading techniques and currently using to better your lifestyle by becoming more self reliant?
  • Do you have access to a loan to fully finance your property?
  • Will your finance company cover you insurance costs within the loan?
  • Do you have a sizable amount of money for a down payment and closing costs?

If your answer to any of the above questions are yes then it may be time to start looking for your choice  property suitable for homesteading.

By now in this stage of the process you should also know where you want to live,  work and spend the rest of your life.

Finding homesteading property is not hard it just takes time so be patient.

You just need to find the right property suitable for your homesteading plans and that may present some  issues.

You may need to make some adjustments and compromise some in order to make  a property that you find work which doesn’t quite fit your homesteading plans.

It is very unlikely that you will find the perfect piece of homesteading property but who knows you may get lucky!


Discover How To Get Homesteading Grants And Homesteading  Loans To Buy Your Property,Pay Off Debt And More Now! 


3 Ideas On How To Get Property Suitable For Homesteading

Inheriting a homestead would be the ideal situation but for most in the U.S. this is no longer a reality so we won’t count it.

Below are some other proven methods I know of that you can use to get your own property suitable for homesteading.

Idea # 1 – First I would visit is your local courthouse at the county seat in which area you want to live.

Ask the clerk in the public land deeds division about delinquent tax rolls.

Remember we discussed earlier about the county seizing property for delinquent taxes?

You may as well gain from someone else loss when it is  possible.

Get the information on the properties coming up for auction and visit them to see if it is something that fits your homesteading plans.

This tactic may take some time so you may have to get access to their list  so you can watch for all of the new listings coming up.

You will need access to some cash for this tactic but you can normally score some nice homesteading property for a small amount of money doing this.

Idea#2 –  Next  I would look is the classified ads around the area that you chose live.

Watch for owner finance deals on a piece of homesteading property that you can get into privately with some money down and monthly payment going directly to the land owner.

This is a good way to get some land quick but do your title/deed research to see if there are any financial liens against the property that may be preventing the owner from selling through normal channels.

Be sure and watch for this issue.

Most of the time owners sell using this method so they can have a steady income coming in every month instead of having to pay capital gains taxes for getting all their money up front.

But there are some people who get repairs done or take loans out against their property but never pay for them.

This is when the  liens get filed on the property in hopes of getting paid when the property is sold.

The current property owners can pass on these liens for repairs and other loans to the potential unsuspecting buyer if they not aware through owner finance deals.

If you find a lien against the homesteading property take down the  contact information available.

Contact the person who filed for it originally to see if there is an error or if the lien is actually valid.

If the lien is valid it would be time to re negotiate the deal on the potential homesteading property to cover the lien.

Many times the liens that were never removed from the records for some reason or another are not valid which will not effect you financially.

With proper release of lien information from the original lien holder, the liens against the potential homesteading property can easily be removed.

Idea # 3 – This last option to get suitable homesteading property is to go through the normal channels.

Contact your areas realtors and let them know what type of homesteading property you want to buy and the price range you can afford.

After making contact they will get back to you with a list of available homesteading properties similar to what you are looking for.

This is by far the easiest method because the realtor will do most of the the leg work for you but it is more costly.

Most banks and lending institutions prefer this method over the others and are much more likely to quickly finance the deal.



There you have i tour little guide to homesteading for beginners.

Homesteading the keys to better living guide where you learn how to start planning your first homestead.

I hope you find this little homesteading guide useful.

I have personally used several methods in this guide so I can say this is not a bunch of theory but real methods that do work when homesteading.

In this post we  have answered some basic questions most people ask about  homesteading.

We have given solutions for pitfalls which  most people are unaware of while giving some explanation to what it means to have a homestead.

I have provided ideas that I have used personally to get get property suitable for homesteading.

So much can be accomplished  on a piece of land that you can call home in which I hope you decide to move forward with this homesteading concept soon.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what stage you are at in life, there is information for you to get started homesteading within a week if you decide to take this information serious.

Take some time to click on the “green links and images” throughout this homesteading post to find more relent information which you may need.

Get started homesteading today!

If you feel this homesteading article was useful feel free to like and share it on your favorite social media  using the buttons below.

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