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Get Survival Gardening Ideas To Beat Food Shortages

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Reveal Survival Gardening Secrets Now To Beat The Coming Food Crisis!

Discover how to beat the coming food crisis by learning the secrets behind  survival gardening!

Survival gardening Image
Get Survival Gardening Ideas Now!

Survival gardening  is a system of sustainable long term gardening techniques  used for growing sustainable food gardens.

These survival gardens much like the victory gardens during the World War 2 era will most likely be mandatory for most families to survive the coming food crisis. 

We will also show you a mix of  useful indoor growing methods to insure a continuous food supply when the food shortages take place in the near future.

Farms all over the U.S have recently reported multiple crop failures due to the excessive flooding caused by extreme weather storms from rains, freak hail storms, tornado out breaks and below normal growing temperatures in the past years.

While most of us have been directed to and force fed the political theaters for the past few years by our news sources, there is a disturbing issues building up behind the scenes in our country that no one mentions.

Listed below are some critical issues that has been happening throughout our country for the past years.

These issues have been kept a secret behind the scenes and until recently a vast majority of media sources have not told you about them.

These are good reasons to learn about survival gardening now.

  • Many of California’s fruits and rice crops were devastated because of late freezes and heavy flooding.
  • Texas has a heavy loss of cotton crops and wheat due to flooding.
  • Mid west states like Nebraska and a large majority of other food producing states in the  northern regions have reported complete devastation in corn and other food crops resulting in no planting this year due to continuous flooding.
  • There will be no corn planted this year in several mid west states due to the planting dates have past creating a corn shortage along with a feed stock shortage for their cattle due to the property still being under water.
  • Multiple grain silos were swept away during the floods of the early months eliminating much of the surplus grain that had been stored to feed cattle.
  • Flooding from the mid western states all the way down along the Mississippi river delta are flooded all the way to New Orleans and will flood more as they release the water from the dams and locks in the upper states.
  • Many states neighboring these states mentioned that were able to plant crops are now reporting that the crops are not producing due to cool wet weather conditions.

These weather issues are not only in the U.S but are being  reported throughout the world.

  Isn’t it about time to learn about survival gardening now?

According to the latest summer to fall reports over 19 million acres alone in the U.S. are  no longer being planted in crops until further notice because of the extreme storms and flooding which damaged many of our farms soil and its production capabilities.

This issue with food shortages worldwide will become reality in our country very soon and this is exactly why we need survival gardening techniques to beat this upcoming food crisis.

As of November 2019 an over abundance of crop failures along with heavy property damage have taken place world wide  including in the U.S. which is now reporting that our second crop of the 2019 season has been yet another failure.

This second back up crop of this season has been destroyed by unseasonably cool weather temperatures which slowed their growth causing the crops to fail.

Heavy rains and early snow storms did not allow  most of the commercial farms in our nations food belt to harvest their crops.

since these  crops did not have enough time to mature in the first place the results were failure in a large portion our food producing infrastructure.

The devastating messages from the farm reports recently are showing a major break down in our commercial agricultural systems throughout most of the country at the end of 2019.

The breakdown has now created a major shortage in cattle feed, seed crops, and basic fruit and vegetable crops for this year which will most likely continue into the near future. 


 What Does This Have To Do With Survival Gardening?

The farming disasters of 2019 described above can not be fixed for many years to come.

The damage to our nations farms has now happened therefore, anyone who knows anything about growing plants should know that the soil has been badly damaged and will have to be heavily amended over a period of time to be able to produce healthy crops again.

Multiple flood events and continuous rainfall along with record snow storms continue to  wash away any beneficial nutrients left in the soil.

These beneficial nutrients are necessary to feed the live organisms that live in the soil that provide nutrients to the plants.

Without these beneficial nutrients that are being washed away, the soil life will  soon die off leaving behind only the bad bacteria which takes over destroying the plants growing capabilities.

 This is what has happened to thousands of acres of farmland soil for the 2020 growing season.  

Where are these issues mentioned above leading  us is to?

A food crisis is now upon us and food shortages in the U.S. will cause a huge spike in food prices  that will take place in 2020.

This is the very reason we all need to take up some form of survival gardening now.

As of this update from November 2019 the prices have already began escalating along with  the food supplies stocked in the grocery stores are getting smaller.

This last week the second largest grocery store chain in the U.S. is now announcing the introduction of hydroponically growing their own produce to meet the consumer demands that they are facing.

Get Great Ideas About How To Turn Common Yard Waste Into Low Cost Fertile Survival Gardening Beds To Grow Anything You Choose.

