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How To Grow Borage The Ultimate Step By Step Guide

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How To Grow Borage A Complete Growing Guide

  Welcome to our complete how to grow Borage guide.

In this article we will discuss how to grow borage. You will learn  how growing borage plants can benefit you.

how to grow borage flowers
Learn How To Grow Beautiful Borage Flowering Herbs Also Known As Star Flowers Today

Growing borage is extremely easy and it comes packed with all kinds of benefits for you and your garden.

From the earliest recorded times of the human  civilization, growing borage has always been a big hit with the masses!

From it’s honey tasting flowers to it’s cucumber tasting leaves, it has always been a favorite.

Borage is known as an annual flowering herb that is primarily native to the Mediterranean basin regions  of the world and said to be a native plant of  ancient India.


Why Grow Borage?

Many people worldwide grow Borage for many reasons, here are several;

  • Borage brings it’s grower many benefits.
  • It helps out in our gardens by controlling invading pests.
  • The plants attract necessary pollinators to help our garden plants grow.
  • The Borage plants have many culinary uses
  • We will mention the many medicinal benefits that the plants provide.

Borage a.k..a ” the star flower plant as known in antiquity” has been very popular over centuries throughout Europe and the U.K.

These plants are still widely grown in many gardens throughout these countries today. 

Over time the plants growing  range has wildly increased covering most countries of the world.

The reason for the herbs high popularity worldwide is most likely because of its wide range of it uses.

Borage has culinary uses, and multiple medicinal uses while being a stunning looking plant that is easy to grow.

It’s has now been widely expanded throughout the rest of the world.

Borage is easily grown in most regions of the U.S. as described below while being very beneficial for most gardeners who do so.

Discover the benefits of growing this amazing plant below!


The Many Benefits Of  Growing Borage

Companion Planting With Borage

Borage a.k.a the star flower plant” is an all around great plant that is easy to grow which has several benefits that are associated with it.

Bee Feeding On Borage Nectar
Growing Borage Attracts Bees To And Other Beneficial Insects To Pollinate Your Garden Plants

This flowering herb is known as a companion plant, a culinary herb and a medicinal herb which you can grow near your garden for beneficial results.

The plant has been referred to throughout the years to be a great companion plant for tomatoes .

Growing Borage near your tomatoes tends to confuse the moths that would normally lay eggs for tomato horn worms which can cause total destruction for your tomato plants.

This confusion tends to  divert the moths away from the tomatoes and eliminate the potential egg population of the destructive worms.

The worms hatched from these moths eggs would otherwise be targeting your prize tomato plants for destruction.

Borage is not only a good companion plant for tomatoes but it also makes a great deer repellent for your home garden.

Reports state when grown with tomatoes the plant can make the tomato fruits taste better.

It’s also said to help improve their growth although there is no scientific proof  to prove this theory.

You will have to learn how to grow Borage yourself  then be your own judge!

Borage Helps Other Plants Grow Better

Many reports indicate that plants like

  • Spinach,
  • Strawberries
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower

 can all benefit greatly from the protection of these “star flower plants” when planted nearby as companion plants.

While helping out all these garden plants in several ways, bees are also attracted to these plants as a food source.

The bees consume the nectar from the flowers.

Borage plants can help keep large numbers of bees close by your garden area to help greatly  with the pollination task.

This is great for your tomatoes and other blooming garden plants that require it.

Local bee keepers can also greatly benefit to help feed and control their populations of  their hives by planting a number of of these plants close by.

By growing Borage nearby their bees don’t have to travel far to find a worthy food supply. 


Medicinal Benefits Of Borage 

Since I am a gardener and not a medical doctor, I am not allowed to describe medical treatments on the internet.

We’re not allowed to tell you all of the medicinal uses and cures that these plants actually possess.

I will give you ideas of where to find out from some professional sources that are qualified.

Medicinal benefits are reported throughout centuries when using Borage in multiple ways as natural herbal medicine.

Reports indicate that Borage helps with ailments such as

  • Attention disorders  
  •  Gastrointestinal tract issues
  • Cardiovascular disorders 
  • Respiratory issues

and more through applications of several different types of treatments using these plants.

Borage has many medicinal properties associated with it.

If you would like to find out more visit this informative page on wikipedia for details.


