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Extreme Weather – Over $ 6 Billion In Damages What They Are Not Telling You

Targeted extreme weather events have severely impacted the growing capabilities of  the  farmlands of the mid western states throughout 2019 while the future forecasts are predicting more extreme weather  for 2020.

Extreme Weather
Sky After A Extreme Weather Flash Flood Event In My Area

In this article we will be  we will be covering extreme weather that took place during 2019 and provide a useful guide on how to prepare for the upcoming weather extremes for 2020.

Extreme weather has played a huge role for some major infrastructure damage throughout some large farming communities in the U.S. during 2019.

The extreme weather damages devastated  areas from Nebraska all the way down the Mississippi River to New Orleans this year alone.

Multiple lives have been lost by these storms caused from the weather extremes.

30 states have been hit by these devastating storms since the beginning of the year. If you stop and think about it that is over half the country!

6.2 billion in damages from these weather extreme  disasters are being reported so far as of May of 2019 according to the stats provided below by N.O.A.A .

The Statistics are still not being released on the 2 largest of the flooding events this year.

The latest information that is being released about the extreme weather and the damage it has caused is extremely limited at best.

I hate to be the one that brings the bad news but It’s not over!

The hurricanes are still forming in the the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as I write this article.

Update; soon after the publishing of this article Hurricane Dorian arrived.

Hurricane Dorian Extreme Weather Event
Will Hurricane Dorian. Will Be The Most Powerful Extreme Weather Storm Of 2019?

You can read about the hurricane and some shocking weather manipulation tactics exposed during this storm.

Before you leave the page be sure to  click the image right to get more information about this extreme weather event.

Now lets get back to our extreme weather issues.

As gardeners as well as farmers we all depend on good weather to help grow our crops.

When extreme weather sets in it can be a game changer for the worst when it comes to growing food.

Put yourself in a farmers shoes  for a minute to realize there are a lot of farmers out there that lost their way to survive in life because of the floods created by these storms.

Not only did the farmers lose their way to earn a living but we also lost  a lot of future food supplies that would normally be on the grocery store shelves.

The food shortage is here now and they are not going to tell you!

Prices are already rising while the empty shelves begin to appear at your local market and these targeted extreme weather storms are the cause.


Extreme Weather Costs Possibly Billions In Damages To The Southern Plains and Mid Western States Alone

Billions of dollars in Infrastructure damages have been  reported throughout the first half of 2019 as a result of extreme weather events creating disasters in the U.S.

The  last report was at the end  of  May 2019 and only small drips of information since then has been released on the actual total amount of damages from this extreme weather event due to ongoing flooding issues taking place as to the date of this writing.

Extreme Weather Tools
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Below we begin with a summary on some information on the latest of the disasters.

Top 10 Southern plains states reporting damages:

  1. Oklahoma
  2. Nebraska
  3. Missouri
  4. Illinois
  5. Kansas
  6. Arkansas
  7. Mississippi
  8. Louisiana
  9. Indiana
  10. Ohio

These states are reporting infrastructure damages to  roads , bridges, levees, dams  and agriculture crops damage.

According to the reports the Mississippi Rivers  shipping traffic has also   been disrupted due to high water levels caused by the severe flooding.

It has also been reported through interviews conducted by news sources that it is a good possibility most of these once productive farms within these extreme weather flood zones will not be able to return to business as usual because of this catastrophic event that destroyed their properties.

Homes, livestock herds and large percentages of farmland including farm equipment have now been severely damaged if not destroyed by these extreme weather events.

Farms within the present flood zones listed above have been hit multiple times with similar extreme weather events since February of this year.

These extreme weather events were described by one resident as

“The storms  just kept coming, day after day for weeks”

Hundreds of acres of farmland and entire communities and towns were completely submerged under water for weeks  due to levee breaches caused by dam failure.

Those in charge of levees and dams had  no choice but to open the flood gates to release the flood waters to keep from having more future problems with breaches.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to survive like the pioneers did without the modern luxuries we have today?


2.5 Billion Dollars Loss Reported During An Extreme Weather 4 Day Tornado Outbreak 

12 states pounded by 190 tornadoes, hail storms  and damaging inline winds in May 2019.

States reporting damages during this 4 day outbreak of extreme weather are not necessarily related in any way but are generating these types of storms throughout the U.S.

list of 12 states damaged by this extreme weather outbreak:

  1. Colorado
  2. Wyoming
  3. Nebraska
  4. Kansas
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Missouri
  7. Iowa
  8. Illinois
  9. Indiana
  10. Idaho
  11. Pennsylvania
  12. New Jersey

Notice the first 10 states are related but the last 2 are in a different geological areas but still part of the same storm system. These types of storms can be generated anywhere.


