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 Landscaping Plans To Make Your Yard Look Like A Million Bucks!

Sometimes coming up with  brilliant landscaping plans is not that easy.  We are here to change that!

Beautiful Landscaping Design Plan with Rocks

When it comes to landscaping it takes some planning up front to find a great landscaping design plans that you would be happy with.

It is easy to make your yard look like a million bucks if you know how.

Here you will find  great landscaping ideas and the right landscaping plans to make it all happen

There are many  different things to consider before any good landscape design can be successful.

As summer closes its now time to start getting your yard and gardens in order.

It is now time to start working toward your awesome garden landscape plans for next coming year.

Be sure to read this article to the end and use the links  and images provided to get the most out of this page.

How To Get Ideas For Your Landscaping Plans  

This article is designed to fit the landscaping for beginners crowd to help get you started.

It also contains some good points for those with some experience as well.

First, you should take a look around to find what a successful landscaping design is around your area.

This will give you some idea on what plant varieties grow well where you live.

Take a drive around some upper class neighborhoods in your area to see what others are already doing. Find something you like to get some ideas for your yard.

Most people living in these areas have the money to hire professional landscaping services that know what is going on.

This is a great way to find what types of landscape designs are already working in your area. Be sure to also look at high profile businesses in your area. 

These businesses spend a load of money on landscaping for their property.  Businesses keep a good brand image and the landscapers that work on these properties know what works.


Landscaping Ideas To Get Started

Take a close look at the plants and vegetation they are growing. Take some notes and pictures of their plants if you see something  you really like.

It may be a good idea to get permission first before taking any pictures around these businesses to avoid potential legal issues.

Are they planting in garden beds or using garden planters or raised garden beds to grow in ?

Many successful landscape designers use both of these planting methods together in their landscaping plans.

You can shop to find some awesome garden planters to add to your landscaping design plan now. Just visit the link provided above.


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What Is The Location In The Landscape? 

Shed Plans
AD – Get Plans To Add A Great Looking Garden Tool Shed To Your Landscape For Your Next Project!

Pay close attention to which side of the buildings these plants are located. Take note of which direction the sun is coming in from.

Decide if their design will fit into your yards landscape plans.

Do some research about these plants by visiting local plant nurseries. Find out more about the plants that interests you.

Shop online nurseries to buy perennial landscaping plants that grow well in your area.

Read our review to find resources for the best landscaping ideas to get your imagination flowing.

These activities mentioned above should give a good idea of where to start with your landscaping  design plans.

 Now you have new landscaping ideas and a direction of where you want go with it.

To be successful in your landscaping efforts your plan needs to be well thought out.

All of the landscaping issues with your yard must be dealt with in the beginning.


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Examine All Aspects Of Your Yard Areas For Potential Landscaping  Issues

When forming your landscaping design plan you will need to  consider the amount of sun each  growing area of the yard will get.

Consider how much water your property receives and where the water will go.  Put together a basic list of potential landscaping issues you may encounter.

Use the list below to develop ideas for your landscaping plan



The amount of sun light your garden plants relies greatly on the types of plants you choose to grow. It depends solely on where you are to grow them.

For instance plants to be grown in full sun should get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Other shade loving plants don’t require as much sun to thrive.

Do the research about the plants growing requirements that you want to grow. Choose your landscaping plants accordingly.


Soil Fertility

The plants, trees and lawn you will be growing needs good fertile soil to maintain them. Compost and mulch should be applied to your existing soil for best growing results.

Learn cost effective ways to create fertile soil for your landscape by composting.

This will save a lot of cash during your yard and gardens landscape design process.

Learn how to make the best compost for your landscape gardens here.



During the early stages of of your landscaping plan you may want to consider irrigation techniques. This all depends on your landscaping plan and where you will be growing your plants. 

You need to have the right kind of irrigation if you want anything to grow and flourish in your garden beds.

Here are a few methods methods of irrigation to consider;


Watering By Hand 

When starting out with a small garden area you may consider watering the garden by hand.

This would work great for landscape plants that don’t require a lot of water or drought resistant plants.


