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Important Notice To All Frequent Visitors

Changes to this site are coming soon,

We have reached our 1 year anniversary!

I would like to thank all of you who have made our website what it is today.

We now have 31 blogs posts full of free information and 21 relevant website pages to go along with it!

To date in the last 12 months we have had over 50,000 visitors come into our posts and pages to use our free gardening information and visit our related product pages to find products that can better their lives.

That tells me their must be quite an interest in the subjects we talk about here and we would love to keep sharing.

The issue is there is no one financially supporting our site.

In February we will have to make a decision if we will  to renew this website which means more money will have to be invested to keep this site running to give away all of this free information.

At this stage I am forced to consider not giving away any more of my time and personal money to the website even though there is much more information to share.

Contrary to popular belief everything on the web is not free and these websites cost money and a huge amount of time to operate. It is a full time job keeping this site running properly.

We just can’t keep operating like we have for the past year with no support from you the visitors.

To date out of the thousands of visitors this site has encountered that has used our free information,  not a single cent has been donated or not a single product has been purchased through our partners links.

Very Few visitors has even taken time to like and share our posts on their social media sites.

This is my lifeline and  I need to make a living and pay the bills just like you.

If you are not willing to support us by leaving small donations or at least buy some  of the dozens of products offered here to benefit yourself  which you will more than likely buy anyway, Unfortunately this website will have no future content added for free and will most likely have other changes made soon.

If you enjoy this open free content format as it is and want to continue to receive the free information you can follow the suggestions below,

If you feel our site is worth donating to you can make a donation  here.

You can also help us support our site by purchasing products through any banners or links on this site.

This website platform is a 2 way street from here on into the future. To be honest I have ran myself into debt trying to make a great website and that is no longer an option.

I could write  more to give you the free information you need to succeed and you can do your part, or we can let it go away.

It is up to you which direction this website will go now.

Thank you In advance for any support some of you you can offer.

Thank you for visiting american worm

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