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How To Grow Borage

Welcome to our borge growing guide where you get the information you need about how to grow borage at home.

Borage is a easy to grow flowering herb which grows well in most areas of the world including the U.S.

These plants grow in poor to moderate well drained soil without heavy fertilization or expensive soil amendment.

Although not required, quality compost added into the soil before planting is advised.

Application of compost or mulch  around the base of the plants during the growing seasons should be adequate.

Warm to moderate growing  temperatures along with adequate watering to keep them moist is usually enough to keep them happy.

Find a detailed guide on how to grow Borage listed below.

Follow the guide instructions and enjoy growing the star flower plant!!


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How To Plant Borage

  Recommended Regions To Plant and Grow Borage

 There are many regions throughout the U,S. that are perfectly suitable for growing.

There are the only a handful of suitable regions (due to their climate) for growing the borage crop successfully.

When living in any of these regions of the country listed below you would  be successful growing these plants .  

  • Northeast Region
  • Southeast Region
  • Midwest Region
  • Western Region
  • Pacific Northwest Region
  • Southwest Region


Best Planting Zones 

 Ideal plant hardiness zones in the U.S. for growing borage are planting zones  3 – 9.

Check the back of your seed packaging to see a map showing what zone you are in.

Most seed packets have maps on the back, for the ones that don’t follow the link provided below

Visit our  home gardening post for complete details on finding your plant hardiness zone.


 A Step By Step Guide For How To Grow Borage


Planting Information for how to grow borage is as follows;


 Plant Borage in a well drained fertile soil for best results when growing over time.

For best results plant during the mid spring to early summer months.

Wait until after all the threat of frost and freezing weather is over before direct sowing seeds into the soil.


Row Spacing 

When growing borage space your rows at least 3 foot apart for best results.

These plants can normally get around 2 foot in diameter on average. Adjust spacing according to your specific needs. This leaves room for a pathway around the plants for access. 


Depth To Plant Your Seeds 

Plant seeds about  ½’ deep at 6 apart.

After plants are up and growing thin them out to 1 plant at least 12” apart. 


Days To Germination 

Approximately 5 days @ 70 degrees or above.

Those of you with cooler climates and short growing seasons you can start borage seeds indoors. 

Grow indoors in pots 12″ deep until temperature requirements are met to transplant outdoors.


 When To Plant 

Soil temperature outdoors should be at least 70 degrees or over for best results germinating.

Late spring through early summer are the best times to plant outdoors when direct seeding around garden beds. 


Soil Type 

Loose  aerated soil is best for growing all plants.

Borage plants are not picky about their soil but it’s always a good practice to provide fertile well drained soil for best results. 

When you have hard compacted soil it’s beneficial to work  a quality organic compost into your soil well in advance to ensure good drainage capabilities.

Composting also adds fertility to the soil for the plant can feed on.


When & How To Harvest 

Borage takes around eight weeks to mature.

It is highly recommend to harvest the flowers as soon as they fully open.

This will eliminate the possibility of seeds dropping and germinating causing these plants to spread out of control.

Harvest the leaves anytime you see fit to suit your needs.

There is  another website which has an excellent detailed post about growing Borage that I would like to share with you.

If you would like to learn even more details about how to grow borage visit this post at page  is loaded with Borage growing information that we don’t cover here.


Where To Buy Borage Seeds

Below your will find a small list of our vendors to shop for Borage seeds and other medicinal herb seeds for sale.

Buy Borage seeds now using these links provided below.


Botanical Interest Borage Seeds

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 Growing Tips

It is not recommended to add these plants directly into the same garden space or row along side your tomatoes.

Due to the aggressive growing nature and fast spreading of the plants they will overtake your garden plants.

 Grow them in their own space within other rows close by or in separate garden planters.

This will allow them to be moved where needed for best results. 

Since these plants are annuals and return year after year you would actually be planting your other garden plants close to them.

Borage would be a great companion plant for all around organic pest control in any home garden.


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There you have it, a  complete guide on how to grow Borage and the list of it’s benefits.

Borage also known as the “star flower” in ancient times is one of the most worthwhile  edible flowers you can grow in your garden.

You will enjoy it because of it’s beauty and many uses it has in so many categories.

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I hope this article about how to grow Borage  inspires you in your garden growing adventures.

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Start growing your own Borage today!

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