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 How To Easily Make Quality Raised Garden Bed Soil At Home Without Breaking The Bank!


 Don’t buy your raised garden beds without reading this raised garden bed soil article first!

Making your own quality raised garden bed soil can save you a load of cash every year while you are gardening.

Tomato Seedling Growing In Raised Garden Bed Soil
Discover The Secrets To Low Cost Raised Garden Bed Soil Today!

 Easily make your own quality raised bed garden soil starting today. 

It will be superior to any raised bed garden mix that you can buy that is sold in your local garden centers. 

Raised garden bed soil  can be very expensive if you just go out and buy it in bags or even in bulk to fill your beds with.

But I am here to tell you there is a way to slash those expenses of filling raised beds and increase the quality of your raised garden bed soil at the same time!

This is not just some theory like most others are pushing out here .

I use this process myself every year while having great results growing in my own garden beds.

Here you will learn how to make your own raised garden bed soil  in so keep reading to the end! 

Many gardeners have been saying for years that they can’t afford to fill up their raised beds.

 This is only because the commercial made soil they think they need to purchase costs so much.

The solution to this problem of buying expensive raised garden bed soil is below!


I Have A Newsflash For You.

Raised Garden Bed Soil
Raised Garden Bed Soil That You Make At Home Is Better For Growing Healthy Gardens

Before you ever consider getting your first raised garden beds you need to plan to make your own raised bed garden soil first.

Making your raised bed garden soil is the first step to starting any garden.

I have seen where many have went through the trouble of building their raised beds and then filling them with the same depleted soil that they were growing in before. 

This is defeating the whole purpose of this raised garden bed project.

The purpose here is to get away from using the dirt filled with bad bacteria and disease that has been poisoned with chemicals for years.

The reason for this process is to create a new healthy organic raised garden bed soil mix that all plants can thrive in.

 The soil you make will be filled with new microscopic life forms that will feed your garden plants.

This type soil does not come in bags. Most are not living soil.

The soil products in bags rely on fertilizers to help their products growing capability.

It is true you are being ripped off paying the prices they charge buying the so called garden soils.

Why pay retail store prices when you can make it yourself for almost nothing?

The secret is that you can easily make your own raise garden bed soil at home.

This garden soil is much healthier, better and cheaper than what you can buy.

Those of you that say it cost to much to fill your garden beds are  going about it the wrong way.


Let me explain…

When you decide to buy everything you need to fill up your garden beds, Yes it would cost a lot of money.

If you want to save a lot of money you will have to plan for it in during the previous year to make the garden soil yourself.

You will have to create most of the ingredients for the soil mix on your own.

There will be some who deny this works.

For all of those out there, the images on this post prove the raised  garden bed soil discussed here works well.

It’s great for growing all kinds of plants in several types of containers including growing in the ground.

Follow these simple guidelines for what is needed to make your own quality raised bed garden soil  mix laid out  below.


 Make Compost For Great Raised Garden Bed Soil

The first thing  you will need to create for great raised garden bed soil  is your own compost. Compost is the key ingredient in making

Soil For Raised Garden Beds
Homemade Compost Made From Yard Waste For Free To Use In A Raised Garden Bed Soil Mix

garden soil for your garden beds.

Composting activities will become necessary throughout the year to keep up with the demand of soil for all of your gardens.

It takes a lot of soil to fill a small  garden bed so you will need a lot of material.

If you have a yard with trees, bushes and lawn that needs mowing you can create your own healthy living garden soil.

Click on the image right to be taken to our yard waste disposal post to learn more now.

In a few months you will have a bountiful healthy garden using the composting methods  provided here.


No Pesticides Allowed

One important step in the beginning is to stop using pesticides on your lawn and property prior to starting this project.

Pesticides will harm or kill the living biological life you are trying to create.

 Use yard waste like plant trimmings and grass clippings that is chemical and pesticide free.

You will be creating quality soil that actually has living organisms residing in it.

The commercial pesticides made these day reside in the soil for years.

They will not only kill your living microbes and other soil life but also damage your plants

 Make Compost For Raised Garden Bed Soil
Learn The Simple Process Of How To Make Compost For Raise Garden Bed Soil Here!

If you have a small yard that has little yard waste, check with your friends and neighbors to get more supplies.

I am sure they will be glad to let you haul off their yard waste debris for free.

It’s a good idea during this process to figure out how many beds you will be able to fill vs how much soil you will be able to make.

To get a easy step by step plan to how to make compost click the image on the left to learn more now.

Composting takes several months of the year for the compost to break down.

This will allow you time to plan out building and laying out your new garden beds.

 This custom raised garden bed soil mix also works on your convention earth bed gardens too.


Alternative Composting Methods

One issue that comes up a lot is that many can not have open compost piles.

Mainly because of the restrictions of their property but don’t use that for an excuse because there are many ways to make compost.

Raised Garden Bed Soil
Potatoes Thrive In A Leaf Mulch Bed Using This Raised Garden Bed Soil Mix

If you have room for a garden bed you have room to make compost.