Drip Irrigation 

Drip Irrigation requires some plumbing work but it is great for medium to large gardens which you have a problem keeping enough water on.

This type of irrigation is reasonably priced, easy to install and can be set up on a timer for those who do not have the time for watering manually.

The ideal set up is to use drip irrigation with a automated watering system  for those of us who forget about watering.


Sprinkler Systems 

Sprinkler systems are great for the larger gardens which can also be placed on automatic timers .

This type of irrigation system can be a little costly to set up and requires a extensive amount of plumbing work to set up properly.



Will you need to level out a hill and “terrace” any areas?

If your property is on a hill side or a slope you may consider creating terraces to control your water runoff. Terraces make level platforms for your landscape garden plants to grow on.

The terracing landscaping technique on hillsides has been used since the beginning of time. They have been used to prevent soil erosion during heavy rain fall periods.

Add retaining walls to hold excess soil in place. This  helps divert water away from your gardening area is very important.

Directing the excess water flow where you want it to go on your property is very beneficial.

Keep your garden beds level  to retain moisture without flooding and washing out during heavy rains.


Directing Your Water Flow

Moving your excess rainfall through shallow ditches into small ponds with beautiful water  features is something to take into consideration.

This is essential when living on sloped or hillside  property.

Shallow ditches that follow the terrain  of the property can be used to direct water.  French drains can also be used to move excessive rainfall away from you growing areas.

Catch and store the water into lower areas of your landscape.

This low area you are now sending your excess water to in turn can now be  built into ponds.

Ponds are excellent focal points to build your landscape garden design around.


Water Fountains

Outdoor Water Fountains
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Outdoor water fountains can be used in the center of these ponds to create a beautiful  backdrop. They make a gorgeous centerpiece  for your own unique  landscaping theme.

Ponds can also be an excellent source for a alternative water supply.

They can be used to irrigate your yard and landscape garden beds.

 These kinds of things matter when it comes to garden design. 

Many of you will have some part of the drainage aspect mentioned above involved when it comes to your landscaping plans.

If your property is reasonably flat you are the lucky one, this shouldn’t be much of a worry to you.


Using Existing Landscape Features In Your Landscaping Design Plans

You should take a close look of what is already around before you start your landscaping plans.

Landscape Design Guide
Visit Our Landscape Design Guide To Find Great Products For Your Landscape Today. landscaping plan.

All of the best landscaping designs start out using  the natural beauty that’s already a part of the original landscape of any yard.

 Most yards will have some unique features going for them. Find your main attraction and use it to make your landscaping plan stunning.

For example, there may be some gorgeous flowers, trees or some great rock formations.

Why remove them only to plant other things?

Use what is there and build around it.

By doing this your landscape design will look more natural and gorgeous every time.

Unfortunately not all yards have pretty features in them.

When starting from scratch with your garden landscape design ideas visit our garden design post for more  great ideas.

Include kids when it comes to your landscaping plans! You will need to plan for some kids outdoor structures too.

Get new ideas for the kids to enjoy your new landscape design now. 


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Most people do not have thousands of  dollars to spend on landscaping.

Use the information posted above along with the “links” to help come up with your landscaping plans. These helpful tips will give you all of the ideas and inspiration that you will need.

  You need to know how much you will be able to afford before you go all out designing an amazing yet expensive landscaping plan.

Take small progressive steps to stay within the scope of your budget.

 Find some landscaping pictures that you like. These will bring you that much closer to designing your landscape.

 Those will help come up with the most gorgeous and eye catching ideas.

 Garden Center Landscaping Products
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Do the landscaping projects yourself to save hundreds of dollars in your hard earned money. 

Don’t hire a landscaping firm that can rip you off with their high prices using your ideas to create your landscape design.

You can do it better and cheaper.

Take some time to visit our online garden center.  Click the image  on the right to find great products and gardening information. 

Take your time, be sure your landscaping plan has taken everything into consideration. Put your plan into motion.

If you want more landscaping ideas be sure to visit our backyard landscape design ideas post.  Get some ideas on using fire pits in your landscape design.

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