The Best In Kitchen Compost Bins For Home Composting

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 Discover The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin For Composting In An Apartment And More!

Discover the ultimate in kitchen compost bin system  that is exclusive to american worm castings now.

Introducing The Ultimate In Kitchen Composting Bin System

Here you will reveal our new revolutionary kitchen compost bin idea that that we have put together which makes it easy for home composting in an apartment, a tiny house or other small  living spaces.

Are you tired of dealing with the clean up of stinking messy in kitchen compost bins?

If so, you have come to the right place because I believe we have  a solution to this problem.

This article will reveal a revolutionary new idea for kitchen compost bins that we have put together  which you can enjoy for years to come.

To find out more about our nifty in kitchen compost bin system which is only available at american worm castings and how to get one, just keep reading to the end of this article below.


What Is The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin System?

This unique in kitchen compost bin system is a miniaturized worm composting system that is designed to work well in small living spaces.

This kitchen composting system is a great solution to home composting  for anyone living in an apartment or any other small dwellings which have limited space.

The ultimate in kitchen compost bins are a perfect home composting solution for single people or small families with children who do not have room for large worm composting bins in their living areas.

This kitchen compost bin system is not only a great solution to indoor composting issues but it makes a great worm farm for lids too.

Composting in an apartment has never been this easy.


What Does This In Kitchen Compost Bin Do?

Through the use of composting worms this tiny system gives you a way to recycle your kitchen food scraps and other household paper items through a process we call worm composting.

During this composting process you can harvest worm castings along the way which are used for house and garden plants as a soil amendment and fertilizer.

These tiny kitchen compost bins not only supply you with fertile soil for your plants but it can also create an inexpensive steady food supply for other household pets like fish and reptiles which you have to buy expensive pet food supplies for. 


 Features Of The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin 

The basic 3 container kitchen compost bin system that measures 13 1/2″ tall x 12″ deep x 8″ wide easily fits under The Kitchen cabinets on your kitchen counter top.

You can measure your space under your cabinets now you using these measurements to see if this kitchen compost bin system will work for you now.

Kitchen Compost Bin
Get Your Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin Today

This indoor composting system can also be stored under your kitchen sink or any other small areas that are out of sight if you don’t want them displayed.

These tiny in kitchen compost bins are light and easy to move around unlike the large heavy worm composting bins.

This system is great for composting in apartments or small areas which have no room for large composting bins.

No more stinking or messy clean up from rotting food as required with conventional kitchen compost bins.

When maintained properly there won’t be any food rotting taking place to create the bad odors or attract unwanted pests. The worms will clean up their own mess as they go.

There are no odors when maintained properly.

These composting bins can be easily numbered for rotation to keep track of the feeding schedule to eliminate the risk of over feeding.

The clear design of these mini composting bins lets you see the feeding process to judge if the worms need more food or not.

This eliminates over feeding issues which attract unwanted flies and causes bad odors that are present in other types of kitchen compost bins. 

Simply feed only after the worms have worked their way through their current food supply to maintain clean healthy and pest free kitchen composting bins.


Benefits Of The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin

The main benefit of this offer is to give those of you  who may be interested in indoor composting with worms a chance to get started with  this in kitchen compost bin for less than half the cost for a full size worm composing system.

This kitchen compost bin could be a great educational project for you and your  kids to participate in together.

Your younger kids will be fascinated by observing the composting process through the compost bins clear design.

Use this in kitchen  compost bin as a worm farm for kids to teach your kids the concept of how to successfully raise their very first live pets.

  Limit your need for expensive fertilizers for your plants which this kitchen compost bin supplies at no cost after set up.

The composting system over time could  provide plant lovers with a fertile soil amendment for all of your plant growing needs.

Grow a continuous food supply for your fish, reptiles and other small pets which feed on worms living in your household.

You can easily expand this tiny in kitchen composting system by adding more composting bins that can turn into into a full sized worm farming operation at any time that it suits your needs.


What Comes In The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin Kit?

The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin Kit Includes;

Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin Kit
The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin Kit
  • 3 Pre-Drilled Kitchen Compost Worm Bins
  • 1 Gallon Sized Bag Of Shredded Paper Bedding
  • 1 Gallon Sized Bag Of 100% Natural Compost Bedding.

I found this natural compost bedding which I make personally works best for  me to get optimal worm health and fast growth in these small worm farms.

It is a natural food source that worms just love which can feed the worms on its own for some time.

You will need at least 100 composting worms to supply the kitchen compost bins for it to function  properly which are sold separately at this time.

You can get your worms anywhere you choose.

I did find good deals for small counts of composting worms for sale on eBay that  you may want to buy if you have no other source, .

We are not set up for shipping worms yet. We can only supply composting worms  for additional cost to local buyers in East Texas who want to pick up their kits in person.

I know some of your just don’t like the idea of worm composting and I understand.


Find The Best Buys For Kitchen Compost Bins On eBay Now 


How To Get The Ultimate In Kitchen Compost Bin Kit

If you like to get one of more of these ultimate in kitchen compost kits described above you can donate $25.00 for each kit to my pay pal account using this link provided.

For that price you get what is listed above  with 100 composting worms Included. We can no longer ship and now have local  pickup only.

If you are a local customer feel free to contact me using our contact form for details.


In this article I just wanted to give you a quick heads up for a home  indoor composting product we put together that may interest those of you that are living in apartment or other smaller dwellings.

The ultimate in kitchen compost bin system is a perfect opportunity for those of you who want to get started in worm composting for an extremely low cost.

I have been experimenting with these tiny worm farms for some time now and I can assure you they do work.

You can take a look at our worm composting experiment post for details

If you are interested in getting started composting at home with  worm for under fifty bucks today is a great time to support us and our website by ordering this in kitchen compost bin kit today.

If you are tired of messy conventional kitchen compost bins this is a great solution for your indoor composting efforts.

The ultimate  in kitchen compost bin system is very inexpensive,  does not take up much room to operate and it is very easy to set up.

The downside is that there are only a limited number of these ultimate in  kitchen compost bins being offered and this offer is time sensitive so get yours today!

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