If that announcement is not a major red flag in the food growing community, I don’t know what is.

Imagine large corporations that are only worried about their bottom line growing your food for you!

Imitation food supplies are being created now to feed the masses worldwide without potential health issues being considered.

Do the research for yourself and then ask the question “Do we need survival gardening?”

 Small local farmers and home gardeners alike throughout the U.S. especially in the southern states and further west can step up to help combat this problem by setting up backyard micro farms locally to grow their own food as a great survival gardening plan.

On these micro farms you can also raise chickens, rabbits and any other livestock to help feed your families and help sustain your local communities.

Anyone who knows how to grow plants can participate along with others who want to learn to create their own survival gardening techniques.

It is highly recommended that you take action now to learn how to grow your own food even if you don’t have a large yard or live in apartments.

If all you have to grow in is containers,  even small container gardens can produce a good yield of food if they are maintained properly providing a good soil mix is used.

Community gardens may become an essential part of life very soon if we are going to get through these weather issues caused by the grand solar minimum in the coming years  healthy and unharmed.

It is now necessary to participate in much like the victory gardens of the world wars of the past which they call survival gardening today.

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Survival Gardening Ideas For A Healthy Garden To Feed Your Family 

There are many things to consider when survival gardening in the future.

With all the corn shortages ethanol fuel prices are surely to go up along with the rest of the basic food commodities very soon.

Current weather patterns with continuous rainfall are also causing many issues with conventional gardening methods.

Weather outlook for the next few years are said to be cooler most of the year and wetter than usual with more extreme storms.

Widespread damages to the crops, and property that  have been used to grow our food throughout the U.S. will more than likely over a short time cause the price of fertilizers and various soil amendment products to skyrocket.

These skyrocketing prices will be due to a huge increase of the demand for these products.

Rising costs associated with the higher petroleum prices that will soon follow  will insure more price increases.

This list can go on and on but I think you get the point here.

In the near future the price of everything will be going up.

Here are some ideas on how to create your survival gardening plan.


 Get A Sustainable Survival Gardening Plan

Listed below are some ideas for methods to apply to your sustainable survival gardening plan to use for your future gardens.

You will need a plan to generate all these garden growing products on demand without  having to buy more every year.

These survival gardening ideas will save you money by not having to rely on  an abundance of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

These gardening products by design could very well skyrocket in price due to increasing demand and not enough supplies to go around.

Many conventional growing methods that we still use today may not be working as well in the future due to the loss of fertilization and damage to the soil structure.

Therefore a different more natural soil enhancing approach to growing your own food will become necessary like permaculture gardening methods that are known to grow about 8 times more food with less effort.

This survival gardening method would be well worth the time to learn about to insure a continuous healthy food supply for your family in the future.

Some of these survival  gardening ideas have multi purposes so just use your imagination here.

I’m sure you will think of more great ideas as you read through this information !


 Composting For Your  Survival Gardening Plan 

Compost will be the first required product needed when survival gardening.

How To Make Compost
Learn The Simple Process Of How To Compost. Get Low Cost Fertile Soil To Use While Survival Gardening!

You will need to learn how to make good clean fertile soil to grow your food crops for your family.

Composting will allow you a low cost way to create this soil to get the absolute most out of your survival gardening experience.

If you know about this subject that’s great!

For most new gardeners just starting out, you  can learn a simple way to make compost by clicking on the image on the right.

There are multiple ways to use compost that you can make on site that are all beneficial to growing  healthy sustainable vegetable and herb gardens to get the best nourishing food supply available for your family.


 Survival Gardening Ideas Using Natural Fertilizers 

In your survival gardening plan you will need a sustainable clean natural fertilizer source.

Worm castings, rabbit manure and chicken manure come to mind because the animals don’t take up a lot of room to raise plus rabbits and chickens are a great food source for you beyond the clean fertilizer they provide.

Worm castings are highly recommended starting out because the castings provide a ready to use excellent soil amendment and fertilizer which is produced year around inexpensively and the worms are very easy to raise.

Worm composting is very inexpensive to start out and the worms can be raised indoors in a small area without issue.

During the worm composting process you  get worm castings to amend your garden soil which is an excellent soil conditioning  and fertilization method when used in survival gardening.


 Types Of Growing Beds For Survival Gardening 

 It is highly recommended that you start your next vegetable gardens using raised garden beds or large containers because of all the extreme storms and rain issues we are experiencing now.

You can literally starting planting in these beds as soon as you fill them.

You can amend your soil without issue because the majority of your soil preparation is done throughout the year well in advance prior to filling your beds.

