Best Yard Waste Disposal Ideas For 2020 And Beyond

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Yard Waste Disposal Ideas That Will Benefit You The Most In 2020  

 Yard waste disposal can be a real pain to deal with on your homestead property

In this article  we are going to show you some of the the best yard waste disposal ideas for 2020 and beyond! 

With a the constant storms  causing a build up of yard waste all you want to do is get rid of it the easiest fastest way possible. 

What if I told you that you could easily turn that pain into gain just by recycling yard waste? 

Compost made from recycled yard waste
Compost Made By Recycling Ward Waste That’s Ready For Use In Garden Beds!

 There are many beneficial practices to follow like yard waste recycling rather than dumping or hiring someone else to dump it in a landfill which would be the easiest way.

Most  yard waste disposal items can be recycled back into your homes landscape to create  permaculture style  gardens.

These yard waste disposal ideas can positively benefit all home owners and save our earth as well.

 These ideas can also make your life better by saving yourself a bundle over time.

On the other hand what I see taking place around me year after year is not much better than dumping.

I see people burning large amounts of yard waste and letting all of these  mineral dense ashes just wash away during the next rainstorm which we will cover more in the article below.

There are multiple useful methods to follow other than burning that can benefit all of us by keeping our planet clean while maintaining and creating new beneficial plant life in our yards. 

You will find that most of the content in this article is relevant to recycling yard waste and waste for gardening purposes using composting methods.

If you are into gardening you should love these yard waste disposal ideas presented below.

Like  just mentioned above, living in a rural area , I see activities take place quite often every year around my neighborhood that seems in my opinion to be very wasteful.

I see others piling all of their tree limbs,  leaves and other yard debris up by the street  and burning them.

 This is a common practice all around the suburban area in which I live, but I have to say it is not the best method for yard waste disposal.

It is perfectly legal to do so but, I don’t understand why they are not using these yard waste ashes on their lawns and garden beds to help replenish the essential minerals like potassium back to the soil.

If you must burn tree limbs and other yard debris at least use the ashes in your compost heaps or even sprinkle them in your growing beds which does the plants wonders.

It seems that maybe most people just don’t know any different, but there is a better way to deal with yard waste disposal.

I am writing this article to educate those who would be interested in   learning more about beneficial ways to recycle their yard waste using several different methods to benefit your landscaping and gardening efforts.

composting bin
Get Your Composting Bin Here For Yard Waste Disposal

This information below would be very useful to families new to homesteading which may wind up buying a cheap distressed property which needs a lot of yard waste disposal and clean up. 

 Have you ever been through an area that has been burned by a forest fire a year of two after it happened?

Did you notice how green and healthy the new plant life is?

This new green growth was most likely caused by the beneficial minerals left behind from the burnt trees, underbrush and other vegetation being returned to the soil to give all the new plant life a healthy start.

Large amounts of tree limbs from storm damage are continuously being stacked up by property owners all over the country and burnt.

Then these folks just leave the ashes in place for the next rainstorm to wash them away.

This is a total waste of natural resources in my opinion because there is a very beneficial use for these ashes. 

Large trees draw huge amounts of minerals and nutrients from deep in the soil and store them within the trees limbs and leaves which remain intact even after being burnt.  

Why not recycle the ashes for a good useful purpose?  

Spreading the ashes thinly around the most important areas of your yard is very beneficial for growing healthy plants of all kinds.

pull behind cart
Get This Pull Behind Cart To Help With Yard Waste Disposal

The ashes from the yard waste such as fallen limbs from trees, shrub and plant trimmings and other  natural resources such as leaves that you normally burn can re-mineralize your lawns, shrubs and garden beds.

Why not create healthier plant life and reduce the need of commercial fertilizers and pesticides that you would normally buy each and every year?

The majority of the same people who perform this burning ritual every year in the fall and winter months wind up driving down to the local garden center each spring to buy the very products that they have destroyed.

Some of these products that will purchase will be in the form of compost, garden soils,mulches and fertilizers.

These companies that make these bagged soil products use the same yard waste disposal methods described below just on a larger scale.

Read on to learn how you can make your own products from recycling yard waste on your property.

Yard Waste Disposal By Composting

 As a society we are so conditioned to believe that if we need something to use around our homes yard and gardens that we have to go buy it because their products are safer and work better and this is simply not the case.

I have made my own garden soil mix by using a simple yard waste composting system for years now and will tell you my finished compost works better than any product that I have ever purchased.

 garden composting for yard waste disposal
AD – Discover Yard Waste Disposal Secrets To A Six Way Compost Gardening System Now!

 You can do the same with a small amount of extra effort doing things you would have to be doing anyway! 

It takes a small amount of extra effort to create an excellent natural product yourself by recycling  your own home and yard waste by composting. 

This yard waste disposal recycling system is very beneficial for all of your yard and garden planting and growing projects.

The compost costs pennies on the dollar to make which is  so much less than you can ever buy it for.

Compost is even good for your houseplants!

If you plan to grow fruitful gardens or have a landscape full of beautiful lawns, trees and shrubs you can save yourself a bundle every year by changing the way you think when it comes to your yard waste disposal tactics.

Try performing simple yard waste disposal  practices throughout the year such as composting to create a much better soil than you can buy from any store.

If you would like to learn more about yard waste disposal by compositing read this article and follow its links to get  details to  a great method on  how to compost to recycle a large amount your home, yard and garden waste.


How Do I Get Rid Of Tree Branches?

When it come to yard waste disposal on your homestead, getting rid of tree branches seems to be an major issue for most homeowners.

Looking at broken tree branches all over your property after continuous storms is not a pretty sight and after a few of these storms which are plentiful these days the branches begin to pile up.