Extreme Weather Causes 1.1 Billion In Damage Reported For Southern States 

8 Southern States Slammed  By Severe Storms Cause A Billion Plus In Damages in May 2019

These 8 States reported damage from extreme weather events:

  1. Texas
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Kansas
  4. Arkansas
  5. Louisiana
  6. Mississippi
  7. Alabama
  8. North Carolina


Extreme Weather Flooding Slams The Midwestern States  Causing Damage To Millions Of Acres

There are untold amounts in damages caused by flooding from a super intensive storm back in March of 2019.

Reports include damages to infrastructure such as Roads,  Bridges, Dams, Levees and Agriculture in these states. The total cost in damages yet to be determined for these state due to ongoing extreme  weather issues.

The 6 states reporting damages during this extreme weather storm:

  1. Nebraska
  2. Iowa
  3. Missouri
  4. South Dakota
  5. Minnesota
  6. Wisconsin
  7. Michigan


Extreme Weather Creates 1.4 Billion In Damages By  North Texas Hail Storm 

Extensive property damages reported to  cars , homes and businesses from a hail  storm originating in Dallas Texas.

This extreme weather storm covered the entire North Texas area sweeping all the way into Oklahoma in March of 2019 by these severe hail storms mentioned in this report.

I can verify that may have originated in the  Dallas Metroplex but the extreme weather extended well into East Texas as well.


Extreme Weather Creates 1.2 Billion In Damages Resulting From Tornadoes, High Winds  And Flooding 

Tornadoes, Severe weather,Wind damage and Flooding reported widespread across 3 states in February of 2019.

The states that experienced severe weather and flooding include:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Alabama
  3. Tennesee

11 other states experienced high wind damages from the same extreme weather storms include:

  1. Illinois
  2. Indiana
  3. Ohio
  4. Connecticut
  5. Maryland
  6. Massachusetts
  7. New jersey
  8. New York
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Virginia
  11. West Virginia

( all statistics information above courtesy of N.O.A.A billion dollar weather and climate disasters page).Please visit them for more details and statistics.


Summary For Extreme Weather Events Of 2019

In summary for extreme weather in 2019 throughout the U.S. we conclude as a nation we have managed to lose a large number of our food producing farms, ranches and dairies.

We have also concluded that this extreme weather severely affects capabilities going forward to produce a steady abundant food supply for the nation.

Damaged infrastructure of the farms within our nations food belt will take years to rebuild after these extreme weather events finally stop.

Seed shortages for future crops are being reported at the end of this year due to severe crop damages from flooding where the plants were left to rot in the fields.

Meat shortages from the cattle and hog farming industry due to drownings and sell offs because of the the inability to feed properly have been reported.

The poultry and egg industry has been affected due to the feed prices escalating due to extreme storms and flooding which continued throughout the entire year destroying crops heavily relied on for making the animal feed products.

Now in January of 2020, it looks to be setting up the same  extreme weather patterns for 2020 due to the grand solar minimum that we are now in along with some weather manipulation and experimenting we are now experiencing.

Basic staple food prices have increased recently which have happened  several times now in the last few months and will continue through this year due to shortages.

If you have been paying attention you should have noticed the shrinkage in packaging of the products you normally buy at the grocery store along with the increased price.

Something else I have noticed in my area are the price of eggs, beef, chicken, coffee and bread have almost doubled in price in the last few months.

Because of the food shortage that these extreme weather events have caused,  you can be assured the price increases from the corporations controlling them will continue to spread this throughout our economy.

It is up to us to try and get ahead of the issues caused from these extreme weather events by preparing for the  food shortage created in 2019.

Get prepared for the food shortages which are now worldwide the best you can by stocking up on what you need to survive this issue now.

Get preparedness items you may not have thought of by using the emergency preparedness list we supplied below.

Get ready for more of these extreme weather issues which seem to be spreading nation wide now as we move into 2020.

Above all learn how to grow your own food to offset the cost while providing the items you can’t get.

I assure you when all this comes to a head the government won’t be there t help you.

You are on your own so do what is necessary to insure your families safety during this period!

With the capability of mass buying of food supplies from other countries, I don’t believe the food will just disappear off the shelves overnight but the question to be considered is  will you be able to afford it at your current wages?


Emergency Preparedness List

  Preparedness Guide For Extreme  Weather Events  Continuing In 2020

Extreme weather patterns are expected to continue throughout 2020 according to the weather experts. These extreme storms may even get worse in 2020 and beyond as predicted by many experts due to the grand solar minimum .

