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 Wormery Compost Bins And How They Work To Benefit You


A wormery compost bin is a worm composting system that is usually smaller than standard compost bins.

Kitchen Wormery Compost Bins
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Worms are contained in the wormery compost bin which is a box or a tower built of several boxes.

Composting worms are most commonly used in this process.

While composting worms are contained they are fed kitchen food scraps.

The worms are raised in a bedding consisting of shredded household paper products and a organic soil mix. 

 Look at our mini wormery in the image right. We call it The Ultimate Kitchen Composing Bin System.

It is a great system for small families to to get started worm  composting indoors cheap. 

Keep reading to the end of this article to learn how to make a wormery.


Wormery Meaning

A wormery composting bin system used to raise composting worms to turn food waste and household garbage into a useful product.

The composting worms eat household waste which create worm castings that are an excellent soil amendment.

Worm castings are recognized by plant growers and gardeners worldwide as the top soil amendment for starting and organically growing all plants. 

The wormery is a great D.I.Y. home project for families to introduce young children to the wonderful word of worms.

You will find in most cases the term wormery compost bin has been shortened to worm composting bin. It is a shortened version of the term but has the same  meaning.


What Is The Purpose Of A Wormery?


A Wormery has multiple purposes.

Listed below are a few common purposes where wormeries are used. 

Fishermen set up these worm bins for raising fishing worms for personal use or to resell.

Home gardeners set them up as worm farms to help manage food waste and  get a great garden soil amendment in return.

Pet lovers raise worms to feed to their lizard pets and fish while others raise worms for a profit.

Today we will be covering wormery compost bins and how they are used for for organic gardening.

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Wormeries are great for reducing the amount of household trash created by families going to our landfills. The purpose of a wormery is to convert kitchen food scraps and other household waste into a useful gardening product.

Most families have been forced to cook most of their meals at home due to the current pandemic. Due to reduction of eateries along with fear of getting sick most families are still cooking more at home.

When you cook every meal, you’ll now have kitchen scraps built up over a short period of time.


Common Kitchen Scrap Disposal Methods

It’s likely that your kitchen scraps end up in your trash headed for city landfill. Here they will begin to stink and attract flies along with other unwanted insects.

Kitchen food scraps get washed down through the garbage disposal headed to the city sewer plant where they will continue to rot. This along with other nasty unhealthy materials will be filtered and turned into drinking water.

Perhaps you add the food scraps to your compost pile which is a great use for them. There is a slight drawback to this idea. The compost takes a while to decompose. You don’t reap the benefits of the finished compost for several months.

Keep reading below to learn the best way we found to deal with  household kitchen  scraps.


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The Solution To Your Excess Kitchen Food Scrap Disposal Issues


Wormeries are the best way to recycle your excess food scraps to benefit your yard, garden and your houseplants.

These worm farms will reduce the huge amounts of household trash you dispose of over time.
Home gardeners will even get a much quicker return on your composting efforts as well.

Wormery Set Up Tips To Get You Started

To start it off, the contents of a wormery includes damp shredded newspaper, a small amount of soil or compost and kitchen waste.

After your worm composting bin is set up, wait a couple days to add your composting worms.

What Food Can You Put In A Wormery?

Below is a small list of kitchen waste food  items to put in your wormery.

Vegetables Scraps
Fruit Scraps
Crushed Egg Shells
Coffee Grounds And Filters
Tea Bags

The list includes just about anything organic food scraps except citrus peels, meat, fat, and dairy products. Scraps should be chopped into small pieces, and egg shells should be crushed into small bits.

To learn everything your need to know about worm composting to manage your wormery, visit the link below.

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Best Composting Worms To Use In A Wormery 


The worms are the vital ingredient in a wormery.  Some worm breeds are better than others for composting. All worms make worm castings but red wigglers make them faster.

Red wiggler composting worms are the best ones to buy to compost your food scraps. Add them in and they will go to town eating and processing the contents.

Add a small amount of kitchen scraps every couple of days so the worms will have a steady supply to feed on.

Once the worms are eating well two interesting things begin to happen.

First in the bottom of the wormery is a liquid byproduct appears. This is often referred to as “worm juice.”  Remove this liquid regularly, mix it with water. Spray it on your house plants to give them a boost.

Many folks say it is better than any fertilizer you could buy in the store.

The second thing that happens is “black gold” starts to build up  in the bottom of the bin. The black gold is worm castings!

After a few months, your worms will leave you a good amount of this nutrient rich soil amendment.

This soil amendment is called worm castings here in the U.S. which is perfect for use in growing all kinds of plants.

After you harvest your worm castings, be sure to replace your harvested worms back to the wormery to start your worm composting process over.

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Making A Wormery


Making a wormery can be done two ways. you have the options of using a single bin or stacking several bins on top of each other.

Plastic  storage totes are the most commonly used to make wormeries these days. These bins are very cheap to buy and easy to access.

Wormery compost bins can be made ready to use in a matter of minutes.

The first option is using a plastic container or wooden box.

Both methods requires you to dig out the contents while not harming the worms. This is not hard to do.

There is plenty of information online about worm harvesting.

Some methods are faster than others but it is a time consuming procedure. 


 Option Two – Make A Wormery Tower

Follow these steps  to make a wormery compost bin tower.

Storage Totes For Wormery Compost Bins
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The most popular size for a wormery is about 1 ½ feet high and no more than 2 to 3 feet wide.

To build a wormery compost bin tower, simply use 3 plastic storage bins that suits your needs.

Drill holes in the tops and bottoms of each plastic bins. Holes are added in the top edges under the lid of the wormery to provide air for the worms to breathe.

Place a drainage pan underneath to collect the worm juice.

 Stack all 3 bins in the drainage pan, putting the lid only on the first.

Fill the top container with the necessary ingredients described above and let the worms do their thing.

Once the top bin is full, pull the bottom bin to place on the top. Keep one lid to place on the top bin, and begin filling it again.

As the worm juice is created, it should be drained off into a bucket for your use.

Repeat the process until all 3 bins have been used. By the time the top bin is filled, the bottom bin should be a usable soil amendment.

Harvest it and use the amendment as needed. Store any excess in a separate container for future use.

Take the empty worm composting bin and place it at the top of the tower and continue the process.

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Use the Ideas above to start your wormery composting bin today.

Follow the links provided on this page for other helpful related resources to get your wormery up and running. Get all the details you need to complete this task today.

Whether you use a single container or a tower, your wormery will produce a rich soil amendment second to none.

Worm castings tea is easily made from the worm castings. 

The tea will keep your garden plants growing at an amazing rate. It is also a great food source for indoor house plants .

Find out more by visiting our post using the link below. 

Learn How To Use Worm Castings Here

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