Piles of tree branches have a silver lining if dealt with properly!

Listed below are 5 yard waste disposal ideas you can use to get rid of tree branches.

Depending upon your circumstances some of the ways listed below will suit your needs better than others.

If you are into gardening you will love the last two!

5 Yard Waste Disposal Ideas To Get Rid Of Tree Branches


Yard Waste Disposal Idea #1


Burn The Branches And Recycle The Ashes.

If you live in a suburban area with no burn bans or property restrictions in place,  you can burn the tree branches.

If your decide on using this yard waste disposal method your best bet is to use the ashes to replenish minerals around your favorite garden and landscape plants like we mentioned above.

Give your lawn a boost by spreading the ashes thinly upon it and water in.

This activity can help greatly to generate a beautiful healthy turf while using less fertilizers.

During the growing season when the is mowed and collected the lawn clippings can be recycled again back into your compost piles to create an amazing soil which can be used throughout your homes landscape.

Yard waste Disposal Idea # 2


 Create New Growing Beds For New Trees And Landscape Plants.

Choose your ideal location in your landscape  that you may want to grow something like a fruit tree or even create a beautiful  garden bed.

Dig out appropriate sized shallow hole for what you intend to grow and place cut up  tree branches upright within it and cover the area randomly with the smaller limbs and twigs.

Cover with  dirt,  compost and other organic materials like leaves and grass clippings from your normal yard waste and let it decompose a while.

This method is much like the hugelkultur technique we describe below but on a larger scale.

Yard Waste Disposal Idea #3


Hire Someone To Haul Off The Yard Waste.

If you are living in a city with burn bans in place or property restrictions limit your choices,  you can always have someone haul the tree branches away.

This is a good way for those of you who are not interested in a low cost method of  maintaining healthy gardens or lawns to get rid of them.

Hauling  and dumping as a method of yard  waste disposal into the landfills has no benefits to anyone except the practice allows the homeowner to easily get rid of the yard waste material.

Place an ad in the free local classifieds to find someone that may have a use for them and will gladly pick them up.

Most cities have a collection service which will pick the  tree branches up for a fee or there are many unemployed people listed in the classified ads who would be glad to perform this service for a fee also.

Yard Waste Disposal Idea #4


 Get A Wood Chipper To Make Wood Chips To Create A Natural Food Forest.

yard waste disposal
Get Your Wood Chipper/Shredder Here For Yard Waste Disposal

If tree branches is a common issue or you
just have quite a few branches to collect on your property at any given time you could always rent or buy a wood chipper for weekends full of fun chipping the limbs and branches  up for wood chip gardening.

Wood chips are great for use in permaculture style gardening where you place them over a cardboard base that covers the existing soil to eliminate weed growth.

Over time the wood chips create a living biology within the soil which you can grow some amazing gardens in.

Chipping up multiple varieties of tree branches to create wood chips for use in creating a permanent food forest garden when applied correctly could produce up to 8 times more fruit and vegetable yields with a minimal amount of maintenance  compared to  traditional gardening systems.

 One proven method is to place wood chips over the cardboard  about  8″ to 10″ in depth and plant vegetables, fruit trees and other edible crops in them the following growing season.

Wood chips are also great for use to cover the soil around existing plants and trees to hold in moisture and  nutrients.

Over a short period of time they will start attracting earthworms into the beds which helps tremendously with the soil biology for optimal plant growth.

This is most likely the best hands off gardening styles around today once it is set up correctly. To get more information on creating a permaculture garden click on the links above for some excellent products.

Many throughout the country have problems putting their hands on wood chips so if you have the materials to make them yourself it would be well worth your time and effort to do so.

Aged wood chips bring a premium price on the market.

Yard Waste Disposal Idea # 5


 Create  New  Raised Garden Beds For  Future Gardening.

If your not into the expense of wood chippers then creating a  hugelkultur garden bed would be another great option for getting rid of tree branches and recycling  your yard waste as well.

The hugelkultur growing bed system is good method for yard waste disposal while recycling yard waste to create another type of permanent raised bed garden system.

You can easily to grow vegetable and herb crops,  fruit trees and other perennial plants throughout your landscape when the garden beds are  set up correctly.

This method is great for disposal of yard waste like the the larger limbs and branches which you would cut to a desired lengths and install upright into a trench.

Next you would just pile up your smaller tree branches  over your larger pieces you had just put into place to suit your desired height.

Once you have the logs and tree branches  in place start adding dirt, compost,  yard waste and other organic material to the top to create a new raised garden bed.

Over time you can plant your chosen vegetable crops into this new raised garden bed with amazing results for years while getting rid of tree branches.

For more information visit  the hugelkulture growing bed system to purchase a great product full of details on creating this type of growing system.



When it comes down to disposal of yard waste it shouldn’t be a  major issue in your life. There are multiple common sense solutions above which can reduce your stress and be very beneficial to most homesteaders when they are applied.

We have described many ideas on yard waste disposal of all kinds from everyday household waste, yard waste from larger trees and tree branches and other common debris..

When you own a home, disposal of yard waste will always be an issue that  you have to deal with so why not use it all  to make your life better by creating things on your property like gardens you can enjoy and prosper from.

If you don’t have a garden yet and would like to start one but you just don’t know where to start?

Get the required information from our  post   how to start a garden from scratch and follow all the links provided along with the data and resources provided here to become a successful gardener in no time.

There you have it. I hope we were able to help  clear up some issues when it comes to yard waste disposal.

As you can see above there are many ways to use common everyday yard waste and other home debris to enhance your growing efforts in any home landscape or gardens.

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