Here is a emergency preparedness list of things that you may need to get ideas and products in case of an emergency.

We have also provided some links to hard to find emergency preparedness products.  Use these links provided get some ideas for items you may need to buy that suits your personal needs to be prepared for future extreme weather  events.

Visit these links to the web sites listed here  to find what is still available and use these product ideas to brainstorm the needs of your you personal situation to build your own survival kits.

Buy only quality products that will withstand daily use to use during extreme weather situations which most cheap dollar store items do not. The last thing that you need in the aftermath of a natural disaster is a product that doesn’t work when you need it the most.

Just keep in mind when it comes to surviving these extreme weather events that

“cheap” is not always best when your life depends on it.

Buy some pure drinking water that will store well over time for use

during an extreme weather outbreaks.

This is one of the single most important things you can do to prepare for these extreme storms in advance.

You can only survive 3 days without clean drinking water so this step is very important.

Buying gallon containers of water from your local grocer is fine but keep in mind many of the containers packaging begin leaking therefore do not last that long.

Bottled water with sealed lids may be a better choice when storing for long periods of time.

Meanwhile store up water for cleaning, sponge bathing and other general purposes.

It takes a minimum of 3 to 4 gallons of water a day per person.

Water stores well in 2 or 2.5 liter coke bottles for this purpose if bottled properly.

If you have a large family and the room you can also get larger containers that hold 30 to 55 gallons to store emergency water in.

To save on water usage invest in some disposable plates, cups and eating utensils.

Water purification tablets that are available on eBay are also a good item to purchase in case you can’t store enough clean  drinking water.

Water filtration devices are also available to purchase but can be extremely expensive but well worth the price when everything else fails during a disaster.

Buy and store some freeze dried meals and other food products along with some extra canned goods which don’t use a lot of energy to prepare.

Just add water to re-hydrate the freeze dried meals that you can find included in many of the prepackaged survival kits online, heat on your compact propane stove or other outdoor cooking devices like portable fire pits and you are good to go.

Find some emergency survival kits for any natural disaster here which you can buy for your home, office or car to hold you over in case of an emergency or total power outage that could last for days.

The extreme weather storms are intense and can form out of nowhere in a very short time, catching you completely off guard.

During this grand solar minimum we are now in, our normal weather patterns are severely disrupted and unfortunately  no one is exempt from the possibility of being involved in extreme weather events no matter where you live.

There s a good possibility you could even get stranded on the road from flooding or downed trees caused by extreme weather events.

It may be a great idea to have some emergency kits with you to hold you over until help arrives.

Purchasing alternative cooking and heating devices that you could use anytime for your home would also be a great Idea.

Purchasing useful Items such as

and other emergency preparedness devices which do not use electricity would also be worth looking into.

Take a look into quality solar powered lights for use around your home because you need to see what your are doing and monitor whats going on around your property during a blackout.

A solar powered battery operated am/fm emergency radio with  weather band which you can find on eBay   would be a must have item along with other solar powered survival devices you may think of in case of long term power outages due to these extreme weather  storms.

Stock up on some candles, emergency lighting devices like  hurricane lamps with fuel, flashlights and  batteries while out shopping to carry you through the aftermath of the potential storms caused by extreme weather.

A strong enough  storm can knock trees down into your local power lines or take down main power transmission lines which can caused power outages for days or weeks.

We just experienced this exact scenario that caused a power outage for over 30 hours during January with an average 26 to 40 degree temperature range at best and it was extremely hard to keep the house warm.

A propane camp stove and  propane camping heaters were the savior here and are great items to have during a time of power outages due to extreme weather. Just use them wisely.

Find good quality durable camping gear that can be a life saver during extreme weather events by using the link below.

Get quality knives and saws and other emergency survival gear for use during emergency situations on eBay now.

Last but not least  you need to learn how to grow and preserve your own food due to the food shortages that are soon to arrive.

Indoor gardening is a good place to start during cold weather months.

Growing micro greens, mushrooms and other edible vegetable and herb plants indoors are good topics to learn about.

With a little extra room in your home you can sprout seeds and grow baby greens in a short amount of time for a extremely nutritious food supply that you can grow very quickly.

There should be plenty of  time left to grow gardens outdoors.

Get some good ideas for gardening to get ahead of the  the coming food crisis caused from this extreme weather visit our survival gardening post where you can get some great ideas.

Growing some vegetables  and herbs is always a good place to start.

Many vegetable and herb plants can be grown in containers in small spaces outdoors in the spring through the fall.

