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Worm Farming For Profit

Discover 6 Easy Ways To Sell Your Worm Farming Products! 

 worm farming
How Many Ways Can You Make A Profit Worm Farming?

 Discover the secrets worm farming for profit!

When ever I am talking to anyone about worm farming I always seem get the same question.

Can I make a profit worm farming?

The answer to this question is YES as long as you put the required effort in.

You can make a profit raising  worms  and I  have created a small  list below for some simple awesome ideas how you can begin worm farming for a living.

These worm farming ideas are are not set in stone, profiting from any business depends on you and your work ethics.

They are only popular ideas not a income guarantee of any sort.

As a matter of fact most people reading this will not act in any way therefore there will be no profit at all for you.

This is the very reason why worm farms are so scarce in the U.S.

Most people will not make a commitment or  just too lazy to entertain this certain worm farming business model.

I know it sounds like a job and it can be if you let things get out of control.

The secret here is that it is a easy and rewarding job.


Discover Worm Composting The First Step In Worm Farming For Profit

Worm Farming
Start Worm Farming Today! Discover How To Raise Worms With Our Complete Guide to Worm Composting!

Worm composting is one of the easiest most rewarding D.I.Y projects you can take on .

Raising worms are not like managing other herds of animals, they just don’t demand much of your time.

Worms require feeding once in a while and some moisture in their home while being kept at a moderate temperature and they just do their own thing.

They like doing it without a lot of interaction from you.

Apartment dwellers and home owners alike can take part in raising worms.

The bottom line is you keep your worm farm fed well, moist and tidy and the worms will reward you greatly for it.

With some commitment and a little bit of work this little project could be a full time income from your home in a short amount of time.

Keep  your worm farming operation as cheap as possible until you learn the ropes of raising worms and start generating income.


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What Is Recommended To Start Your Worm Farm

When first starting our in worm farming there are basic items you will need mentioned in the list below.

 Composting Worms
Buy Red Wiggler Composting Worms For Worm Farming Here!

1 pound of red wiggler worms or other types of worms required to suit your purpose

 For instance it you are composting for gardening and raising plants red wiggler worms would be your choice. If you are raising worms for fishing you will want night crawler varieties or other larger worm breeds.

A worm composting bin

 Make one or buy one it is up to you. Check our recent post for( diy worm farm) if interested in keeping it reasonably priced in the beginning.

This Bin type will work great for raising most worm breeds that will grow in captivity.

Bedding for your worm bin

 Red worms like a mix of coco choir or peat moss with a little damp shredded newspaper and cardboard over it. If you have organic material like finished compost from your own compost pile, this will be the best bedding. The worms tend to like to fresh organic materials the best. Other worm varieties besides the composting worms can do without the shredded paper.

Food scraps and other foods to feed your worms

 The worms are fine with vegetable and fruit food scraps but your larger fishing worm varieties require a different diet of worm chow or diets consisting of ground up grains you can make yourself.


How Many Ways Can You Make A  Profit Worm Farming?

There are many ways to make a profit with this little project but it does take some commitment and some work.

How much profit you can  make depends solely on you and how much time and effort you put into it.

There are currently some large corporations on a commercial scale out here today using composting worms to quickly break down large amounts of pure garbage and making quite a large profit doing it.

They do it by selling the finished products back to the public.

You and I can also do this starting out on a much smaller scale to make rich compost to use as a fertile garden soil for our own use.

We can sell our leftover products to others.

I assure you there are no shortage of buyers when it comes to good rich soil amendment for their gardens.

Composting worms are not only good composting  but can also be raised to sell to pet stores as pet food for aquarium fish, birds and other pets.  

Use your creativity to generate new ideas while checking out some of the simplest most popular ways below.


6 Awesome Ideas To Make Money Raising Worms!

Idea # 1- Grow Plants To Sell

Germinate vegetable and flower seeds and grow them out to sell to others by starting your own home plant nursery.

By adding worm castings to a quality seed starter mix you can germinate and grow extremely fast growing healthy plants just like you see from the professional nurseries.

Experienced gardeners that like starting their own seeds will love this but there is a bit of a learning curve because the seed germinates quickly and seedlings grow extremely fast which takes some getting used to.

Composting worms like red wiggler worms work the best for their worm castings when growing plants because of the broad diet they are fed.

This worm farming for profit idea can be use early into the worm composting process when castings first become available.

Sell your plants to local gardeners or place ads in classified sections of newspapers.

Sell your plants at farmers markets, flea markets or have a plant sale in your front yard or driveway.

Be creative and work hard at it then you should make a profit!


Idea # 2 – Sell Worms For Live Fishing Bait

When considering worm farming the fishing industry is a multi million dollar business and is worth looking into to make a lot of potential sales .

