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Hurricane Dorian The Killer Hurricane Of Our Century

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Could Hurricane Dorian Be The Storm Of The Century?

Hurricane Dorian is unlike any other hurricane we have seen in our past!

Hurricane Dorian
Will Hurricane Dorian This Be The Most Powerful Storm In The U.S. Of Our Century?

There will more than likely be some headlines about Hurricane Dorian in the media similar to this in the next few days.

I am sure we could add this monster storm to all the rest of the extreme weather events of 2019 into the record books of the most costly storms of all time.

 Could hurricane Dorian be the strongest hurricane recorded in our history of keeping track of storms in the U.S.?

We will see!

As of the 11 am update today on bp  on September 1st, it is being reported that Hurricane Dorian is still heading due west at between 5-8 miles an hour holding 185 mile per hour sustained winds while passing over the eastern half of the  Bahamas islands.

 It seems the tracking models for hurricane Dorian have been temporarily suspended because of uncertainty of how the storm is going to react.

According to a spokesman of Fema today when asked about the tracking models for hurricane Dorian, he mentioned they are not sure how this storm will react because of the strength of the storm.

I believe they have never dealt with a storm of this magnitude like hurricane Dorian and they don’t understand it.

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According to the report from BP earth watch he said that hurricane Dorian is making it’s own rules as it moves along which are very unpredictable.

No hurricane in our life time has ever reached the strength of this storm.

Dorian is  tied in it’s  strength to only one other, the great hurricane of 1935 according to reporting in which utterly destroyed infrastructure in many parts of the Bahama islands at that time.

During an interview conducted that aired  this afternoon on fox news with the same spokesman of F. E.M.A, he did mention the  winds were reaching over 186 miles per hour at times which means it may be  considered the strongest hurricane on record for the U.S. 

The rep also mentions a 2 foot plus of storm surge they were expecting before the storm comes on shore

We will see what they say after downgrading the facts from hurricane Dorian.

Remembering back to hurricane Katrina and its power with it’s 150 mile per hour wind speeds during landing in New Orleans, and the power of its momentum to it’s 300 plus mile journey inland.

This hurricane laid a inland destruction path that cut through Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi all the way to Arkansas before it slowing down to a normal storm strength level.

Just think of the power and momentum of this slow moving powerful hurricane Dorian with  185 mile per hour plus winds could do.

I bet it could clear out everything in it’s wake.

 I remember well the destruction of Katrina being almost 300 miles from where it first landed and the damage here where I live that it caused. 

There is no comparison in strength between these two storms, hurricane Dorian is much more powerful!

Prayers go out to all affected by this monster of a storm.

I do believe that what they are not telling us with these storm tracking models is that this storm has the power to possibly cut a path of devastation right across  the lower half of Florida.

Hurricane Dorian has the strength  to cross Florida then enter the gulf of mexico to strengthen again before making its turn to hit another state as a final landing target somewhere else in the gulf. 


Evening Update On The Progress Of Hurricane Dorian

There are new reports this evening that some information  has arrived from a residents around the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas.

According to the resident that took some cell phone camera footage showed the area he was in has been devastated and left inhabitable by the first half of the storm.

The residents were reporting on the hurricane Dorian event during the calm time while the eye of the hurricane was passing over them.

Although the first half had reportedly already shredded everything according to the footage they knew the second half of the storm after the eye passed would be much worse than the first part.


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Hurricane Dorian Update September 2nd

Read all updates for Hurricane Dorian to the end of this article for the most recent important information.

Labor day festivities will not be taking place on the Florida  beaches today as a mandatory evacuation has been put into place.

Most homes and businesses are now boarded up while the people flee to safety away from hurricane Dorian.

Fox news reports 4 new states are now under evacuation orders and warnings.

Florida now expects a 20 foot storm surge from the powerful hurricane Dorian which will undoubtedly swamp and destroy large amounts of structures among coastal areas.

Residents  in the Bahamas report most areas are still getting slammed this morning by the slow moving hurricane Dorian and it is doubtful there will be much left in usable condition in the wake of this killer storm.

Hurricane Dorian is now expected to make a turn to head up the coastline of Florida, then along the North and South Carolina coastlines later in the week.

We will have to watch and see what hurricane Dorian actually does.


Hurricane Dorian Update September 3rd

Hurricane Dorian has stalled or has been parked in place off the Florida coast. Parts of the Bahamas are being shredded to pieces by this storm as it sits in place.

Has anyone ever seen a hurricane with this this size and momentum stop?

We  apparently have the technology to manipulate these hurricane storm paths now.