Raised garden beds are a great way to grow your food supply because you entirely create and control the growing medium for healthier plants that can produce a much larger yield.

Weeding is a snap and set up with the right soil these beds are pretty much not affected by the disease and other rainy weather issues that the in ground gardens are.

Using raised garden beds you don’t need a tiller or a huge collection of gardening tools to work the beds, just simple hand tools which is much more sustainable than conventional in ground gardening methods.

Permaculture Gardening techniques are also a great choice when it comes to an effective low maintenance type of in the ground survival gardening plan.

Using a heavy layer of aged wood chips as a base for a growing medium is a great way to create a large low maintenance homestead garden that combines fruit trees, edible perennial plants and annual vegetable plants all in the same area growing in unity.

When set up correctly in the beginning these survival gardening permaculture beds can produce extremely large fertile food forests that will last for years without a lot of maintenance.

There are many  things to consider during the planning stages of survival gardening as well as a slight learning curve when it comes to permaculture growing beds to insure the best results.

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Get complete information for deep research into this survival gardening method would be highly recommended.


 Survival Gardening Ideas Using Vegetable Garden Seeds  

When survival gardening with heirlooms you will need to order yourself a good supply of quality heirloom vegetable seeds.

Plant the seeds in your garden, grow the plants and let some of them mature and go to seed.

Save the seeds from the vegetable plants that have matured to grow in the future.

It has been proven heirloom seeds that have been successfully grown in an specific climate usually give better plants from their seed in the second year and beyond after adapting to that climate in your area.

Heirloom plants can be grown in your garden providing you with vegetables gradually through out most the growing season instead of all at one time.

During harvest time you can save the seeds from heirloom vegetables for the following year to plant again unlike hybrids.

Hybrid plants were cross bread to have a certain time span of growing and the plants produce all the fruits at one time.

These hybrid plants were designed for high production in a short growing time span.

Hybrids are a cross between different parent plants and the seeds if saved and replanted will most likely not give you the same plants the following years.

If you try to save  the seeds to replant, there is no telling which parent plant you may end up with.

I have seen many videos these days of people taking vegetables bought at their local  grocery store and regrowing their seeds.

I sincerely believe this is nothing more than click bait to get traffic to their sites.

If they knew anything about growing food they would not be posting these things.

The vegetables sold in the stores are mainly hybrid plants grown for high production purposes so replanting them would be a waste of time if you are trying to get the same productive vegetable plant.

Hybrid plants are bred from a variety of parent plants to grow and mature quickly for resale purposes.

It is doubtful the plant will mature again once harvested.

Granted you may get a plant that is  similar but, whether you get any production from it is another issue.

Buying cheap no name brand seeds to grow  are the same in most cases.

Many are taken from hybrid plants from people who don’t know much about gardening and just in it for a profit.

From my experience after you plant these seeds and grow them out for a season you will find in most cases a weak plant with very little vegetation.

This is why it is not good idea to start seeds from a store bought vegetable or cheap no name seeds because you don’t know what you will get considering they are most likely a hybrid variety.

Seeds are relevantly cheap at this time of writing so stick to the heirloom seed varieties from reputable dealers that are in the business for the long haul.

This will insure that you will always have a continuous supply of low cost reliable seeds while survival gardening.


 Important Survival Gardening Growing Options To Consider


Survival Gardening With Fruit Trees & Bushes 

Planting and growing fruit trees and fruit bearing bushes on your property is always a great idea when survival gardening.

Fruit Bearing Trees & Bushes For Survival Gardening
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This is a long term investment but if you pick the right varieties of trees and bushes for your area it may be worth your time and effort.

Be sure to do your research and find out which fruit trees do the best in your area before purchasing them for survival gardening.

For best results plant your fruit trees along with other edible perennial landscape plants including your favorite annual garden plants

Plant them all together  in a permaculture garden bed  using wood chips or composting materials.

Many fruit trees have a number of  freeze days required for best performance for setting their fruit. 

Check to see how many days of freezing the trees require for best fruiting and watch the long term weather forecasts including the weather history in your area to  help make your decision which varieties are the best to buy.

Now that we have entered the grand solar minimum, the winters may become longer and colder with more extreme storms.

This is an issue you may want to take into consideration before planting any fruit trees for your survival gardening plan.

Do your research on this survival gardening  topic using the image link above to help make your final decision.


Herb Gardening Is Most Important When Survival Gardening 

Herb Gardening is one type of garden that you don’t want to leave out of our overall survival gardening plan.

Medicinal Herbs Course For Survival Gardening
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Herbs are extremely important when it comes to t surviving tough times.

Herbs can be grown indoors and outdoors to keep a fresh supply for use all year long.