If there are fisherman in your area there should be plenty of room to jump in and make a profit with bait worms.

Raise some european night crawlers or other large live fishing bait worms in your worm bins to sell.

Many bait shops can’t make a decent profit reselling worms for fishing bait but when you raise them yourself that gives you the edge in the market.

If you live in an area where people like to fish this could be the business for you.

All people who fish buy live worms for backup bait and sometimes depending on the fish they are trying to catch use them for for primary bait.

Call some bait dealers and live bait shops in your area see what kind of worms they sell to get an idea of what types of worms to raise.

Ask if they would interested in buying your fishing worms and what price they would give for them .

Run ads in your local classified ads or make up some free business cards and give them out.

Like all the other ideas a bait business can be as big as you want it to be.

Sell your excess worm castings to local gardeners or small farmers in your area.


Idea # 3 – Build Worm Farming Starter Kits

You can wait a month or two after putting your worm farm together to make sure you got the hang of raising worms before you get this idea started.

Monitor your worms closely to make sure they are happy in their new home and healthy.

During this time you can let all your friends and neighbors see how interesting worm farming and how amazing the little critters are.

Talk to them and see if they may want you to put one of these worm farms together for them self.

Build them a small 18 gallon D.I.Y worm farm with 200 or so of the worms you have and sell them a worm farm kit.

You should be able to recover most of the money you spent buying your worms and supplies this way with the first  worm farming kit you sell.

Do this over and over again to make a profit.

These make a great worm farms for kids also.

Market your kits using ideas posted above or any way you see fit.

The sky is the limit here.


Idea # 4 – Sell Your Worms

In less than a year your composting worms population could double or triple in size depending on how well you took care of them and more worms will become available to sell.

Break them into smaller quantities and sell them to others wanting to enter this worm farming hobby.

You could package them and sell them to pet stores and other retailers.

Worms at this time of writing are selling from $37 to $50 a pound.

Smaller worm counts 100, 250,500 are selling for more than that. I can see a big market here alone if you work hard at it.


Idea # 5 – Sell The Worm Castings

Over time you will being getting more and more worm castings.

Store the castings properly and let them cure to cause any seeds to sprout and all the other life forms in the castings to clear out.

This is called the curing process in worm farming lingo.

Package the castings and sell them to commercial plant growers, gardeners and flower growers.

Create your own “super soil” using the castings and market that product also .

Be sure to test your product before making extraordinary claims about it to prevent returns and problems selling your product in the future.

Make sure they perform the way you say they do.

Please don’t make the same mistake I have in the past.

Be sure to sell the kits to the people who say they want one so they don’t just go out and let them go somewhere in the wild.

This has happen to me twice over the years.

When they have to pay for the kit they might appreciate them more.


Idea #6 – Start Up Your Own Large Scale Worm Farming Operation

This worm farming idea takes longer to plan out and apply but will still work with the methods listed above.

Keep in mind that if these worms stay happy and healthy the worms worm counts can double about every three months.

Worms are survivalist and know how to quickly populate an area that is too big for them.

It has been said by experts that by placing small amounts of adult worms in a healthy large bin with a good food source they with automatically start populating the area.

There is a truth in this matter. I myself have conducted my own worm composting experiment that I started with only 200 worms about 2 months ago and the population has almost doubled.

So you can start with smaller quantities of worms and still have some quick worm farming success.


Why Is Worm Farming Important?

Most of us raising worms  in bins allows us to clean up the earth by using everyday household garbage for worm food for composting worms that we would normally throw in the trash and send to the landfill. 

Using this simple worm farming process we are now creating a sustainable clean fertile living soil amendment to help maintain all of our organically grown landscape and garden plants.

Above all we use the worm castings to excel the  growth of our own nutritious food supply growing in our gardens with a quality you can not get in any grocery stores.



If you are interested in a small business venture that can be started for a hundred bucks or less and don’t mind some work this worm farming venture might be for you.

Whether you are raising red wiggler composting worms for their worm castings or raising night crawlers or other worm breeds for live fishing bait there are people actively searching to buy the products created by these services.

How about starting live vegetable plants  and flowers from seed?

There are sure no shortage of buyers there during the garden growing season.

Over time with some work it could become a national multi million dollar business if you want it to be.

The sky is the limit here with worm farming.

Worm farmers are far and few between with plenty of room for more. Why can’t it be you that starts the next thriving business for less than a hundred bucks?

Be sure to click on the green links and Images” throughout this article to get more relevant information that you may be seeking about this topic.

This is just 6 ideas plus some tips to get you thinking, with some brainstorming I am positive we can see more ways to make a profit worm farming with just a few minutes of brainstorming.

Get creative and see what other great ideas you can come up with!

Get started  building your new financial empire and start your first worm farm for profit today!





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