Throughout this website blog is information to help you  get started growing all kinds of  edible garden plants and many products to help you get started.

Get educated now and start growing your own healthy food supply for the future!


 Get Storable Water, Emergency Kits And Food Supplies By Clicking Here  Now!


Root Cellars For Protection Against Extreme Weather Storms 

There is one more thing I need to mention before closing this article which has to do with root cellars.

Root cellars of the early days may now be called other things like basements, storm cellars or survival bunkers but never the less they perform the same tasks.

These cellars have always played a important role in protecting sustainable home goods and people from extreme weather events like tornadoes, inline winds, sand storms and hurricanes just to name a few.

They were extremely popular for storing food supplies for long term use before the days of modern refrigeration.

Ask yourself what you would do if a extreme weather event like we just mentioned above severely damaged your home or took out your electricity for weeks or months?

If  you frequently find yourself in the path of these extreme storms you may want to consider learning how to build a underground root cellar to protect your family  and critical water along with food supplies that need storing.

Root Cellar
AD- Learn How To Build A Root Cellar With The Easy Cellar Plans To Protect Your Family From Extreme Weather Events.

There is a good step by step digital e-course called Easy Cellar”  which teaches you everything you need to know for building your own root cellar which also doubles as a storm cellar when needed to protect your family from extreme weather events.

You can check into buying this affordable D.I.Y root cellar course by following the root cellar Image link provided on the right.

In the early days our ancestors all had root cellars to protect  their food supplies during long term storage when they had no refrigeration.

These root cellars also doubled for a place to protect their families against extreme storms like hurricanes and tornadoes which still cause huge amounts of property damage and widespread power outages today.

With all of the extreme weather events repeatedly tearing through our country today  don’t you think it may be a good idea to have a underground storm cellar?

If so for a small investment you can build your own to insure your families security.

This affordable downloadable course on how to build your own root cellar comes with bonuses and a complete money back guarantee so if your interested in root cellar plans what would you have to lose by ordering it now?



As we look into the small amounts of information slowly being dripped out about these extreme weather events we can begin to realize that our farmers throughout the vast majority of this country are in trouble.

States throughout the mid west following all the way down through the Mississippi delta to New Orleans have been severely crippled when it comes to growing crops to feed this nation.

This being said, If you look hard you can find all the information telling us a food shortage  event in this nation is indeed  right in front of us and about to take place.

When you look into it, you will find farm bankruptcies this year are heading off the charts which means farmers are going out of business.

Fewer farmers means more reason for price increases due to shortages.

The powers that run this country will not be willing tell you through media outlets and normal news sources because they do not want to deal with a  public panic it may create.

You will have to search it out through agriculture reports within the industry that are slowly dripping this information  out just like I have..

Above we see 30 states that have been ravaged by many types of  extreme weather events

Many farms in these states have no recovery in sight for bringing back the farming capabilities they once had.

Intense storms are still to this day hitting these same areas listed above repeatedly.

The feds can throw money at the issues but that will not repair or restore the growing capability of  the soil that has been so badly damaged by the extreme weather events leading to the floods.

As For the destroyed farmland, amending soil takes time, possibly many years even when some of  the farmers have the money available this process still takes time.

The research I have done on this matter so far has brought me to a conclusion  that these storms are being caused by a solar minimum cycle that we are just beginning to enter.

According to the researchers and scientists this cycle will intensify with longer colder winters  with more of these extreme storms and shorter but hotter summers with temperatures soaring  regularly and cooling in other regions nearby.

So to sum it all up, We can expect more of the same extreme weather events as we have had the last couple of years but more harsh and intense.

I for one hope this information is incorrect but what we are witnessing now tells me different.

What I have seen shows me we are experiencing very similar extreme weather patterns compared to the Dalton Minimum Era of the past.

Do a search for yourself,  you may want to take some time to look it up.

I have written this article with the intent to warn you so you have time to store extra food and emergency supplies before they become scarce and the price starts to skyrocket as the food shortage begins.

Do as you wish with it.

Just remember no one is immune to the extreme weather that can happen any time of year which have continued  all year long.

These extreme weather events are taking place world wide as I write this article.

Use these ideas to take the necessary steps mentioned above to prepare for future extreme weather events now!

These extreme weather conditions may not get better for the next few years and no one is immune to them so take action to protect your family now.

Be sure to click and follow the “green links” and “images” on this extreme weather post  to find more relevant information provided.

If You like  this article extreme weather how to prepare for weather extremes feel free to share it on your favorite social media sites using the buttons below.

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