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Raised Garden Bed Plans

Top 7 Websites To Get Raised Garden Bed Plans!

Raised Garden Bed
Build Raised Garden Beds Like This To Any Size With A Good Raised Garden Bed Plan Using Recycled Materials

I have searched the web for raised garden bed plans and here are some results to help build your first raised bed gardens!

There are dozens of raised bed plans on the web if you know where to look.

Below is a list to make it a little easier for you to find them.

Use these raised garden bed plans to get some great ideas to use for your next D.I.Y garden project.

The only way to create a raised bed garden cheap is to get your ideas together of what you need.

Gather the materials for it and build it yourself.


Do You Need Raised Garden Bed Plans?

No, you don;y need plans. What you need is pictures of raised garden beds to get ideas for a plan.

The raised bed you see in the image above right had no plans. 

The  concept of this raised garden bed idea was created solely by having a certain gardening need.

Various pieces of lumber left over from other projects in the past was used to build it.

The raised garden bed  plans that I had was in my head.  

I needed a raised bed suitable  for planting vertical growing plants like onions, peas and beans.

It would be used to grow other vegetables that don’t need a large amount of  surface area.

When I started looking at what was available

It just so happened I had enough material to build this  2′ x 80″ narrow  garden bed that stands 12″ tall.

This raised garden bed perfectly fit my needs.

Raised Garden Bed Planter
Get Your Own 30″ Raised Garden Bed Planter Kit Here To Make Gardening Life A Breeze!

Continuous rains throughout the spring delayed the project for some time.

Needless to say I did not get my onions planted in the bed as planned.

Although, I did use it to grow a couple of nice tomato plants and cabbage later in the season. 

This shows all you need is a plan in your head to make a project like this happen .

Raised  garden beds can be any shape, size  and height you want them to be.

Build them out of any organic friendly material you have laying around that you can use for your own unique garden design.

There is nothing set in stone here with building these garden beds.

You’ll just figure out what you need and build your garden box to suit your purpose.

All you need is a container that you can put your raised garden bed soil into. 

Make it versatile enough to grow a variety of different plants for what ever gardening style you choose.


Keep The Cost Low With Recycled Materials 

Raised Garden Bed built with recycled materials
Learn How To Build A Raised Garden Bed Cheap From Scrap Material

  Recycled materials is a great cost cutter when first starting out.

Raised garden bed materials can be derived from many sources.

Wood, metal, concrete and some plastics all make great garden beds,

I have seen others using  small kiddie pools to grow their small garden plants in. 

These would make a great raised flower garden planter.

Take a look at the sites listed below to get your raised garden bed ideas.



Copy and paste the links provided into your browser to access these websites. Some sites are using automatic link embedding systems so a couple of the links below have special instructions to find them.

In order to keep this page legible and bring you good information I had to disable the links. Sorry in advance.


42 Raised Garden Bed Plans – Morning Chores.com


copy and paste this link into your browser without the”.” before the https

Free raised bed garden plans that are easy to build

Morning chores is a great source for raised garden bed Ideas.

Discover how to build raised beds in the way of planter boxes, raised garden beds with legs, garden pyramid, tiered garden beds and much more.


How To Build A Raised Garden Bed 

The Old Farmers Almanac


copy and paste the link into your browser

The old farmers almanac is a great resource for everything gardening.

How to build a raised garden bed covers everything from raised garden bed layout to building the bed with video. Excellent resource for raised garden bed ideas.


50 + Raised Bed Garden Plans 

Epic Gardening


Copy and paste the link into your browser

Epic Gardening is a great source for 50 + raised garden bed plans that are easy to build. Small raised beds, Herb planter boxes, Planter boxes with legs, Multi level garden beds, Raised beds with built in benches and much more.


Garden Rack Paid Raised Garden Bed Plans

Although garden rack is not a free raised garden bed plan it still offer a great value for your money.

For the do it yourself type folks that would like a quick easy complete step by step plan to build your own waist high garden beds, this is for you!

This is a garden box on legs which is the perfect garden planter to grow on your patios, apartment balconies or anywhere else you may have enough sunlight to grow your garden.

This garden rack system is also  perfect for seniors who may want a gardening system that is easy for them to use and can be wheelchair accessible for the physically impaired.

Garden rack come with 2 bonuses and a money back guarantee.

Click the link below for full documentation and watch the videos for complete details.

  Click Here To Get Your Copy Of  The Garden Rack Waist High Raised Bed  Garden Plans With Bonuses  Now!


Outdoor Building Plans 

My Outdoor Plans


copy and paste this link into your browser

My outdoor plans is a great source for multiple out door building plans including step by step raised flower bed plans, raised garden bed plans from 2×4 lumber, off the ground vegetable planter plans, cedar raised garden bed plans, Waist high garden bed plans, U shaped garden plans and much more.


63 Free Planter Box Plans 



Copy and paste the link into your browser without the”.”before the https

Lemon Slide is a great resource for planter box plans and ideas Including wood pallet mounted planter boxes, Long planter boxes, Simple D.I.Y planter box, bamboo planter with trellis plan, decorative wood planter boxes, Tiered hanging planter boxes and much more.

This site is worth a look for sure.


Raised Garden Bed Plans 



Free download for a step by step raised garden bed plan for beginners.

Includes material list and step by step instructions with pictures.

Very easy build just download the plan.

Above you will find a lot of information for raised garden bed plans, Raised garden beds with legs, Planter boxes and much more.

Just follow the linking instructions provided under the website link.


Get A Incredible Deal On 12,000 Quality Shed Building Plans Now



Listed above are some great places to visit to get get some great raised garden bed  plans for your homes new  raised bed garden projects.

Just keep n mind the best plan that you can come up with is the plan that suits your unique gardening needs.

For instance when I built all of my garden beds, I had a serious soil virus issues.

The issues were caused from anaerobic soil conditions from continuous heavy rainfall over a period of years. 

Another issue was mole infestation problems that was unique to my garden at that time.

The best solution for these issues was to get the vegetable plants out of the useless soil full of bad bacteria.

 A protective wire barrier added to the bottom of the beds using 1/2″ hardware cloth was used  to keep the moles away.

I had a lot of used lumber left over from other D.I.Y projects  and old corrugated roofing metal to use in building these beds.

These raised garden beds were a great solution that fit my unique gardening issues at the time.

The raised beds worked well for me then and still do today.

Every garden issue is different from garden to garden.

Just  pick the best type of garden bed that is right for you.

 The numerous  benefits of  raised garden beds out perform any other conventional type of gardening method available today.

These garden beds are excellent for vegetable gardens.

Raised garden beds are the solution for any of these issues we spoke of above.

Please feel free to use our “green links” and click the images on the pages of this site  to learn more about raised bed gardening.

I hope this information helps you in making decisions for your future gardening efforts and with all this being said its time to get started today!

If your found this article on raised garden bed plans useful feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites using the buttons below!

Happy raised bed gardening ! 

Thank you for visiting the americanwormcastingsblog !



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