Herbs have many useful  purposes while homesteading and can be a huge help when it comes to being more self sufficient.

Herbs are not only great for spicing up your favorite food dishes but many varieties  also said to have strong medicinal healing capabilities to keep common medical issues out of your life.

For centuries many varieties of fresh  herbs have been used to cure common medical ailments and are still being used today in the form of vitamin supplements and antibiotics.

If you are interested in medicinal herb gardening be sure click the banner image on the right to access an excellent course on the how to grow medicinal herbs at home and discover  their uses now!  

 Quality culinary herb garden seeds are widely  available on the web but only a few select sites have medicinal herb kits that I know of. 

Here is the best quality medicinal herb garden survival seed kit that we can  recommend at this time . Here you can get the seeds and all the relevant information associated to  them. These particular seed kits sell out extremely fast so if you want to purchase act now!


Greenhouses For Survival Gardening

 Pretty amazing things can be done in a greenhouse when it comes to survival gardening in cold weather.

If the weather does get extremely cold for a long period of time in the near future like some are predicting you may want to consider planning a greenhouse for your future survival gardening plans.

This survival gardening approach could get a little costly but may become a necessity.

Green house gardening is worth mentioning in the event things get really bad out here.

There are many people doing very well in cold climates using greenhouses to grow their crops in.

You can extend your growing seasons for all fruiting plants and trees  or start seeds to grow crops in any type of weather.

Greenhouses are great for survival gardening.

Their ability to produce greens and many other cool weather crops under harsh weather conditions are second to none.

You can grow food in any extreme weather situation by using specific growing mediums in raised garden beds and other methods like cold frames.


Growing Indoors For Your Survival Gardening Plan  

Growing micro greens, sprouting seeds, herbs and mushrooms indoors are few ideas that come to mind for survival gardening while being great options for growing a healthy year a round food supply.

Micro greens are one of the most nutritious food sources on the planet and they can be grown in just a couple of weeks in a small area in your home.

When set up properly and maintained properly this system can  insure a continuous food supply year around for soups and salads. 

With some micro green indoor garden kits, seeds and some grow lights many are reporting turning this growing venture into a profitable business while living in apartments, why not you?  

With some recent hydroponics technology you can now grow a entire greens garden in your home without using a lot of floor space.

Self watering wall gardens are a great way to insure a continuous food supply year around with some help of some good quality grow lights for indoor plants.

We can also use  these grow lights while starting your garden seeds giving your seedlings a healthy start by allowing them the proper amount of light they need to  grow.

I have recently run across some amazing technology for growing  gardens right on your counter top you may be interested in. Indoor  gardening kits

Click and grow indoor gardens for survival gardening
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are available where you just follow an easy 3 step set up plan;

  • Drop in the seed pods
  • Add water
  •  Plug it in while the garden basically grows on its own.

This is most likely the most hands off gardening system I have found yet,  where you just add water from time to time after the simple set up.

You could literally set a few of these kits up anywhere in your home, wherever you have room and grow herbs and vegetables year a round including growing tomatoes indoors with out much effort. 

This is a great item for those of you who think that can’t grow plants or just don’t have room outdoors for survival gardening.

If you have a spare room or some extra wall space in your house why not try this survival gardening option to grow healthy food yourself that is much healthier than anything you can buy at the supermarkets.

Any vegetable plant can be grown indoors with the proper lighting and space to do so, and listed above are some gardening kits to make it possible. 


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The coming food crisis is very real and how bad it gets is not foreseen.

Just be aware of what is taking place out here and try to step up to get ahead of this issue to feed your family and possible provide food for others using some of these survival gardening techniques.

Do the research necessary to get more information about these topics to find a survival gardening method that suits you best and get started now.

There are the “green Links”and Images placed on this post to take you to other pages and products related to survival gardening to help you make important decisions. 

Another good way to get information is join your local master gardening groups and pay attention to what the old gardeners have to say

They can be a goldmine for information when it comes to survival gardening.

You can grow food in your yard or on a apartment balcony in containers.

It doesn’t matter where you live everyone can do this.

Grow food  on your patio in small raised garden beds too.

Container gardening is a great way  everyone can get involved even if you have to start out using store bought products in the beginning.

If everyone does their part to start survival gardening and learn how to grow your own food this issue should pass fairly easy.

You can find a load of products and information to help with your survival gardening efforts by visiting our garden center .

The food crisis is here and food prices are rising as we write this post so take these survival gardening ideas above and get started on your own survival garden today!

If you find this survival gardening post useful be sure to like and  share it wit others on your favorite social media site today! 



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