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Sustainability For A Better Life 

Do you really need sustainability? This article will help you decide!

What does sustainability mean?

Sustainability in nature

Sustainability means the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level (ref. Google Dictionary).

Using renewable natural resources through out our daily lives gives us opportunities to save our hard earned cash allowing us to maintain our current financial life styles during  the current rapid increase of  prices imposed on us of all the goods around us that we currently purchase.

By introducing sustainable practices into our daily lives also gives us the opportunity to recycle many of the goods we would normally throw out slowing the excessive flow of garbage entering our landfills which are rapidly polluting our  fragile ecosystems.

In this article we will be discussing some sustainable living methods you can use to get started making your life better right now..

With the upcoming food crisis the prices of all grocery store items will be escalating soon along with fuel prices due to large corn shortages caused from massive crop failures of 2019 along with everything else that affects our daily lives.

In order to maintain a descent lifestyle throughout all of this we will have to become  more sustainable and self sufficient in our daily lives.

As Americans we have become a very wasteful society by little fault of our own but by the throw away products we have been forced to buy and use these days that are filling our landfills at a alarming rate with plastics that never decompose. Along with this issue the younger generations have no knowledge of being self sufficient or any clue of what it takes to be sustainable.

Sustainable Living Tips For How To Save Money Each Month!

There are many ways we can save a lot money just by using a little common sense to help maintain our lifestyle. Some of these methods may put you out a little at first but get used to it. I don’t mean to offend anyone here but our lazy wasteful way of life is about over. It is time to learn to do things for yourself and stop wasting money on products and services.

One other thing is Income. Stop complaining that you don’t make enough money, granted wages are very  low in many parts of this country and we are due some wage increases but for now you need to learn a different way of doing things in your life. If you refrain from the wasteful lifestyle you have been used to and learn new  more self sufficient ways of doing things in your life you could see a big difference for the better in your financial situation.

Corporate greed is a huge problem in the country but I can about bet you that no one is going to do anything about it, It’s in your hands to make changes for a better lifestyle.

Saving money on our electric bills is a great way to start. Many appliances we use regularly are power hogs and limiting the use of these appliances will save you a ton of money.

Dishwashers – Limit the use of dishwashers. These units use substantial amounts electricity and huge amounts of water. It is much more cost effective washing your dishes by hand as you go.

Cooking Stoves – In the warmer months when there are fewer rainy day events try cooking more outdoors with things like rocket stoves, barbecue grilles and fire pits.When you are cooking indoors in the summer this adds more heat to  your home and causes your air conditioning units to work harder using more electricity.Purchasing a simple propane camp stove to use along with the other outdoor cooking devices  may be a wise choice. In the winter months cooking indoors is fine it helps heat your home.

Clothes Dryers – Limiting the use of clothes dryers is a huge power saver.Use a simple clothes line with the power of the sun to save about a third or more  on your monthly bill. Do the majority of your drying on these clothes lines and only use the dryer to finish the process.

Simple clothes lines can be set up inside or outside for use year around.

Air Conditioning – Raise the temperature on your thermostat to a temperature that is comfortable while you are gone during the day if you are using central heat ad air. You don’t need to cool your house when you are not home. just maintain a modest temperature that won’t make your unit work overtime when you return home.

Most central air/heat units air flow registers in individual rooms are adjustable. Adjust your air flow registers to control air flow in rooms you use rarely or just at night. Shutting off most of the air flow to these rooms your  A/C will work less saving you money. Air conditioning units are major energy hogs and anyway you can limit the use of them is easier on your pocket book.

For those of us who do not have central a/c units and have to rely on window units, Small individual units for each room can be much more cost effective than large units to cool an entire home.The small units are much better at cooling the living areas you use the most and can be placed in any room with a window and power source close by. The large units use a large amount of power while the small units use much less and can be used only when needed.

Apply these tips above and do some research on peak energy times. Peak energy times are when your power company in your area considerably increases your  rates during each day. These times are based on when they figure everyone returns to their home and starts performing tasks mentioned above. Avoid using electricity as much as possible during the periods of peak energy and save even more money. Do your research to find out how deep they are digging in your pockets!

These sustainable practices mentioned above will make a considerable difference in the amount of money it costs you every month during the warmer months if you apply them but,  there is a lot more to discuss.

Not only will these practices save  money but it would also lessen the amount of the demand on natural resources consumed daily.  If everyone practiced these methods there would not be as much demand and the power companies would not have justification for the application for rate hikes they get approved annually. It takes a lot of natural  resources to make energy so save all you can it could make a difference in the future.

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I need to ask a important question, If the power grid in your area went down tomorrow for whatever reason how long could you maintain your present  lifestyle without having to get help from someone else? Let that sink in !

Learning D.I.Y techniques to make things for yourself will be of great value in the near future.

Product cost are already rising and availability of certain products we are used to buying from the store shelves will start to decrease in the near future as businesses are affected. The product which remain will increase in price dramatically. By learning how to do things yourself will save money and offset the cost of living expenses making you more self sufficient.

Click here to watch a video to reveal more sustainable methods that you can apply to become self reliant now! 

Throughout this website we discuss ways to create your own soil using compost. We also discuss make  your own soil amendments to enhance the growth of plants using worm castings and many other sustainable ways to grow your own vegetable garden. You may want take a look into this topic to learn more about gardening for better health and to save money at the grocery stores.

Take some time to apply these sustainable practices above and start considering other things you can learn to become more self sufficient.

Buy some d.i.y home making kits and learn how to make useful things that may become scarce one day that would be useful in your home.

Take on some time to learn about recycling projects like worm composting to help clean up the earth while making new fertile healthy soil for your yard, garden & house plants to grow in.

Not to far  in the future. things are about to change so get ready for it, We will discuss more on these topics in the near future I hope see you then!

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