Just pile the raw materials up on the ground in your garden bed.

Keep it wet then after a few months while turning it occasionally then you can plant into it.

There are also several different compost bins and compost tumblers to purchase on eBay to use in this process.

When you are unable to have a compost pile on your property click the links provided above for more options.

Find a way to get started there are many options available so get creative! 


How To Use Peat Moss In The Raised Garden Bed Soil Mix

When it comes time to fill your beds you will need to pick up some Canadian peat moss.

The big stores with garden centers sell it in a compressed bale (3 cubic yards) for about $12.00 at this time of writing in my area.

The prices may vary depending upon where you live.

Collard Greens Growing In Containers Using Raised Garden Bed Soil Made On Site.

If you can not find peat moss, regular potting soil that has a high content of peat moss will work.

Just be sure it has little to no pine forest refines (ground pine bark) in it.

This will cause a higher acid content that you do not need. You will want to keep your soil as close to a neutral PH as possible which the majority of plants will grow well in.

Be aware using the potting soil method can also add quite a bit of extra expense when filling large containers.

Just like all the other bagged products it is quite expensive for the amount you are getting.

The peat moss will be mixed with the finished compost at a  1 to 1 ratio.

This is added  to help the compost retain moisture for longer periods of time and it has no mineral or food value to it whatsoever.

Some others say you need vermiculite but you don’t really need it.

The peat moss used along with the other components in this mix holds moisture just fine.

You can add it if you wish but to be honest there are some other more important supplies to spend your money on.


Get Peat Moss Delivered To Your Doorstep From EBay Now!


How To Use Worm Castings To Top Off Your Raised Garden Bed Soil Recipe

Worm castings are a very important soil amendment,

Worm castings make a world of difference in your garden plants performance.

You will want to add 25% castings to the 1 to 1 soil mix you have just created.


Here is our  basic raised garden bed soil recipe by ratio

  (1 part homemade compost to 1 part peat moss to 25% worm castings).

More than 25% worm castings added to this mix do not change a thing so more is less in this instance there is no need to use more than 25%.

It is highly recommended when you are starting your composting efforts that

Start Your First Worm Farm
Learn How To Start Your First Worm Farm To Make Worm Castings Today!

you also purchase some red wiggler composting worms and start your self a worm farm.

Worm composting is fun, easy to do and the worms can supply you with all the minerals and fertilizer you will need in your raised garden bed soil.

For the price of a few bags of organic fertilizer you can set your self up a worm farm.

Worm farms save big money year after year as long as you are gardening.

 The product produced by these worm farms are worm castings which are a powerful soil amendment.

This soil amendment supply plants with every thing they need to thrive.

They also greatly help in suppressing common plant disease.

Worm castings also enhance moisture retention in your raised garden bed soil.

You can buy the castings or raise your own worms for composting.

How you choose to do this is up to you.

This is one key necessary factor for creating quality raised garden bed soil for growing extremely healthy garden plants.

 Try worm castings out to see if they suit your purpose. Buy them online or get a bag at you local garden center.

The results from different brands worm castings will vary.


 Get Worm Castings Delivered To Your Doorstep From EBay Now!


Understanding Your Garden Soil

In today’s article I have explained an easy way create your own quality raised garden bed soil for very little cost. 

Throughout this website I have continuously expressed the importance of good soil amending for fertility.

I realize many of you won’t use this quality living soil  formula to enhance your garden soil to grow better food crops.

For all of the hard core gardeners out there which choose to only grow in dirt  there are easy alternatives which allows more production.

Understanding your garden soil or dirt is essential for growing any type of healthy vegetable & fruit garden.

 You will need to know what it takes.

Permaculture gardening  systems are the key to soil regeneration for growing a successful gardens for years to come.

We mention many of these permaculture gardening methods here on the this web page but there is still much more to learn.

You can learn about easy 3 step soil regeneration practices with permaculture gardening techniques.

Get the easy to understand course “My Survival Farm” which teaches everything from a to z about the subject.

Get My Survival Farm Permaculture Gardening Course With All 6 Of’ The Free Bonuse Guides  Today!



Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds
Discover The Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds Here!

Check out our other articles on this site when you get time to find out more about the benefits of raised garden beds.

You have just learned the secret of  how to fill a raised garden bed cheap using ordinary yard waste with a few other ingredients!

These 3 necessary ingredients combined will make a high quality garden soil recipe that will grow any plant or vegetable you choose to grow.

I have personally used this raised bed garden soil mix for several years with great results.

Follow this plan every year to have an endless supply of very powerful soil mix for your garden beds.

This soil mix works in all garden beds and not just for raised beds alone.

There are many additional amendments that you can use to enhance your raised garden bed soil for more stability.

Rock dust and sea minerals are great amendments to add to your soil but these products are costly.

We will cover more about the additional amendments in a future articles. 

 This information for raised garden bed soil will get you off to a great start when growing your gardens.

 Make your own quality raised garden bed soil to fill your raised garden beds starting today!

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