We have seen signs in the past like the hurricane that flooded Houston a few years ago,  but it is now overwhelmingly clear someone is manipulating and guiding these storms paths.

As I started this post, I though there would some major destruction coming from hurricane Dorian now that I seen the actual real time coverage from underground world news.

I do believe now weather manipulation has taken place and there will be nothing more than a heavy rain event as the storm is  steered  up the coastline of Florida in days to come.

The evidence is now overwhelming  that weather manipulation and the ability to steer storms like hurricane Dorian is a real thing.

Manipulation of weather patterns is a 2 sided coin.

It can be a good thing for saving lives and stopping destruction of property but at the same time can be weaponized to meet the goals of those who has the control over it.

Hurricane Dorian is the 3rd hurricane that has been manipulated in the last month. The other 2 storms just vanished while in route into the gulf of mexico. There is a clear pattern of unusual events here;

  1. Hurricanes with momentum in route do not just disintegrate with no apparent reason.
  2. Hurricanes  do not enter an area with strong forward motion and then back up move down a coastline and re enter another area to create a massive flood like in Houston a few years ago.
  3. Hurricanes with a powerful category 5+ status with strong momentum do not just come to a stop  when there is no high pressure system in place to cause it.

This is just a few recent eyebrow raising  moments in our weather patterns that I have noticed over the past few years that I have began looking into.

I am beginning to wonder more about the rest of the extreme weather events that have taken place this year.


September 24th Final Update And Analysis Of Hurricane Dorian

 Conclusive proof of weather manipulation

As others committed to the research on the weather manipulation projects it has become clear that many corporate entities are now taking the opportunity to control our weather.

For  anyone with eyes to see, it was clear that hurricane Dorian was a target for weather manipulation.

The powerful hurricane Dorian was stopped in its path , turned and guided in a totally different direction to make landfall elsewhere in the other states..

What the goal and  purpose is behind this weather  manipulation is at the moment is questionable but it seems we are being allowed to be used as test subjects by our own people.

Knowing what I already know I could point a finger a  a certain group of people who would be interested and have a reason to be involved in the destruction of our country at any cost.

Just pay close attention of  what has already took place over the past few years to figure out who this group may be.

As you can see from the recent hurricanes and tropical storms that have approach the U.S that the hurricanes are being steered away from the coast of  Florida by manipulating high pressure systems to guide the storms.

This technology has been used since the Vietnam war were it has been fully documented.

While Hurricanes are being steered away using manipulated high pressure systems, a tropical storm severely floods Houston causing major infrastructure damage to the tune of billions of dollars in damage as last reported.

The slow moving storm butted into the same high pressure system causing it to stall in place over the city dumping over 20 inches of rain in a few short hours.

See all the videos before they take them down on Mike Morales  Above Ground World News for proof and documented evidence of weather manipulation that is currently taking place throughout the world.

Is this technology used to control these storms like hurricane Dorian also responsible  for all the destructive flooding and property destruction caused from the previous extreme weather throughout the nation?

Just a thought!

It has come to my attention through other sources that all the storms we covered in our first article could have been weather manipulation tests conducted in our own country according to admissions from some of those who participated in the projects.

It is becoming apparent that the global warming theories are nothing more than a hoax and man has been behind manipulating the storms like hurricane Dorian to cause fear and despair throughout our country to prove a theory about global warming that is not real.

Watch the video from Mike Morales linked above to see the proof for yourself.

I just thought I would make this quick report to inform those who don’t know what is actually going on with our targeted extreme weather events or where to look for the information.



This is all the information I could gather for now about hurricane Dorian.

Pray for those in the Bahamas that have been placed in harms way by hurricane Dorian and the ones that don’t have enough sense or just didn’t have a way to get out of the expected path of the storm approaching Florida.

I can only imagine what the property damage totals will be from hurricane Dorian and how many lives will be disrupted.

There are 3 active storms in the Atlantic ocean as I write this including another storm already forming in the gulf  of mexico.

It is looking like it’s going to get rough for a lot people out here in the very near future.

Because of the solar minimum we are in as soon as the hurricanes slow up there will be more land based severe weather that is surely to come.

 One channel that you could watch that  is covering most extreme weather events that effects the U.S closely  is on Youtube.

He does a great  job covering all of it as well as  giving warnings in advance!

You can go to his you tube channel to get the rest of his great information on hurricane Dorian.

Take a look at all the good work he is doing there trying to warn others to save some lives while everyone else is obsessing over politics which appears to be a huge distraction away from what is really going on out here. 

Get yourself prepared for the next storms like hurricane Dorian because your area may be the next extreme weather test zone. 

Stay safe out there!

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